What is Yin yoga? There are many different types of yoga. Yin yoga is one of the most popular yoga styles.

It is a slow and gentle type of yoga. Practitioners hold poses for much longer than in Hatha or Power yoga.

It is a meditative and restorative form of yoga. Yin yoga targets deep muscles tissues, joints, and nerves.

It is best combined with Yang yoga, more dynamic and sweat inducing yoga styles.

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What Is Yin Yoga Exactly?

Yin Yoga beginner practice

Yin yoga focuses on flexibility, balance, relaxation and meditation. It is a very ancient and proven type of yoga.

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist philosophy. Yin and Yang are opposites and complementary. Yang is fast paced, moving, hot and exiciting.

On the other hand, Yin yoga offers calm, long hold, stress reduction and more mobility.

If you need rest, inner peace and harmony, Yin yoga is a good choice. It clears the mind, helps you calm down and relax.

Regular practice stretches muscles and connective tissues deeply. Longer and stronger muscles improve health and well-being.

The Benefits Of Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga benefits pose

Yin yoga is an amazing way to reduce stress. It uses restorative exercises for the body and the mind.

Benefits for the body include mobility, blood circulation, and energy regulation. It offers great stretches for the whole body.

The chest, hips, heart, and lungs open up during Yin yoga sequences. The mind is clearer as well with higher flow of blood and oxygen.

Yin yoga also improves digestion and detoxification. It gives rest and stimulation to internal organs.

If you tight shoulders and neck, Yin yoga helps you increase flexibility. It relieves back pain very effectively.

Most Yin yoga classes target the legs as well. For hamstring, glutes, thighs and knees, Yin yoga is wonderful.

It is one of the best yoga style to practice before bed. It treats insomnia and aids fall asleep.

Yin yoga is relaxing, energizing and rejuvenating. It boots metabolism, helps with weight loss, strengthens the body and the mind.

Yin Yoga Sequence For Beginners.

Yin Yoga practice beginner

Yin yoga is the perfect type of yoga for beginners. It is gentle and accessible to everybody.

It is essential to practice in a comfortable and quiet place. You can start right at home with just a yoga mat.

Practice the following yoga poses regularly. You will definitely see positive changes in yourself.


Summing up:

Practice Yin yoga to relax, calm down, reduce stress and anxiety. This type of yoga is gentle and beginner friendly.

It is an amazing way to increase flexibility, mobility and blood circulation. It works deep tissues in a powerful and relaxing way.

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