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Best Wedding Dresses Broad Shoulders

10 Best Designer Wedding Dresses For Broad Shoulders

The best wedding dresses for brides with broad shoulders and big arms are comfortable, fashionable, affordable, and sustainable to make you feel good and look your best on your most special day.

You can make your shoulders appear smaller by avoiding strapless and off-the-shoulder styles, structured shoulders and pads, puffy sleeves, and any detailing that will draw attention to your arms and shoulders.

Instead, wear scoop, deep-v, or heart-shaped necklines and long-sleeved gowns that emphasize your bust and waist, elongate your figure and help balance your body shape.

Choose stylish and timeless bridal pieces ethically made with simple cuts, clean shapes, and classic silhouettes that scream modernity and sustainability.

Check out our selection below of the best designer wedding dresses for brides with broad shoulders made under high standards.

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1. Made Trade Floral Embroidered Dress

made trade wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, knitwear, sportswear, loungewear, outerwear, swimwear, underwear, sleepwear, bridal, bags, accessories, shoes
For: Women, men
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic, Fair Trade, recycled, vegan, BIPOC
Prices: $50-$340

Made Trade is a woman-owned and family-run retailer sustainably and ethically creating goods for the modern wardrobe and home. It offers stylish and gorgeous wedding dresses for brides with broad shoulders.

Made Trade is committed to true transparency and making a positive impact on the world. The well-curated online marketplace sells a great selection of ethical products handcrafted by the best brands.

Made Trade adheres to sustainable and fair trade practices that support both artisans and the Earth's natural resources. It strives to make the world a more beautiful place through higher ethical standards.


2. Reformation Gatsby Dress

reformation wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, swimwear, activewear, loungewear, underwear, bridal
For: Women
From: Los Angeles, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, Fair Trade, carbon-neutral, made in the USA
Prices: $100-$600

Reformation is an ethical clothing brand that makes sustainable, fashionable, comfortable, and affordable clothes. It offers a collection of elegant wedding dresses for brides with broad shoulders.

The clothing retailer designs effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure with the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics possible. It pays attention to minimizing its social and environmental impacts.

Reformation uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen, and Tencel lyocell. It also makes some of its clothes with upcycled and recycled materials, such as regenerated nylon or deadstock fabrics.

Six of its suppliers have attained a social compliance certification like Fair Trade, SA8000, or WRAP. They are working to increase participation in social certification programs to ensure good working conditions.


3. Ida Sjöstedt Elina Dress

ida sjostedt wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, bridal
For: Women
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Values: Organic, recycled, zero waste, give back
Prices: $100-$590

Ida Sjöstedt is a fashion designer that dresses riot girls, fairytale princesses, power ladies, and everyone else in between. She believes in equality and mutual respect as a necessary foundation for a sustainable work environment.

Ida Sjöstedt creates fabulous, timeless, and sustainable wedding dresses for broad shoulders. They feature unlined tops, v-backlines, concealed zippers, long sleeves, lace designs, and maxi lengths.

Her collections contain 20% of stock materials to avoid the production of new fabrics. She also resues or donates shoes and other accessories from fashion shows to charity each season.


4. NA-KD Recycled Maxi Overlapped Dress

na-kd wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, denim, outerwear, knitwear, underwear, swimwear, nightwear, bridal, accessories
For: Women
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $20-$60

NA-KD is a top next-generation fashion marketplace, a mobile-based online shopping sanctuary for fashion addicts. It offers affordable, stylish, and sustainable wedding guest dresses for women with broad shoulders.

NA-KD sells many different clothing labels at various price points and designs a range of cute and fashionable clothes, footwear, and accessories under its brand.

The NA-KD brand is one of the fastest-growing on social media. It regularly partners with influencers to launch new collections, such as Andrea Hedenstedt, Anika Teller, Astrid Olsen, Camille Botten, Dilara Avci, Pamela Reif, Kristin Sundberg, and more.


5. Kotn Poet Dress

kotn wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, knitwear, loungewear, bags, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Toronto, Canada
Values: Organic, recycled, B Corp, give back
Prices: $30-$110

Kotn is a sustainable clothing brand that ethically and sustainably makes elegant wedding guest dresses for broad shoulders from Tencel lyocell. It's committed to supply-chain transparency and give-back initiatives.

The eco-friendly label creates clothes around considered design, relentless quality, honest value, and positive impact. It aims to set the standard for conscious creation and consumption.

Kotn also uses cotton and no animal-derived materials. It's working with an Egyptian NGO to build schools and provide every child in its farming communities with safe, convenient, quality education.


6. Etsy Lace Wedding Dress

etsy wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, dresses, bridal, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men, children
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Natural, vintage, rental, independent sellers
Prices: $100-$850

Etsy is an e-commerce website that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales and rentals, including designer wedding dresses for broad shoulders.

It focuses on hand-made or vintage fashion items, homeware, party decor, and craft supplies. It offers a wide range of luxury dresses for bridal celebrations.

Many independent sellers list stylish, unique, and custom wedding dresses on Etsy. The marketplace is very active and widely recognized as the most trusted vintage store.


7. Christy Dawn Camilla Dress

christy dawn wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, shoes, accessories
For: Women, girls
From: Los Angeles, California, United States
Values: Upcycled, made in the USA
Prices: $220-$300

Christy Dawn is a sustainable fashion designer that creates boho-chic, ethical, and timeless garments exclusively from upcycled fabrics. She offers a collection of vintage-inspired wedding guest dresses for broad shoulders ethically crafted in Los Angeles.

Christy Dawn designs each style with longevity in mind. Every fashion piece is intentionally timeless and versatile and fits petite to extended sizes.

The fashion designer aims to make simple, easy-to-wear pieces that will become wardrobe staples you'll cherish for a lifetime. Her dresses keep you comfortable while preserving the integrity and beauty of the Earth and its people.


8. Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress

vivienne westwood wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, knitwear, loungewear, outerwear, underwear, bridal, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, artisan craft, luxury, made-to-order
Prices: $150-$990

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood is a British fashion designer and activist that promotes luxury, high fashion without the high stakes for the planet. She works hard to stop climate change and the extinction of life on Earth.

The luxury designer is passionate about the environment and uses fashion as a vehicle for activism. She designs sustainable collections of beautifully crafted wedding gowns for brides with broad shoulders.

Vivienne Westwood creates collections, collaborations, and catwalk shows to promote innovative design, campaign for protecting life on Earth, and mobilize people around climate change and human rights.


9. IVY & OAK Bridal Gown

ivy oak wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, underwear, maternity, bridal, accessories
For: Women, children
From: Berlin, Germany
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $20-$450

IVY & OAK is a designer clothing brand that creates beautiful, fashionable, and sustainable gowns for women who value quality, simplicity, sustainability, and style.

IVY & OAK designs luxury wedding dresses for brides with broad shoulders. It focuses on timeless styles, feminine silhouettes, and attention to detail. It strives to offer high-quality, inspiring, and easy-to-wear clothing.

The designer clothing brand uses sustainable and natural fabrics such as organic cotton, linen, recycled materials, and Tencel lyocell made with wood pulp from sustainable forests.


10. Hackwith Design House Avonelle Gown

hackwith wedding dress broad shoulders

Category: Basics, dresses, knitwear, outerwear, swimwear, underwear, bridal, accessories
For: Women
From: St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, made in the USA, made to order
Prices: $40-$330

Hackwith Design House is a sustainable clothing brand run by Lisa Hackwith. Lead designer Lisa operates a design studio in St. Paul, finds delights in the details, and loves the process of creating beautiful things.

Hackwith Design House makes sustainable, fashionable, quality wedding dresses for brides with broad shoulders. It releases a limited edition design every week.

The designing and making process all happens in one place with a small team. The studio includes a conference room, industrial sewing machines, cutting tables, an inventory, and a shipping station.


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About the Author: Alex Assoune

Alex Assoune Alex Assoune (MS) is a global health and environmental advocate. He founded Panaprium to inspire others with conscious living, ethical, and sustainable fashion. Alex has worked in many countries to address social and environmental issues. He speaks three languages and holds two Master of Science degrees in Engineering from SIGMA and IFPEN schools.



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