I moved to Berlin Germany in 2019 to see something new. To experience new things, learn a new culture, meet new people. I have learned a few things while traveling to Berlin. If you are new to Berlin or thinking about traveling there, I hope this will be useful to you.

Berlin is one of the cheapest capital city in Western Europe. It is a great place to live and settle down. You will find amazing museums, food, nightlife, accommodation, all at an affordable price.

Berlin is a great place to visit on a budget. Unfortunately, prices are slowly rising. So you better visit sooner than later. If your budget is really tight, you want to concentrate on what you absolutely need. Avoid tours, shopping, souvenir and tourist areas.

Instead talk to the friendly locals from all over the world for tips on how to save money while staying in Berlin. Visit the museums and sights that are affordable. Some might even be totally free! In Berlin you will find plenty of monuments and parks to pass time.

Traveling to Berlin Germany river

Pick the budget options when looking for food. Cereal or bread for breakfast, tea, coffee and juice for drinks, bread, fruits and veggies for lunch on the go, and great vegan burgers, pizza, pasta, soup, potatoes for dinner.

Take public transportation as it is fairly cheap and can get you everywhere you need to be. Subways, trains, trams an buses are better than Ubers or taxis. You can always go for a walk or rent a bike. All are really affordable.

In hostels, you will find good prices for accommodation. You can also rent apartments if you plan to stay a bit longer. Hotels are a bit pricey on the other hand if you want a private room.

Berlin is a very young dynamic city. People from across the globe meet here. The essentials to visit in Berlin are:

  • Reichstag dome
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Pergamon Museum
  • DDR Museum
  • Berlin Dungeon
  • Friedrichstrasse
  • Brandenburg gate
  • East Side Gallery
  • Museum Island
  • Wall Museum
  • TV tower
  • Soviet War Memorial
  • Checkpoint Charlie
  • Kurfürstendamm

Traveling to Berlin Germany TV tower

It is best to go to Berlin between April and June, in September or October. Winters are harsh in Berlin. Summers are too hot. To get to Berlin, either fly to Tegel or Schoenefeld airport. You can also take a train from all other major European cities.

Overall, Berlin is a cool, accepting and welcoming city. Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world. I like huge cities. Berlin is one of them. There are so many different neighborhoods in Berlin, each one with its own particularities.

Berlin is made up of 12 districts, each district split into 96 localities. Mitte is at the heart of Berlin. It is must-see and very expensive, good for tourist attractions and sightseeing.

Charlottenburg is one of the most exclusive areas. With many shops, bars, art galleries and boutiques. 

I like Friedrichshain the most for its parks, river beaches and alternative vibe. It is the cheapest neighborhood to stay in Berlin. Plenty of parties happening at night as well. It is the best place to stay for art lovers and creatives.

Kreuzberg is a liveliest part of Berlin. It is very vibrant at night with many cool bars and nightclubs. Also home to many museums and parks.

Traveling to Berlin Germany garden britz

This is what I can gather since I have been living in Berlin. Make sure to share your experiences and any tips you may have for the readers in the comments below.

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