A reunion party is a great opportunity to see your former colleagues, remember fabulous times you have spent together, and find out what they are currently doing. However, it can be a stressful experience when it comes to deciding what to wear.

Nothing to worry about! We are here to help you!

In this article, you will discover some practical and fashionable outfit ideas that can help you achieve a stylish and put-together look. Keep reading to discover our best tips.

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When and where?

Reunion party outfits time and location

If you want to choose the perfect outfit for the reunion party, it is very important to consider when and where it will take place.

If we are talking about a daytime event you should keep things simple - a pencil skirt and shirt, or a trousers and blouse combination will work fantastic. In case it is an upscale evening event taking place in a fancy location, you should wear a more sophisticated outfit, such as a party dress.

Don't forget that asking about the dress code is always a good idea that can save you from arriving overdressed or underdressed.

Floral dress

Reunion party outfits floral dress

Cute and feminine, floral prints are suitable for many occasions. Choose a beautiful floral dress and wear it with a pair of dressy sandals.

You can accessorize this outfit with delicate jewelry and a purse.

Check out our selection of sustainable organic cotton dresses.

Midi dress

Reunion party outfits midi dress

When it comes to the length of your dress, choose midi!

Midi dresses are the most versatile because they can be both formal and informal, they are very comfortable, and flattering regardless of your silhouette type. You can easily create a feminine and elegant look with a midi dress.

Read our article and learn 15 fashionable ways to style a midi dress.

Pencil skirt

Reunion party outfits pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are classic and timeless wardrobe staples that can help you highlight your best features.

You can wear them in many combinations with blouses, turtlenecks, shirts, and tops.

If the reunion party is a date time party, it is an excellent idea to wear a pencil skirt and turtleneck combination. You will look elegant and stylish.

Check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable pencil skirts.

White shirt

Reunion party outfits white shirt

A white shirt is another classic clothing item that is universally regarded as elegant and that can be worn in a variety of combinations.

You can easily dress up or down a white shirt: For a more relaxed outfit wear it with jeans, and for a formal look pair it with an A-line midi skirt or a pencil skirt.

Discover the 15 best ethical button-up shirts for a dressy look.

Black pants

Reunion party outfits black pants

Black pants are elegant and extremely easy to wear. If you don't feel like wearing a skirt or a dress but still want to craft a sophisticated outfit for the reunion party, black pants are fantastic!

You can instantly create a formal look with a shirt. Another great option is a feminine blouse featuring ruffles.

As you can see, there's a lot to choose from! For more inspiration on how to style black pants, click here.

Pleated skirt

Reunion party outfits pleated skirt

Pleated skirts can be worn all year round with ease. They are the ideal garment for a balanced outfit that will stand the test of time.

Purchase a pleated skirt from one of these sustainable clothing brands and wear it with a white blouse or shirt.


Reunion party outfits pleated skirt

Choose a cozy and fashionable sweater for a daytime reunion party. You can wear it over a midi dress.

The best sweaters are inexpensive, comfortable, and made from sustainable materials. Take a look at our selection of ethical and vegan sweater brands.

Special occasion dress

Reunion party outfits special occasion dress

For an evening party taking place in an upscale location, you need to upgrade your fashion game.

Choose a special occasion dress, a pair of heels, and beautiful accessories that can make you stand out.

Steal the spotlight with one of these best affordable elegant dresses for special occasions.

Maxi dress

Reunion party outfits maxi dress

Chic, comfy, and surprisingly versatile, maxi dresses are perfect for reunion parties. They look great with heels, but also with ballet flats. If it's cold outside you can add a pair of tights to protect your legs.

Check out the 15 best sustainable and affordable maxi dresses made in the USA.

Bodycon dress

Reunion party outfits bodycon dress

Showcase your body shape with a beautiful bodycon dress. It will enhance your curves and help you look fabulous and confident.

Here are the best affordable and sustainable bodycon dresses that every woman needs to own.

Outfits for men

Reunion party outfits for men

Men should wear stylish and practical outfits that highlight their best features.

For a relaxed party you can opt for a pair of jeans and a shirt, while for a formal event, you should choose a suit.

Have a look at the 20 best affordable and ethical men's clothing brands.


Reunion party outfits coats

During autumn and winter, you should complete your outfit with a beautiful coat.

Make sure to choose one in the right size for your body and go for a neutral color that is easy to match with your other clothes.

Here are our sustainable recommendations.


Reunion party outfits shoes

For a stylish reunion party outfit always choose elegant footwear.

No matter if you go for sandals, stilettos, or ankle boots, you can now make your choice sustainable!

Purchase your footwear from one of these amazing vegan shoe companies.


Reunion party outfits jewelry

Accessorize your outfit with beautiful jewelry. If you have a colorful outfit, featuring loud prints or bright colors, choose delicate jewelry. If your outfit is monochrome, you can go for statement jewelry.

Let yourself be inspired by the 15 best fair trade jewelry brands.


Reunion party outfits avoid

Reunion party outfits avoid

It's time to talk about what you shouldn't wear to a reunion party. Stay away from any clothing items that are too revealing, such as mini skirts or very tight clothes made from sheer materials.

Even if your body is in amazing shape, it is inappropriate to wear an outfit that reveals too much.

Don't choose sports clothes, sports shoes, flip-flops, loungewear, or anything else that is too relaxed. Your outfit must show that you've put an effort into being well-dressed for the occasion.

Don't overdo it when it comes to your makeup. Try to keep it simple and stand out with your elegant choices.
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