Wingstop is everyone’s favorite place to stop in and get some delicious chicken wings. Whether it’s an after-work meet-up with friends or a crowd-pleaser for game day, Wingstop always serves up some of the tastiest wings in town. 

We have all the tips and outfit ideas you need for your next visit to Wingstop. Whether you’re working behind the counter, attending a job interview, or meeting up for a meal with friends, we have what you need to add some extra fashion flavor to the experience. 

Here are 15 effortless outfits to wear to Wingstop. 

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What is Wingstop’s Dress Code?

wingstop dress code

Wingstop is a casual eatery famous for its delicious chicken wings and casual atmosphere. The dress code is pretty laid-back for guests. Customers can wear anything from pajama bottoms to nice dresses. 

The dress code for Wingstop employees is standard across locations. All employees must wear a Wingstop shirt, jeans, non-slip shoes, and a Wingstop-issued baseball cap or visor. 

Wingstop provides employees with branded hats and shirts. Employees must buy their own work shoes and denim jeans. 


A Wingstop Shirt, Hat, & Jeans

wingstop uniform

A Wingstop-issued shirt and comfortable jeans are a pretty standard employee outfit. Thankfully, this casual uniform is comfortable and easy to wear. 

A branded Wingstop T-shirt or polo is required at all locations. To be safe, talk with your manager about your store’s dress code. 

Comfortable Sneakers

wingstop outfits sneakers

Being on your feet all day can do quite a number on your arches and ankles. As a Wingstop employee, you should wear comfortable sneakers. 

Invest in high-quality, non-slip shoes that will carry you through those busy shifts. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day!

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A Business Casual Outfit

wingstop outfit business casual

When in doubt, dress in business casual. Whether it’s your first day as a Wingstop manager or a Wingstop interview, go with a business casual outfit. 

This outfit doesn’t have to be fancy. You can wear something as simple and classic as khaki pants and a polo shirt. 

It’s important to look put-together and professional when making a first impression, even at a casual eatery like Wingstop. 

Get more business casual outfit ideas with our handy guide. 

An Untucked Polo, Khakis, & Vans

wingstop outfit polo shirt

A job interview at Wingstop is pretty casual, but you still want to look nice. Wear an untucked polo shirt, khaki pants, and Vans sneakers. 

This look is comfortable yet professional. It’s just the right level of “dressed up” for a job interview at Wingstop. 

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A Button-Up Shirt & Black Slacks

wingstop outfit button up slacks

You can’t go wrong with a button-up shirt and black slacks. It’s a standard job interview outfit that never misses. 

Wear an untucked plaid button-up over black slacks and well-kept sneakers. You’ll dress to impress without trying too hard. 

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A Floral Dress & Blazer

wingstop outfit floral dress blazer

Wear a floral dress with a blazer for your Wingstop job interview. This look is easy to wear, comfortable, and professional. 

Wear a midi or maxi dress with a solid-color blazer, flats, and a nice tote bag. 

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An Oversized Hoodie & Joggers

wingstop outfit hoodie joggers

Enjoy some wings and a brew while wearing your favorite oversized hoodie and joggers. This casual look is totally acceptable at Wingstop. 

Wear a cotton hoodie and slim-fit joggers with plenty of stretch. After indulging in your favorite mango habanero wings, you can go straight home and fall into bed if needed. There’s nothing better. 

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A Graphic Tee & Denim Shorts

wingstop casual outfit tee shorts

A graphic tee and denim shorts are fun, casual, and easy to wear to Wingstop. 

A comfy tee and cut-off shorts make a great lunch outfit on a hot summer day. Pair this outfit with your favorite hot wings and a cold drink, and you’ll be unstoppable.  

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A Tank Top & Boyfriend Jeans

wingstop outfit tank top jeans

Create a casual and fun outfit with a tank top and slouchy boyfriend jeans. This look is sexy and comfortable, making it perfect for date night. 

Tuck a tight ribbed tank top into high-waisted boyfriend jeans, or wear a cropped tank with wide-leg denim. The possibilities are endless. 

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A Flannel & Ripped Jeans

wingstop outfit flannel jeans

Do you want to look nice during your dinner at Wingstop but don’t want to try too hard? Go with a button-up flannel shirt and ripped denim jeans. 

This look is cool, casual, and edgy. For a woodsy vibe, you can layer a plaid flannel over a classic white or black t-shirt. Button up your flannel and pair your look with Vans for a timeless skater look. 

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A Denim Jacket & Cute Sundress

wingstop outfit dress denim jacket

A denim jacket and cute sundress are a match made in Wingstop heaven. This look is perfect for a fun double date or a family dinner. 

This outfit is great because you can layer your dress with a denim jacket if the weather is chilly out on the patio. If it’s warm inside, you can easily remove your jacket and let your sundress shine as the center of attention. 

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Overalls & A Summery Tank Top

wingstop outfit overalls

Wear overalls with a summer-loving tank top for a relaxed, comfortable vibe. 

This look is perfect for those hectic days when you’re running errands and need to pick up a quick dinner for the family. It’s efficient, laid-back, and trendy. Those extra overall pockets are always a plus, too. 

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A Striped Sweater & Denim Skirt

wingstop outfit sweater skirts

A striped sweater and denim skirt are perfect for a casual date at Wingstop. 

Wear a cropped striped sweater for a 90s vibe, or tuck an oversized striped pullover into a high-waisted denim skirt. 

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A Puffer Jacket & Combat Boots

wingstop outfit puffer jacket books

Show up to Wingstop in an edgy look with a cute puffer jacket and combat boots. 

This look is perfect for chilly autumn evenings or winter afternoons spent watching the big game. Complete your look with distressed black jeans or comfortable leggings. 

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