The best Sydney-based ethical fashion brands create stylish and eco-friendly garments. They make affordable and fashionable clothes to help you dress well, feel good, and protect the planet.

Many fashion companies in Sydney are committed to implementing ethical and sustainable practices. They offer environmentally friendly options to modern, eco-conscious fashionistas.

Check out our selection below of the best Sydney-based sustainable clothing brands that ethically make affordable garments under high standards.

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1. P.E. Nation

pe nation sydney ethical fashion

Category: Basics, sportswear, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, bags, shoes, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $50-$70

P.E. Nation is a sustainable clothing brand from Sydney that creates sportswear for women and men. Its mission is to shape how you live, making you fit, bold, individual, fun, and independent.

The label creates sports luxe athleisure, activewear, and loungewear for urban life lived at a fast pace, designed to perform all day, every day.

Its latest collection includes athleisure aesthetics with standout pieces like full-court jackets, track record tank tops, comfy sweatpants, hooded blazers, and seamless shorts.

P.E. Nation's philosophy is centered around quality design and construction while offering fashion-forward, comfortable, and fashionable pieces.

It creates recycled, sustainable, low-impact, and conscious apparel for the modern woman. The brand values sustainability and the protection of the planet.


2. Boody

boody sustainable clothing sydney

Category: Basics, loungewear, activewear, underwear, sleepwear, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, vegan, give back
Prices: $10-$30

Boody is a sustainable fashion label making everyday soft and comfortable clothing essentials. It uses eco-friendly fabrics to produce beautiful, ethical, and affordable underwear.

Boody Australia is based in Sydney and aims to deliver easy-to-wear pieces to help you feel good. It offers underwear, basics, loungewear, activewear, and accessories for women, men, and kids.

The brand ensures humane and ethical work conditions with the WRAP certification. And all bamboo involved in its production chain comes from FSC-certified sustainably managed forests.

All Boody products are PETA Vegan Approved and certified. The clothing brand doesn't use animal products to make its garments, making it 100% vegan.


3. Bassike

bassike sustainable fashion sydney

Category: Basics, denim, loungewear, knitwear, swimwear, outerwear, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, recycled, local
Prices: $130-$400

Bassike is a sustainable clothing brand from Sydney that makes affordable and eco-friendly basics, dresses, denim, loungewear, knitwear, swimwear, and outerwear.

It partners with local makers in Australia to create beautiful collections of high-quality garments. They are treated respectfully, well-paid, and work in a safe environment.

Bassike creates high-quality, clean, minimalist aesthetics with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Designers Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan launched Bassike in 2006 and now offer certified organic collections of wardrobe staples.

The Sydney-based designer clothing brand produces quality, natural fibers that are better for the environment and biodegrade quickly. It reduces its carbon footprint by using green energy and a short supply chain.


4. Jillian Boustred

jillian boustred sydney ethical clothing

Category: Basics, outerwear, knitwear, bridal, bags, accessories
For: Women
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, timeless, zero waste, made in Australia
Prices: $110-$300

Jillian Boustred is a textile and fashion designer and creator of an eponymous clothing brand from Sydney that makes affordable, comfortable, quality knitwear in Australia.

The Sydney-based fashion label specializes in versatile, long-lasting styles made from beautiful, breathable, organic fabrics. 90% of all its clothes are made in Australia using ethical, sustainable, and transparent production lines.

Jillian Boustred is always looking at ways to improve, grow, and become more sustainable. It uses natural fibers such as GOTS-certified cotton and linen.


5. Dharma Bums

dharma bums sustainable fashion sydney

Category: Basics, sportswear, loungewear, outerwear, accessories
For: Women
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $50-$90

Dharma Bums is a sustainable yoga and activewear brand from Sydney that creates unique exercise leggings and other sports apparel. Its mission is to empower both those who wear them and those that make them.

Dharma Bums makes sure to have a positive impact on the world. It finds inspiration in the stunning setting and scenery of the Sydney beaches where it's based.

Dharma Bums ethically and sustainably makes performance pieces that sculpt and compress with your every move. It encourages consumers to choose better options and holds companies accountable.


6. GlamCorner

glamcorner sustainable clothing sydney

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, maternity, bridal, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Rental, recycled, luxury, vintage, B Corp
Prices: $60-$110

GlamCorner is a designer rental wardrobe from Sydney that allows you to rent thousands of dresses and gowns for a fraction of the retail price.

The designer dress hire service offers styles from over 200 brands available to hire for four days or eight days. It provides you with the best dresses, accessories, and jewelry for proms, balls, school formals, galas, cocktails, birthdays, and weddings.

You can also become a premium member and receive a monthly box of designer clothing tailored for your work, every day, and anything in between.

GlamCorner aims to provide seamless and guilt-free access to designer fashion for less and to reduce the amount of clothing used for once-off occasions before being discarded.


7. Nura Australia

nura australia sydney ethical clothing

Category: Basics, loungewear, nightwear, accessories
For: Children, toddlers, babies
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, local, made in Australia
Prices: $10-$50

Nura Australia is an organic baby clothing brand from Sydney that creates premium, ethical baby boy and girl clothes. They are perfect for a baby shower, newborn, or first birthday gift.

Nura Australia is an Australian-made, Australian-owned, Australian-inspired fashion label that offers memorable, adorable, and practical babywear.

The sustainable clothing brand uses fabrics are exclusively created in collaboration with Australian artists and inspired by all the wondrous parts of the country.


8. Designerex

designerex sustainable fashion sydney

Category: Basics, outerwear, accessories
For: Women
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Rental, recycled, community
Prices: $190-$240

Designerex is a clothing rental subscription service and peer-to-peer designer dress sharing platform from Sydney that allows you to pick up garments locally or get them delivered.

It offers high-end designer clothing via an app with leading technology such as real-time ID verification that enables you to access pieces from both individual and business lenders.

Renters and lenders simply log in to a private dashboard and a secured and verified profile to discover other member profiles, make arrangements, manage or track designer rentals.

Designerex offers luxury pieces from famous international designers such as Gucci, La Croix, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, Armani, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Celine, Fendi, Givenchy, and more.


9. Dusty Road Apparel

dusty road apparel sydney sustainable

Category: Basics, loungewear, nightwear, underwear, accessories
For: Children, toddlers, babies
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, local, made in Australia
Prices: $20-$40

Dusty Road Apparel is a Sydney-based sustainable clothing brand that creates affordable, high-quality, organic baby and children's wear. It designs and produces staple pieces with high comfort and durability in Australia.

Dusty Road Apparel is committed to making all its clothes from organic fibers. It only sells organic baby clothing because, unlike polyester-based apparel, they don't trigger any allergic reactions, feel soft on the skin, and last a long time.

Dusty Road Apparel creates many Australian-made baby gifts great for new mothers and excellent as a birthday gift for toddlers. It's passionate about creating beautiful and unique clothing with a connection to Australian culture and the Earth.


10. Your Closet

your closet ethical fashion sydney

Category: Basics, bridal, accessories
For: Women
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Rental, recycled, luxury
Prices: $150-$300

Your Closet is a premium clothing rental subscription from Sydney that offers designer dresses for rent. It stocks over 1,000 evening, cocktail, black tie, formal, wedding dresses, and gowns.

Your Closet provides a selection of chic, luxurious, and elegant garments from both international and national designers such as Alex Perry, Thurley, Rebbeca Vallance, and more.


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