All-black slip-on Vans are a classic sneaker choice for skaters, trendsetters, and everyone in between. 

All-black slip-on Vans have been a wardrobe staple since their debut in 1979. It’s a piece of footwear that never lets you down with its comfort and style. 

With such a simple and sleek shoe comes great responsibility. What should you wear with such a classic shoe style?

Get ready to dig into your closet and reinvent your wardrobe. Here are 15 stellar outfit ideas to wear with all-black slip-on Vans. 

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A Cute Blouse and Denim Shorts

Vans outfit blouse shorts

All-black Vans are excellent casual shoes. That’s why a cute blouse and shorts make such a great outfit to wear with them. 

Wear your favorite denim cut-offs with a crop top, or pair black shorts with a white blouse to create an exciting color contrast. 

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A Black Tee & Distressed Jeans

Vans outfit black tee distressed denim

A black tee, distressed jeans, and all-black Vans ooze an effortlessly cool vibe. 

You can’t go wrong with this look. It’s casual, comfortable, and looks great on just about everyone.

Another great thing about this outfit is that you can easily layer with cardigans, jackets, and other outerwear when temperatures drop.

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An Oversized Vintage T-Shirt & Shorts

Vans outfit oversized tee

Vans slip-ons are perfect for lazy days, hanging out with friends, or soaking in the last rays of summer days. Complete your Vans outfit with an oversized vintage tee and shorts. 

This look is easy to wear and harkens back to the Vans skate culture of the 1970s and ‘80s. Source an oversized vintage tee at a local thrift store for ultimate sustainability. 

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A Crop Top & Cargo Pants

Vans outfit crop top cargo pants

A crop top and cargo pants are an easy way to reinvent your all-black Vans slip-ons. 

Wear a form-fitting crop top with baggy cargo pants and Vans. This look is perfect for hanging out, skating, and lounging around. 

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A Layered Hoodie & Black Jeans

Vans outfit layered hoodie

Slip-on Vans don’t have to go in your closet when winter rolls around. Create a cold-weather outfit with a layered hoodie and black jeans. 

This Vans outfit looks great on men and women alike. 

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Embrace the ‘90s

Vans outfits 90s influence

Embrace ‘90s fashion for a cool retro look with your all-black Vans slip-ons. 

The ‘90s are having a moment, and Vans slip-ons fit right in. Wear bucket hats, cargo pants, skater socks, and more to craft your own look.

Check out our guide on how to dress like the ‘90s with clothes you already own.

A Bucket Hat & Zip-Up Hoodie

Vans outfit bucket hat

Accessorize your all-black Vans with a retro bucket hat and a zip-up hoodie. 

This look is relaxed, casual, and comfortable. Wear a bucket hat with a fun pattern or a plain black cotton hoodie with your favorite jeans.

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Black & White Graphic Tees

black and white Vans outfit

All-black Vans look great with a monochromatic or duo-tone outfit. Embrace a minimalist color scheme with a black-and-white graphic tee. 

Wear a new, sustainably made tee, or source a vintage one from your favorite thrift shop. Complete your look with distressed black denim for the ultimate skater vibe.

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An Athleisure Look

Vans athleisure outfit

Don’t worry if the skater aesthetic isn’t your thing. You can still wear all-black slip-on Vans! 

Create an elevated and effortlessly relaxed look with sustainable athleisure wear. Wear your Vans with high-rise leggings, a puffer jacket, and a skin-tight workout tank. 

Explore our ultimate list of sustainable activewear brands.

A Crochet Top & High-Rise Jeans

Vans outfit crochet top

Vans are known for their laid-back, relaxed aesthetic. Create a trendy look with a cute crochet top and high-rise jeans. 

Wear a crochet halter top you made yourself, or buy a one-of-a-kind piece from your favorite maker. Cotton or bamboo yarn is the most sustainable option for a crochet top. 

Neutral Colors

Vans outfit neutral colors

While black Vans go with just about anything, neutral colors look best. You can layer colors like black, white, and gray for a subtle everyday look. 

You can wear just about anything to achieve this look. Throw on your favorite gray tank, black denim jacket, or classic white t-shirt. Your all-black slip-on Vans are guaranteed to match.

Denim Shorts & Fishnets

Vans outfit shorts fishnets

Layer your all-black slip-on Vans with fishnets and cut-off denim shorts. This look is edgy and cute at the same time. 

Pair your cut-off shorts and fishnets with an oversized tee or a simple black tank top.

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A Goth-Inspired Outfit

goth inspired Vans outfit

Wear a goth-inspired outfit with your all-black Vans slip-ons for an edgy air. 

The possibilities are endless, from black skirts to mesh t-shirts, vegan leather jackets to silver chain jewelry. 

All-black Vans match perfectly with this goth-inspired aesthetic.

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A Feminine Blouse & Denim Skirt

Vans outfit blouse skirt

All-black slip-on Vans fit in with feminine outfits, too. Wear your favorite pair with a cute blouse and denim skirt. 

This outfit is flirty, comfortable, and looks great on everyone. Wear a floral off-the-shoulder blouse or a ruffled tank top for a spring or summer look.

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A Black Floral Dress

vans outfit floral dress

Go for a feminine all-black outfit with a black floral dress to match your Vans. 

A black floral dress with sneakers is a great casual outfit for a backyard barbecue, the beach, or anywhere else your summer adventures may take you.

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What Socks Should You Wear with All-Black Slip-Ons?

socks for black Vans slip-ons

Slip-on Vans have a unique cut and style that frames your foot comfortably and stylishly. The style of sock you wear with all-black Vans can make or break an outfit. 

Here are some tips on what socks to wear with black Vans slip-ons.

  • Black socks: Wear black socks to create a seamless, monochromatic look. 
  • No-show socks: Many people love wearing no-show socks with their slip-on Vans. This style looks chic and effortlessly cool. We recommend no-show socks when you wear dresses, skirts, and cuffed jeans. 
  • Skater socks: Wear vintage-inspired high socks with stripes at the top for a cool retro look. 
  • Colorful socks: Add some flair to your outfit by wearing colorful socks with funky patterns. Let them peek out from your jeans, or flaunt a color-coordinated pair with your favorite dress.

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