You can rent fabulous Quinceañera dresses and other clothing pieces online and wear them for a fraction of the price. Many talented designers partner with rental services to offer consumers access to their beautiful creations.

Renting is a fantastic solution to wear gorgeous, luxurious, stylish, and chic Quinceañera dresses and gowns without breaking the bank and encumbering your wardrobe with clothes you'll only wear a few times.

Clothing rental is also better for the planet as it saves resources and puts pre-loved garments to good use. It allows you to access thousands of high-quality styles with a clean conscience.

To help you find the ideal designer pieces for your upcoming event, here is our list of the best places to effortlessly rent fashionable Quinceañera dresses at the best prices.

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1. Poshare

poshare quinceanera dress rental

Category: Basics, dresses, outerwear, maternity, bridal, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Rental, recycled
Prices: $80-$450

Poshare is a fashion platform to buy and rent elegant Quinceañera dresses and other breathtaking apparel and accessories from famous clothing designers.

The clothing rental service offers gorgeous creations from local boutiques and designers like Adrianna Papell, Nicole Miller, Tony Bowls, Marchesa Notte, Nina Canacci, Mac Duggal, Alex Perry, and more.

Poshare helps you find your perfect look and hire it for a special event. You can enjoy the garment for the number of days you choose before returning it to the lender.


2. Nuuly

nuuly rent quinceanera dress

Category: Basics, dresses, denim, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, maternity
For: Women
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Values: Rental, vintage, recycled, zero waste
Prices: $88/month

Nuuly is a new monthly rental subscription service for women's apparel. It allows you to rent gorgeous Quinceañera dresses by subscribing and renting any six styles monthly for $88.

The clothing subscription rental experience offers premium designer and vintage clothing among hundreds of brands with free shipping and returns.

Nuuly wants you to discover something new, love something you never expected, and surprise yourself in the best possible way. It encourages you to get creative with what you wear every day, not just on special occasions.

The clothing rental subscription is about loving fashion in a way that's kinder to the planet. It maintains and repairs items, allowing them to be worn over and over again.

Nuuly also supports independent and sustainable brands that make zero-waste clothing from recycled materials. It strives to make cleaner choices, such as reducing water usage and becoming more energy efficient.


3. The Fitzroy

fitzroy quinceanera dress rental

Category: Basics, dresses, maternity, bridal, bags
For: Women
From: Toronto, Canada
Values: Rental, recycled, luxury, made in the USA
Prices: $50-$160

The Fitzroy is a leading clothing rental service that offers Quinceañera dresses from designer brands, including Yuki Kim, Jill Stuart, Elle Zeitoune, Mac Duggal, and more.

The Fitzroy believes that you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for sustainability. It carefully selects fashionable designer dresses for your special occasion.


4. Rent the Runway

rent runway quinceanera dress

Category: Basics, dresses, denim, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, activewear, bridal, maternity, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Rental, recycled, zero waste, give back
Prices: $40-$150

Rent the Runway is a clothing rental service that provides designer Quinceañera dresses and accessories in the United States. It's the largest designer rental destination that makes you feel empowered and self-confident.

The clothing rental company offers high-quality garments that last multiple seasons. It stocks clothing pieces made from long-lasting materials, reducing the need to produce or use unnecessary clothes.

Rent the Runway also donates garments no longer suitable for rent to carefully selected charitable organizations like Dress for Success and Operation Prom.


5. Beyond the Runway

beyond runway quinceanera dress rental

Category: Basics, dresses, knitwear, outerwear, bridal, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: Montreal, Canada
Values: Rental, recycled, luxury
Prices: $60-$100

Beyond the Runway is a clothing rental company from Montreal that allows you to access designer Quinceañera dresses and accessories across Canada.

Founded by Lucy Zhao in 2019, the rental service gives customers multiple choices between beautiful dresses for special occasions, Quinceañera, weddings, cocktail parties, proms, receptions, galas, birthdays, dinners, and more.

Beyond the Runway is committed to innovating for better service and sustainability. Rent up to four items and two luxury pieces with unlimited swaps.


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