Universal Studios Hollywood is a thrilling theme park that sees millions of visitors every year. From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to the new Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios has all the makings of a perfect break from the everyday. 

If you’re planning a visit to Universal Studios, it’s important to pack some theme park essentials and plan the perfect outfit. 

You want to strike the perfect balance of comfort and fashion with your Universal Studios outfit. So, sneakers, shorts, and comfortable tops are a must. 

Come along with us as we outline the best outfits to wear to Universal Studios. We also have tips on the best essentials to pack to ensure you get the most out of your visit. 

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Dress Code: Relaxed and Comfortable

what wear universal comfortable woman

what wear universal comfortable man

Make sure your outfit for Universal Studios is relaxed and comfortable. Visiting this theme park involves a lot of walking under the sun, so dress appropriately.

Loose fits and comfy silhouettes are best for both men and women. You can wear anything from shorts and a t-shirt to a cutting-edge 90s-inspired ensemble. 

Whatever you choose, make sure you can move around easily and effortlessly.

A Sundress and Sandals

what wear universal studios sundress

Wear a breezy sundress and sandals for an effortlessly chic look. This outfit is perfect for visiting Universal Studios in the spring or summer. 

Wear a flowy midi or maxi dress for plenty of coverage that keeps you cool under the hot Universal Studios sun. 

Make sure your sandals have plenty of arch support to protect your feet throughout the day.

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Denim Shorts and a Crop Top

universal studios outfits shorts crop top

Denim shorts and a simple crop top make a comfortable, versatile Universal Studios outfit. 

Wear high-waisted denim shorts with a cropped white tee, or pair your favorite shorts with a cropped blouse or tank top. 

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A Comfy Jumpsuit

universal studios outfit jumpsuit

If you want a more dressed-up look for Universal without a constricting fit, wear a comfy jumpsuit. 

There are plenty of casual jumpsuit options out there, from oversized overalls to workwear-inspired jumpsuits. 

Accessorize with chunky sneakers, sunglasses, and a cute bag, and you’re ready to explore the theme park.

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Jeans and a T-shirt

universal studios t-shirt woman

universal studios outfit t-shirt man

You can’t go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt when you go to Universal Studios. It’s a classic outfit that just works. 

Wear your favorite vintage jeans with an oversized cotton tee, or throw on your favorite graphic t-shirt with jeans, ankle boots, and a wide-brim hat. 

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Linen Pants and a Tank Top

universal studios outfit linen pants tank

It can get pretty hot at Universal Studios. Prepare for the sun by wearing breathable linen pants and a cute tank top. 

Linen is a wonderful fabric because it’s sustainable, keeps you cool, and looks great. You’ll be ready to hop on all the rides and see all the sights with this outfit.

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A Striped Scarf and Black Robe

universal studios outfits harry potter

This outfit is for all the Harry Potter fans out there. Pack a striped scarf and black robe for the perfect photo-op in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Immerse yourself in the fantastic set design and pretend you're a Hogwarts student with a flowing robe, wooden wand, and Gryffindor scarf. 

Check out our guide on what to wear to Harry Potter World for more outfit inspiration.

A Denim Jacket and Shirt

universal studios outfit denim jacket

universal studios outfits mens jacket

A denim jacket is versatile and durable, making it the perfect piece of outerwear for Universal Studios. 

Denim jackets match with just about everything, from cute dresses to simple cotton tees. 

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A Midi Skirt and Sweater

universal studios outfits skirt sweater

A sweater with a midi skirt is a perfect outfit if you visit Universal Studios during fall or winter. 

A cute sweater will keep you warm, while a flowy midi skirt will provide plenty of airflow and ease of movement during your day at the park. 

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A Button-Up and Jeans

universal studio outfits mens button-up

Wear a button-up and jeans for an easy, fashionable Universal Studios outfit. 

This outfit works great for summer and winter because you can wear long or short-sleeved styles.

Plus, jeans are always an excellent choice for theme parks because they’re comfortable, stylish, and durable.

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A Matching Set

universal studios outfit matching set

A matching set is a fantastic way to look cute and feel comfortable at Universal Studios. 

Wear stretchy leggings with a matching tank top for a chic athleisure look. For a more structured outfit, wear a cute and flirty short set in a fun pattern. 

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Dress in Layers

universal studios outfits layers

universal studios outfits mens layers

If you visit Universal Studios in the fall or winter, dress in layers. California weather can be confusing during these times of year. 

Start your day off with a lightweight cardigan or hoodie. As the day heats up, you can throw your outer layer into your backpack to stay cool. 

Comfortable Walking Shoes

universal studios outfits sneakers

Any visit to Universal Studios involves a ton of walking. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. 

Wear your favorite sneakers, sandals, or boots with your outfit to ensure your feet stay as comfortable as possible. 

While closed-toe shoes are recommended, you can also wear open-toe sandals if that makes you feel most comfortable. 

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Protect Yourself from the Sun

universal studios sun protection

universal studios sunglasses

The California sun can be scorching, so stock up on sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen for your visit. 

Wear a fashionable hat with your favorite pair of sunglasses for a summery look. 

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Bring a Backpack

universal studios tips backpack

A lightweight backpack is essential for your trip to Universal Studios. 

Comfortably carry everything from snacks to souvenirs in a cute, sustainably-made backpack that matches your outfit. 

Don’t try to sneak in contraband items because all backpacks and bags are scanned before entering the park. 

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What Not to Wear

what not to wear universal studios

While there’s no formal dress code for Universal Studios, there are a few things that would make your visit uncomfortable and less than ideal. 

  • High heels: Avoid wearing high heels when visiting Universal Studios. The park is over 400 acres, so you will do a lot of walking during your visit. Heels will only cause pain, discomfort, and a ton of blisters.
  • Misleading outfits: This may seem like a no-brainer, but don’t try any funny business when attending the park. Visitors cannot wear any misleading outfits that make a visitor look like a park employee or security guard. 
  • Revealing clothing: Park visitors must be fully dressed when they visit Universal Studios. Avoid wearing anything too revealing, like a bikini. Besides, wearing a barely-there ensemble would be pretty uncomfortable!

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