From Edward Cullen to Count Dracula, vampires have captured our imagination for centuries. 

But what, exactly, do vampires wear? If you’ve ever wondered how these supernatural creatures dress when the sun sets and night approaches, you’ve come to the right place. 

Vampire fashion is darkly enchanting, dramatic, and hauntingly fun. Modern-day vampire fashion draws inspiration from its past with elements of Gothic, Victorian, and fantasy influences. 

If you are a horror fan and want to dress like a vampire, wear Victorian-inspired pieces in rich colors like black, blue, and burgundy. 

Dressing like a vampire is all about embracing your dark side, so don’t be afraid to wear all-black outfits and dramatic dresses. 

Whether for a costume or an everyday look, here are 10+ tips and outfit ideas to dress like a vampire. 

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The Origins of Vampires

what vampires wear history

Vampires are mythical creatures that have been present in various cultures for centuries. As we know them today, vampires are nocturnal creatures who prey on humans. These mysterious, human-like creatures survive by feeding on people’s energy, usually in the form of blood. 

According to National Geographic, vampires gained prominence in European culture and folklore during the 17th and 18th centuries. 

The pale, mysterious vampire we know today became solidified in the public consciousness with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” at the end of the 19th century. Since the publication of this famous horror novel, our perception of vampires has changed yet again with romantic renditions like “Twilight” and other vampire fantasy novels. 

Throughout time, one thing has remained consistent. Vampires are mysterious, elegant, and alluring. These traits are often portrayed through clothing and fashion. 

To dress like a modern-day vampire, incorporate elements of goth, punk, and emo fashion styles into your look. The main thing is to have fun experimenting with your clothing and self-expression.  

Gothic Gowns

what vampires wear gothic gown

Dressing like a vampire is all about drama. What better way to celebrate your flair for the dramatic than with a gothic gown?

Wear an elegant, floor-length gothic gown in deep shades of burgundy, black, or midnight blue. Add smokey eye makeup and a statement necklace for extra flair. 

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A Vegan Leather Jacket and Jeans

what vampires wear leather jacket

Wear a faux leather jacket and black jeans for an edgy vampire-inspired look. A vegan leather jacket is versatile, comfortable, and timeless. 

This modern take on vampire fashion is sexy, laid-back, and oh-so mysterious. You can go for an all-black look with a black top or add a pop of color with a jewel-tone blouse or bold ankle boots. 

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Luxurious Velvet 

what vampires wear velvet

what vampires wear velvet dress

Dressing like a vampire is all about luxurious fabrics, lush colors, and affluent layers. Velvet is the perfect fabric to wear to get in touch with your inner vampire. 

Wear a velvet dress with bold combat boots, or turn heads in a luscious velvet suit. Add a level of mystique with colors like blood red, royal purple, and emerald green. 

A Blood-Red Dress

what vampires wear red dress

what vampires wear red gown

Create a ravishing vampiric look with a blood-red dress. A red dress is a sexy, sultry outfit perfect for a night out or a special event. 

Go for a minimalist look with a sleek red bodycon dress and stilettos, or embrace the dramatic with red lace, velvet, and ruffles. 

Be sure to wear red lipstick and smokey eye makeup to complete your drop-dead gorgeous outfit. 

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A Lace Slip Dress

what vampires wear lace dress

Lace is a cornerstone of any vampire’s wardrobe. Embrace this delicate fabric by wearing a lace slip dress. 

Wear a floor-length, lace-trim slip dress with a duster cardigan and kitten heels for a fabulous vintage vibe. Try a black lace dress with matching gloves, heels, and a sleek blazer for a night out on the town. 

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A Sheer Blouse and Midi Skirt

what vampires wear sheer blouse

Try a sheer black blouse and a midi skirt for a versatile, everyday look. This look is chic and classic. It’s also great because it works across seasons. 

Tuck a long-sleeve sheer blouse into a high-waisted velvet skirt for an office-ready outfit. For something more sleek and elegant, try a black lace top French-tucked into a sultry pencil skirt. 

Remember, dark and rich colors work best for this vampiric look.  

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Victorian-Inspired Elements

what vampires wear victorian style

“Dracula” by Bram Stoker was first published in 1897, so embrace all things Victorian if you want a historically-inspired vampire wardrobe. 

Pay homage to Victorian-era fashion with voluminous silhouettes, long skirts, and plenty of lace. Vintage evening gowns, corsets, and gold jewelry are all excellent ways to incorporate the Victorian aesthetic into your style. 

Wear a blouse or dress with a high neckline and long sleeves to create a sense of allure and mystery. 

Don’t be afraid of being “too much.” Vampires inherently have an elegant flair for the dramatic. 

A Sleek Tuxedo

what vampires wear tuxedo

what vampires wear black suit

Classic renditions of Count Dracula often show the famous vampire dressed in a tuxedo or three-piece suit. Pay homage to everyone’s favorite vampire (sorry, Edward) by wearing a classic tailored tux. 

You can keep it classic with a black-and-white tuxedo or dress with a modern edge by wearing an all-black suit. A high-quality, well-tailored tuxedo looks best.   

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A Mysterious Black Cloak

what vampires wear cloak

Vampires are almost always depicted wearing a mysterious black cloak, so add one to your rotation.

A black velvet cloak is an excellent option if you want to add some understated elegance to your outfit. Other cloak options include floor-length tulle, ruffled linen, and shorter satin versions. 
If cloaks aren’t your thing, an elegant black trench coat is a more practical option with a similar look and feel.  

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Corsets and Long Skirts

what vampires wear modern corset

what vampires wear Victorian corset

A corset and a long skirt or dress will perfectly incorporate a Victorian aesthetic into your vampire wardrobe. 

Wear a vintage-inspired black corset over a voluminous black tulle skirt for a sexy and mysterious vibe. For a more romantic vampire look, wear a billowing white skirt underneath a simple corset. 

Complete your look with red lipstick, lace-up boots, and a black cloak for a bone-chillingly good time. 

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