There are so many beautiful coats we can wear during the colder seasons. The question is: what are the best clothing items to wear under a coat?

We are here to help, so keep reading to discover amazing outfit ideas!

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What to wear under coats jumpers

Jumpers exist, probably, in everyone's wardrobe. They come in many shapes, colors, and fabrics, but they're universally regarded as cold-weather apparel.
Wear a beautiful jumper under your coat!

This will keep you warm and comfortable.

Here is our selection of affordable and sustainable jumpers.


What to wear under coats cardigans

Cardigans are fashionable and they can be worn in multiple combinations, with your favorite tops, shirts, and blouses.

They are also versatile and very easy to wear as you can remove and put back on your cardigan anytime the temperature fluctuates.

Take a look at these sustainable cardigans!


What to wear under coats shirts

The definition of office attire, shirts are classy and elegant. Wear one under your coat if you want a professional and stylish look.

Here is our article about ethically produced shirts.


What to wear under coats turtlenecks

Cozy and beautiful, turtlenecks are ideal for very cold days when you need extra protection around your neck. They feel like a warm hug!

Do not hesitate to wear one under your beautiful coat, for a stylish and timeless look.

Check out our sustainable recommendations.


What to wear under coats blouses

Blouses are cute and easy to wear and to match with other clothes.

You can wear one under your coat, and you can add a scarf if it is too chilly.

Discover affordable and ethically made blouses.

Knit vests

What to wear under coats vests

Knit vests are amazing clothing items for the cold weather! They are slowly making a comeback.

Wear a comfortable top and a sustainable knit vest under your coat.


What to wear under coats dresses

Dresses are feminine and beautiful and you can successfully wear one under a coat.

We recommend wearing it with tights to protect your legs.

Here is our shopping guide for beautiful and sustainable dresses.

Knit dresses

What to wear under coats knit dresses

Too cold to wear a regular dress? Switch to a beautiful and comfortable knit dress that will look fantastic while keeping you warm.

Make sure to buy it from a sustainable brand that works under high standards of quality.


What to wear under coats T-shirts

If you are going to spend a lot of time inside, you should consider wearing a T-shirt, especially if going somewhere warm, like a friend's house.

T-shirts are comfy and versatile and you can wear them all year round. You can also create layers in your outfit with them.

Here is our article about the best sustainable T-shirts.


What to wear under a coat hoodies

Add street style influences to your outfit by wearing a hoodie under your coat.

This stylish combo is celebrity-approved and very modern!

Discover beautiful hoodies made by sustainable brands.


What to wear under a coat sweatshirts

Love the sporty fashion style?
Wear a sweatshirt! It will create a very modern outfit that is also very cozy!

Here is our article about sustainable sweatshirts.

Long sleeve tops

What to wear under a coat long sleeve tops

Long sleeve tops can be as comfortable as T-shirts while also protecting your arms. Wear a sustainable one under your coat if you like to dress casually.


What to wear under a coat suits

If you are looking for formal attire, you should wear a suit under your coat.

In this situation, you have to make sure that your coat is an elegant one, and your suit is thick enough for the weather outside.

Here is our article about gorgeous, sustainable suits.


What to wear under a coat boodysuit

Bodysuits are amazing for cold days.

They are made to stay in place, so the need to constantly adjust your top is gone when wearing one.

Bodysuits also have a slimming effect, match most of your favorite bottoms, and can now be both sustainable and affordable!

Bodycon dresses

What to wear under a coat bodycon dress

Bodycon dresses are perfect for date night. They showcase your body lines and guys love them. Don't forget the tights to stay warm!

Here is a list of the 12 best affordable and sustainable bodycon dresses.


What to wear under a coat skirts

Wear a skirt with your favorite T-shirt, blouse, or shirt.

There are many combinations available if you want to dress smart-casual under your coat.

Check out our article about sustainable skirts.


What to wear under a coat jeans

Another great option to wear under a coat is a pair of jeans. You can wear them with any type of top you like, such as a jumper, a shirt or even a T-shirt.

Take a look at our sustainable denim recommendations.


What to wear under a coat leggings

We are all familiar with how comfortable and versatile leggings are. If you love a relaxed outfit, do not hesitate to wear leggings and a nice jumper under your coat!

Here is our article about the best sustainable leggings.


What to wear under a coat layers

Layers in your outfit are highly fashionable and also practical - apart from looking good, they serve as thermal insulation!

You can easily create layers by adding clothes on top of each other. If you want to look like an expert, try very different textures, and do not worry if it doesn't come as expected from the first try, just keep practicing and your layering skills will improve!

Buy your basics from one of these sustainable brands and start your layering experiments!


What to wear under a coat scarves

It is debatable if scarves go under or over your coat.

What's not debatable is the fact that they're great for cold days. Easy to remove when too warm, and easy to add back on when too cold, scarves also look great. You can match their color to your other clothes or you can even let your scarf be the pop of color your attire needs.

Buy an affordable vegan scarf from a sustainable brand.

Summing up

What to wear under a coat conclusions

Many clothing items can be worn under a coat.
One very important thing to consider is the place you are going to.

If you want to dress formally, try a suit or a formal dress, if you want a smart casual outfit wear a shirt, for a street-style inspired look wear a hoodie and jeans and if you're going on a date wear an attractive dress.

Always start your outfit with the occasion in mind - this will make things a lot easier for you!
If you liked our tips, share them with your friends who might also benefit from our advice!

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