Every body shape holds its unique charm and character. Embracing your body's silhouette is not just about following the latest fashion trends; it's about accentuating your natural beauty and confidence.

For women with a rectangle body shape, characterized by balanced proportions and straight lines, the fashion world offers plenty of stylish options to enhance their style.

From chic office wear to casual outings, here's a guide to help you curate a wardrobe that celebrates your shape with flair.

Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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Rectangle body shape outfits about

If your bust and hips have roughly the same width, you have a straight shoulder line, and your silhouette doesn't feature many curves, chances are you have a rectangle body shape.

If you are not sure, you can easily do your research online for more details, as well as comparisons with other body shapes.

Determining your body type is very important because it can help you understand more about yourself and the clothes that are best in order to enhance your natural features.


Rectangle body shape outfits goals

If you have a rectangle body shape, it's time to set your styling goals!

You should enhance your curves and highlight your waist. By defining your waist you can break up the rectangle and enhance your best features.

Try to choose designs that don't feature straight lines and angular shapes such as squares and rectangles because they tend to conceal your femininity. Instead, go with rounded shapes and cute designs that flatter your body type.

Push-up bra

Rectangle body shape outfits push-up bra

Enhance your curves with a push-up bra!

A well-fitted push-up bra can work wonders for creating a more defined silhouette. It adds volume to your bust, enhancing your natural curves.

Purchase your bras from one of these affordable lingerie brands.

Round neckline blouse

Rectangle body shape outfits round necklines

Round neckline blouses are perfect for rectangle body shapes as they add a touch of softness to angular lines.

Moreover, blouses are available in a wide range of colors and designs, which means there is a lot to choose from! Pair them with tailored trousers or A-line skirts for a polished and feminine look.

Let yourself be inspired by our selection of sustainable blouses.

Flare sleeve dress

Rectangle body shape outfits flare sleeve dress

Add dimension to your silhouette with a dress featuring flare sleeves. Don't forget to choose a high-quality material that is durable and gentle with your skin.

If you want to learn more about the fabric quality of clothing, read our article.

Belted dress

Rectangle body shape outfits belted dress

A belted dress is a versatile piece that can instantly elevate your look by accentuating your waist.

Opt for dresses with adjustable belts or tie-waist details that allow you to customize the fit to your body shape. Your beautiful outfit will be ready in no time!

Check out the 20 best summer organic cotton dresses for 2024.

Avoid boxy dresses

Rectangle body shape outfits avoid boxy dresses

We can't talk about flattering designs without mentioning the styles you should avoid.

Boxy dresses are unflattering for your body type because they conceal your waist and add unwanted bulk and straight lines to your silhouette.

Bow blouse

Rectangle body shape outfits bow blouse

Embrace femininity with a cute blouse featuring a bow. Opt for blouses with oversized pussy-bow details for a chic and sophisticated look.

You can wear them with jeans or trousers for a modern outfit.

Purchase your clothes from one of these 20 best slow fashion brands.

White shirt

Rectangle body shape outfits white shirt

White shirts are must-haves for every wardrobe, regardless of your body shape.

They are timeless, elegant, and perfect for professional environments. Pair them with tailored trousers or pencil skirts for a polished ensemble that exudes confidence and style.

Have a look at the 15 best ethical button-up shirts for a dressy look.


Rectangle body shape outfits sweater

Sweaters are perfect for adding dimension and texture to your outfits. During the colder months, you can easily create a smart-casual outfit with a cute sweater and a pair of jeans.

Discover the 10 best ethical and vegan sweater brands.

Tailored blazer

Rectangle body shape outfits tailored blazer

A tailored blazer is a wardrobe essential for rectangle body shapes as it helps to define the waist and create curves.

Owning a flattering blazer that highlights your best features can help you be well-dressed in many situations. You can easily dress it down with casual clothes such as an oversized T-shirt and jeans, or up with elegant trousers and skirts.

Here are the best sustainable hemp blazers for women and men.

Trench coat

Rectangle body shape outfits trench coat

The timeless trench coat is a wardrobe essential for every fashion enthusiast. Its timeless elegance allows you to wear it in many stylish combinations.

Opt for a trench coat with a defined waist and tailored details to create the illusion of curves. Pair it with trousers or a cute dress for a polished ensemble that exudes sophistication.

Browse through the 10 best affordable and sustainable trench coats.


Rectangle body shape outfits trousers

Trousers are timeless, versatile clothing items, that can be styled in many ways to suit a wide variety of situations.

For a formal context, you can wear them with a shirt and a blazer, for a more relaxed one you can add a blouse or even a T-shirt.

Stay away from straight cuts that will only accentuate your angular silhouette.

Check out the 20 best organic cotton trousers in 2024.

A-line skirt

Rectangle body shape outfits A-line skirt

A-line skirts are flattering for most silhouettes, and the rectangle body shape is no exception!

Wear yours with a fitted top or blouse for a chic ensemble that's perfect for both casual and dressy occasions.

Don't forget to take a look at our selection of sustainable midi skirts that will enhance your style.

Pencil skirt

Rectangle body shape outfits pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is a classic wardrobe staple that effortlessly transitions from day to night. Its sleek silhouette hugs the body in all the right places, accentuating your curves and elongating the figure.

For a daytime outfit, pair your pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt. For an evening look, choose a more eye-catching blouse, such as a ruffle or a bow blouse.

Take a peek at the best affordable and sustainable pencil skirts.

Empire dress

Rectangle body shape outfits empire dress

Empire dresses are designed to cinch the smallest part of your waist and flare gently over your hips and knees.

They are incredibly elegant and feminine and can help you look fantastic on any special occasion.

Pair your dress with heels and statement jewelry for a romantic and feminine look.


Rectangle body shape outfits shorts

Shorts are a summer wardrobe essential that can be styled in a variety of ways to suit your preferences.

For rectangle body shapes, opt for high-waisted styles with tailored details to add volume to the hips.

Avoid " barely there" shorts and opt for a longer design that highlights your best features.

Here are the best sustainable denim shorts.


Rectangle body shape outfits playsuit

Playsuits are a fun and flirty option for rectangle body shapes. Opt for playsuits with cinched waistlines and flared shorts to create the illusion of curves.

Discover the best popular and cheap European clothing brands.


Rectangle body shape outfits sundress

Sundresses are a beautiful and breezy option that effortlessly combines style and comfort.

Opt for sundresses with A-line or fit-and-flare silhouettes that add volume to the hips and create a balanced look.

Choose lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen in vibrant prints or bold colors. Complete your outfit with comfortable shoes or sandals and don't forget to accessorize with beautiful jewelry.

Take a look at our selection of sustainable sundresses.

Floral dress

Rectangle body shape outfits floral dress

Cute and feminine, floral dresses are a must-have for women who love the romantic fashion style.

For a beautiful and versatile outfit, choose a breathable summer dress featuring a floral print and accessorize your outfit with a straw hat.

For more shopping inspiration, here are 20 cute and cheap summer dresses.


Rectangle body shape outfits jewelry

No outfit is complete without accessories. Stay away from jewelry items that feature too many angles and stick to pieces with many curves and round shapes that will enhance your look.

Thankfully, you can now purchase gorgeous jewelry items from ethical brands using recycled materials.

Discover the 10 best sustainable jewelry brands.

Pink dress

Rectangle body shape outfits pink dress

Nothing compares to the charm of a pink dress. Pink is not just a color; it's a statement of femininity and grace.

A pink dress is suitable for many occasions and it will never fail to impress. Opt for a pink dress that is strategically tighter around your waist.

Learn the best ways to style a pink dress from our article.


Rectangle body shape outfits suit

A well-tailored suit can work wonders in enhancing your silhouette.

Opt for a suit with structured shoulders and a defined waistline to create curves and add dimension to your frame.

Pair it with a sleek blouse or fitted top for a sophisticated ensemble.

Here are our sustainable recommendations.


Rectangle body shape outfits swimwear

Flattering swimwear can help you not only look gorgeous but also increase your confidence.

For rectangle body shapes, opt for swimsuits with strategic cut-outs, ruching, or detailing that create curves and add visual interest. One-piece swimsuits featuring a fun pattern can help you look and feel fantastic.

Purchase your swimsuit from one of the 20 best sustainable swimwear brands in Europe.


Rectangle body shape outfits shoes

Are you interested in affordable and vegan footwear that will help you beautifully complete your outfits with a clean conscience? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of the best shoe companies that work under the highest social and environmental standards.

Cute bag

Rectangle body shape outfits bag

The right bag has the power to make your outfit look even better.

For a rectangle body shape, we recommend avoiding oversized rectangle-shaped bags because they tend to be attention-grabbing. Choose a design that is versatile in terms of storage and easy to match with your outfits.

Take a look at the 15 best affordable vegan leather bags and purses.


Rectangle body shape outfits sunglasses

Accessories can make or break an outfit, and for rectangle body shapes, round glasses can add a playful touch.

Don't forget to purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Printed dress

Rectangle body shape outfits printed dress

Prints are a fun and playful way to add personality to your wardrobe. For rectangle body shapes, opt for printed dresses with bold patterns or vibrant colors that draw attention and create curves.

Choose dresses with details like ruffles, pleats, or belts to add dimension and movement to your silhouette. Pair them with heels or sandals for a versatile ensemble that's perfect for any occasion.

Have a look at our selection of sexy casual summer dresses that come from ethical brands.

Avoid cropped jackets

Rectangle body shape outfits cropped jacket

Cropped jackets may be fashionable, but they aren't flattering for a rectangle body shape, and this is why you should stay away from them and choose regular jackets instead.

This way, your jacket will highlight your best features, helping you create an amazing outfit.

Tank top

Rectangle body shape outfits tank top

Tank tops are the perfect choice to create an effortlessly chic outfit. They are wardrobe staples that can be styled in countless ways, especially because you can wear them both as garments and undergarments.

Pair them with jeans, trousers, or skirts to create the illusion of curves and add definition to your silhouette. You can also wear tank tops under fitted blazers for an elegant and feminine look.

Discover the best affordable and sustainable tank tops.


Rectangle body shape outfits conclusion

The best outfits for a rectangle body shape are those that accentuate your waist and help you create the illusion of a curvier silhouette.

Cute blouses with round necklines and feminine details such as bows and ruffles can help you highlight your femininity.

A-line skirts and dresses, as well as pencil skirts and trousers, look gorgeous on your body type and you can wear them in many combinations. Cropped designs are usually less flattering because they enhance the illusion of one angular body shape.

Don't forget that accessories can make all the difference and highlight the body parts that you are the most proud of.

Last but not least, celebrate your natural beauty, and don't be afraid to experiment with your clothes until you discover the style you are wholeheartedly happy with!

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