Are you trying to decide on what to wear as a man or a lady in Qatar? What is the dress code in Qatar? Are shorts, bikinis, and mini skirts acceptable? While the general dress code for tourists is usually very relaxed, Qatar is a conservative nation, and there are standards for what locals and visitors should wear.

Doha's dress code is moderately stricter than the United Arab Emirates but much more tolerable than neighboring Saudi Arabia. Non-Qatari women are not required to cover their hair or wear the abaya, a long, black robe that covers the entire body.

You can wear skirts, dresses, or pants that reach your knees as long as you cover your shoulders. You can dress just how you feel at home while staying in resorts and hotels. The dress code is expected to be followed only in public areas of the city, such as shopping centers, markets, the Corniche (Doha's shoreline), and other places.

Doha is a multicultural city where many foreigners live, work, and practice several religions. While it's not required by law, it's essential to remember that some methods of wearing are more courteous in this region of the world when making your Doha packing list or researching for your trip to Qatar.

Considering that no one wants to insult or disrespect their host nation, the following is a summary of Doha's dress codes:

  • Always cover your shoulders, so nothing with spaghetti straps or that would be considered a tank top is appropriate in Qatar.
  • Always keep your knees covered; males and females must follow this guideline.
  • Minimize cleavage - In Qatar, revealing clothing is often frowned upon; thus, it is a good idea for women to keep their partition to a minimum.
  • Although there isn't a strict prohibition on wearing tight clothing, it's still a good idea to keep it to a minimum.

Now that you have a basic idea of what and how to dress in Qatar, below are some fashion ideas that will have you strolling around, looking gorgeous and fabulous in Qatar!

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Kaftan dress outfit

Kaftan dress outfit

You can wear a dress in the Kaftan style if you're heading to a formal event, such as a wedding or formal party. If you need to figure out what a kaftan is, it's a type of robe or tunic.

In Qatar, where fashion and modesty go hand in hand, dresses are among the most popular clothing styles. Long dresses are safer if you are unsure of Qatar's dress code rules because anyone can wear dresses and look beautiful.

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Turban style

Turban style

Worry not, I am here to save the day if you believe that the weather is too hot for you to wear something substantial or that would entirely cover you. You can always wear linen or satin clothing that is effortlessly breathable for your fit.

One gorgeous method to wear a hijab with Western attire if you wish to cover your head is in a turban style, which only protects your hair and leaves your shoulders and neck bare. This not only has a nice appearance, but it also keeps you cool.

Matching set outfit ideas

Matching set outfit ideas

Co-ord sets are all the rage right now. Everyone loves them since you can look great in matching sets quickly and effortlessly without extra work.

In Qatar's colder months, a matching knitted set in a similar color would be ideal for you to wear because it provides full coverage and prevents extra eyes from being trained on you.

Go for heels or sandals to match or contrast your attire for a fantastic look to draw attention to both. It would have you going down the street looking nothing less than a model.



Many people worry they can't wear T-shirts in Doha, but they are perfectly acceptable as long as they cover your shoulder.

I suggest going with a looser-fitting t-shirt style because, in addition to being more respectful, it will also keep you much more relaxed in the heat of Doha.

Ensure the t-shirt you choose is made of sustainable materials rather than synthetic ones because the latter may cause you to sweat a lot.

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Loose fitting blouses

Loose fitting blouses

I suggest packing at least a few outfits with full-length sleeves if you travel to Qatar in winter. This idea is fantastic as it will keep you warm on chilly evenings.

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When visiting the Middle East, pashminas are particularly crucial. Pashminas are fantastic because they can serve as an additional layer of clothing for cultural sensitivity and defense from the intense air conditioning in locations like malls and museums in Qatar.

Flip flops

Flip flops

Are you looking for breathable and comfortable footwear when visiting Qatar? Look no further than flip-flops. They not only come in various colors, but they are also simple, versatile, and relaxing.

Additionally, they allow the feet to breathe, and the toes typically have enough room to wiggle in.

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Swimsuits and bikinis are okay on the beach, but...

Swimsuits and bikinis

Be free to wear a bikini on any hotel beach, but make sure you have a cover for the lobby. Hotels own most beaches in Qatar; thus, you can wear your swimsuit or bikini. The only beach that a hotel does not own is Katara Beach.

It is open to the public and has a restrictive dress code. That means no speedos, bikinis, or swimmers for women.

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Because of the hot weather in Qatar, you'll likely notice the harsh air conditioning if you go to a mall, museum, or movie theatre. Also, you'll see how much the temperature drops at night if you intend to visit Qatar's desert.

So pack plenty of lightweight layers like cardigans, jumpers, and jackets for these situations.

Long coats

Long coats

My favorite look from this list has to be this one. Not just because of how easily this fit fits but also because it will look fabulous anywhere, from attending a business meeting to going on a date or a group outing.

Who wouldn't adore a quick-to-put-on outfit that nonetheless looks elegant as ever? A matching handbag or shoulder bag and a pair of contrasting black or brown boots would all be easy ways to accent this look.

Jeans and a sweater top

Jeans and a sweater top

When dressing modestly, oversized sweaters and 90s relaxed jeans work best. You could look a hundred times better with little to no effort if you wore these two casual outfits.

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Sustainable sweatshirts and joggers

sweatshirts and joggers

Sustainable sweatshirts and joggers

Throw in a set of sweatshirts and joggers or sweatpants when it is cold. They protect you from the cold while looking and feeling your best with a clean conscience

They range from the brightest hues, like green or red, to the darkest, like black or grey. Such a match is consistently perfect. Finish off your look for the day by adding some minimal jewelry, such as a gold chain or rings and joggers.


Flare pants, and tunic

Flare pants,

Wear flare pants, and a tunic in Qatar to look great even when it is cold. Glasses and a belt bag to complete the outfit will make your look much more sophisticated.

You can also double-lay your top with a black or beige hoodie, which has been popular for a while and always looks excellent.

Abaya with Hijab

Abaya with Hijab

Abaya with Hijab

To respect Qatar's dress code, try on some of the country's traditional and religious attire at least once. This will not only make your peers happy, but it will also make you feel as though you are one of them. You can do it out of respect for the Qatari people.

You may easily find abayas with various patterns or styles anywhere in the country. Many different abaya designs are available, from flare sleeves to slimmer ones.

Also, there are no restrictions on how to wear the hijab, so you may carry it with you everywhere you go.

A button-down shirt with pants

button-down shirt with pants

A boyfriend or oversized white button-down shirt would look fantastic with black straight-leg pants. You can open up your shirt's buttons to give it a more upper aspect and add a camisole underneath to make it more stylish.

While adhering to the rules of hiding your shoulders, you can beat the heat this way and make yourself look more fashionable.


Dressing for the Qatar airport

Hijab, pants and shades

On a warm day, a lighter blouse with darker slacks in the same hue, along with a hijab if you choose, would be the ideal outfit for you. Blend in shades of the same color for a put-together and elegant look. For example, the color "Bole" or "Thatch" looks great on everyone.

An eye-pleasing hue would be one with a limited palette. You can complete the appearance by carrying a clutch to hold all your belongings or wearing matching or contrasting shoes with a cross-body bag.

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In all travel outfits, sneakers are a must-have item, which is no different in Qatar. You should bring comfortable shoes if you visit the Souq Waqif or one of the many museums in Dubai.

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Maxi dress

Maxi dress

The Maxi Dress is my favorite type of Qatari dress. Make sure that any Maxi Dress on your packing list for Qatar isn't strappy or has a big slit. They are unsuitable since they violate Doha's dress code by exposing the shoulders and knees.

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Blouse with polka dot skirt

polka dot skirt

This is undoubtedly a must-have attire for your vintage-inspired collection because polka-dot skirts are a classic. This style is ideal for after-work cocktails or formal meals because of its comfortable swing skirt and demure but dramatic boat neckline.

Pair with your favorite heels and pearls for the ultimate outfit perfection!

Work place attire

Work place attire

Work place attire

Work place attire

For women, skirts, dresses, and trousers below the knee length with a modest neckline are ideal. Men, on the other hand, should wear lightweight trousers and long-sleeved shirts. Men rarely wear suits except when going to important business meetings.


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Are shorts allowed in Qatar?


Although men and women can wear shorts in Qatar, you should keep them below knee length.

To sum it up


As a result of its cultural past, Islamic traditions, and modernity, Qatar has a distinct and sophisticated dress code, men dress in thobes, while women don abayas achalasia. These traditional outfits serve practical purposes in the hot desert climate, expressing Qatari identity.

Due to globalization and industrialization, there has been an upsurge in the acceptance of Western dress trends in recent years, particularly among the younger population. Qataris still have strong religious convictions and cultural traditions, affecting their dress.

Although Qatar has a strict clothing code, it's vital to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and several criteria, such as age and social standing, come into play. Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly and respectfully, especially in public spaces and religious occasions, as respect for local customs and traditions.

Generally, Qatar's dress code reflects its cultural background while embracing modern influences. It is a blend of tradition and modernity. It is a significant part of Qatari identity and represents pride in and adherence to their faith and culture.

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