Working as a receptionist is tough as you must always be at the frontline. And it is not only challenging because of the work involved, but you also have to dress well for work.

Whether you have been working as a receptionist for a while or preparing for your first day at work as a receptionist, knowing what to wear is very important. A great outfit will help you feel more comfortable and confident when meeting both colleagues and visitors.

Generally, the dress code for receptionists in most settings is business casual attire. This is more about blending pieces of formal attire like pants, suit skirts, or blazers in neutral colors with casual elements like denim tops, leopard print flats, or patterned shell tops.

However, if the company has a strict dress code, you need to wear formal clothing that, at minimum, fits into the company's established dress code. If you are unsure about the dress code, go for formal business attire. For women, that could mean dresses, skirts or slacks, and casual blouses. Top such outfits with coordinated cardigans or unstructured jackets.

Ensure the clothing is not revealing; nothing too tight or sheer, off the shoulder, or low-cut. Skirts and dresses should be at or just above the knees, not maxi or mini skirts. You can wear flats or heels with closed toes, but not sneakers. The most important thing is that you should be comfortable, look professional, and polished.

To help you dress smartly and maintain your confidence (you'll need it), this guide delves into cute female receptionist outfits. From Monday to Friday, get your receptionist outfit inspo here!

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A navy blue blazer

Navy blue blazer

This is an amazing addition to your work wear as a receptionist. One that fits well is precisely what you need to take your outfit to the next level. You can wear a navy blue blazer to various front office settings. Similarly, it works with different outfits-with a blouse, a dress, or over a button-down shirt.

You can also combine it with a khaki skirt, dark wash jeans, or khaki pants for a semi-formal look. And you don't just have to stick to navy blue. Depending on where you work, you can sub in various colors for a uniquely chic look that is still professional and acceptable.

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Slim cut suit

Slim cut pink suit

This outfit is a fantastic choice for work. It shows an intelligent, polished look that creates a ready-to-work impression. A slim cut suit in navy or even pink combined with a white top or shirt nails the front office vibe 100%!

Additionally, if you want a classy style go for the right formal shoes. The suit, white top, and heels will look amazing for several years and won't get boring. When it comes to accessories, go for minimal bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.





Button-downs don't have to be uninspiring! You are not limited to the fundamental shades of blue, pink, or white. Experiment with different materials, such as transparent silk chiffon that looks great draped over a camisole. Experiment with color as well. A different color works nicely since it is more attractive than typical hues while classy and professional.

It should be noted that a receptionist's neckline should be modest. Make sure your bra is covered and that no cleavage is visible. It's also a good idea to keep your button-down tucked in unless the style is designed to be worn untucked.

Two-piece suit

Two-piece suit

If you are the conservative type, you throw in a two-piece black, grey, or navy blue suit. Women's skirts should have an acceptable length. Solids should be preferred over patterns, and bright or flashy colors should be avoided. Clothing should be well-fitting and wrinkle-free.

Peplum blouses

Peplum blouses

A stylish, sophisticated, and trendy outfit is usually appreciated, even in drab office settings. Although a receptionist is supposed to dress professionally, she can sub in current styles such as vintage-inspired pencil skirts, peplum blouses, or fashionable pumps.

Adding jewelry and other vivid accessories in balance, such as a  statement necklace or pop-of-color belt, allows you to express yourself fittingly.

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Blouses with interesting details

blouse with a bow tie

A blouse with a bow completes an exquisite style that can be spiced up with slacks or a skirt. Add a slim waist belt as a finishing touch to make the top stand out. A skirt made of an intriguing fabric or a classic black pencil skirt is an excellent approach to customizing your front office outfit.

Also, you can add a jacket to complete the look, depending on where you work.

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Turtleneck dress

Turtleneck dress

There's no denying that turtleneck dresses are a winter wardrobe staple. I guarantee you'll want to stock up on winter-appropriate outfits. Go for a sleek black look with a long coat draped over your shoulders and attractive boots.

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Dark rinse jeans 

Dark rinse jeans

For a more corporate denim look, darker rinse jeans are regarded as the norm. Jeans with a light wash have a more informal tone that may not be appropriate for many workplaces. For a more professional appearance, choose deeper blue and black colors.


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Tops and blouses to wear

Tops and blouses to wear

Tops and blouses to wear

If the above option works for you, top it up with something that will transform your look from casual to professional. As such, avoid t-shirts in favor of traditional pussy bow/formal blouses, sweater tops, white shirts, or tops in luxe like silk, satin, or linen. You may also try layering a dress over your jeans for a fresh appearance.

Cheetah and leopard prints

animal print  dress

Leopard and cheetah patterns are usually neutrals, making them suitable for pairing with solid and vibrant colors. Whether it is a pencil skirt, a fitting dress, or a jumpsuit or a shirt, animal print pieces are a must-have for a receptionist.

Throw in brightly colored heels to create an edgy yet sophisticated look. Complete your ensemble with a blazer in black, tan, or white.

A statement dress

statement dress

An exquisite dress in a vibrant hue, such as deep crimson or subtle turquoise, is an excellent addition to your collection. You don't need to wear jewelry or other accessories with them because the dress already speaks for itself. However,  when wearing bright colors, ensure the remainder of the outfit is modest.

That said, all you need now to complete this look is a pair of black heels or ballerina flats. Likewise, ensure the hemline and neckline are appropriate: avoid short skirts and low-cut, exposed necklines.

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Classic black dress and tights

black dress and tights

Choose a high-quality dress that falls just below the knee—one with a defined fit that is both professional and trendy.

And then, pair the dress with textured tights to light up the look. But make sure the pattern is subtle—a sheer stripe, cable pattern, or ribbed effect provides texture and intrigue. Anything like fishnets is not acceptable in the workplace. Combine your attire with black heels for a traditional, timeless formal business appearance.

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Rollneck sweater

Rollneck sweater for winter

Opt for a chunky yet elegant striped turtleneck sweater and perfectly oversized jeans. Believe me; it will do the magic. You'll not only feel warm, but you'll also look professional, elegant, and trendy.

Sweater dress

Sweater dress

The sweater dress is unquestionably the one garment that perfectly mixes elegance and ease in fall or winter. It is an innovative and comfy alternative for work that can be dressed up or down depending on your office's dress code.

Pair a sweater dress with closed-toe shoes and a jacket or cardigan for work. Add a belt to tighten your waist and flats or loafers for a more sophisticated look.

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Dress pants

Dress pants 

Investing in quality dress pants that fit well is an excellent idea for a receptionist. It will not only fit well but also rise to the occasion when you combine it with various attires, including cardigans, tights, denim jackets, flats, and even heels.

Furthermore, you can pair it with a formal blazer or a button-down shirt for a formal business look or a sweater for a semi-casual look. This also softens the look and makes it a bit more special.

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White classic shirt and a black skirt

White classic shirt and a black skirt

What about pairing a classic white shirt with a black skirt? It is a simple yet great way to dress up your work without trying too hard. Combined with a classic white shirt, a fitting black skirt looks stunning.


A menswear-inspired khaki blazer

menswear-inspired khaki blazer

A khaki blazer is a very innovative piece in a receptionist's wardrobe. You can pair it with a blouse, button-down shirt, and a matching skirt, or dark wash jeans for a business casual look. If you want a dressier look, pair it with navy blue bottoms.

You can button the shirt up to the top if you don't want to wear a necklace.

A navy blue skirt

Navy blue skirt

This is a sophisticated twist to the classic black pencil skirt. It's less formal than a normal black skirt, yet it's still professional, providing a comfortable yet elegant look. If navy blue doesn't work for you, try a cream or beige one.

Pink/red/white suit, and white top

Slim cut suit red

Slim cut suit

Pink suits are an excellent option for business casual. They are feminine, playful, and versatile enough to dress down or up.  While choosing such hues, ensuring that your clothing is well-coordinated is essential.

Use a matching belt and a white shirt to make the pink stand out. To complete the style, add a pair of stylish black heels.

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Keep your shoe choices formal

Keep your shoe choices formal

To appear put together and professional, go for shoes that you would typically wear to the office. Consider structured pumps, polished wedges, or well-fitting flats. Avoid anything that appears to be overly casual, like sneakers.

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Flare dress

Flare dress

Flare dresses are pretty attractive because they mimic an hourglass figure, even if the lady wearing them does not have one.

They are also easy to wear and can be dressed up or down, worn to work or on the weekends. Get one in a solid color or with a beautiful pattern.

Tailored pants

Tailored pants

Besides the blazer, a pair of tailored pants is another critical investment for your work wardrobe. And the best part is that you can choose from hundreds of cuts and colors depending on your body style and type.

Pick a high-waisted palazzo silhouette or wide leg in gray, cream, or lavender hues if you fancy looser languid fits. A dark or black-grey culotte or pencil option will be your best bet if you prefer a classy but formal look.

Denim dress

Denim dress receptionist

Denim dress for receptionist

A denim dress may be associated with casual Fridays, but you can include it in everyday receptionist attire; it depends on the business. A well-fitting dark denim dress of the appropriate length, free of decorations, can give you a highly trendy as well as professional appearance.


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What not to wear as a receptionist

Some items should never be part of your attire as a receptionist. They include:


  • Tops/shirts: Avoid strapless tops and spaghetti as they are not considered business casual. And if you're wearing a polo shirt with a collar, ensure it's buttoned up!


  • Baggy jeans: If you wear jeans, ensure they're a good fit.


  • Inappropriate accessories: Avoid any improper accessories like hats or They can make you look informal and a little fancy and informal. If you have tattoos all over your body, cover them with your hair, sleeves, or collar if you have to. Any body piercings should not be made evident – dress, so they are covered too.


Be Smart

 It's time to build that sharp look that can work wherever life takes you. These great attires can be mixed and matched for many cute receptionist outfits. You can combine and match for different business casual/formal outfits that will have you looking great throughout the week.

Hopefully, this guide inspires you to wear styles you love and simplifies the hassle of getting dressed for the office daily.  

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