The best plus-size fashion labels from Europe offer cheap, comfortable, stylish, and sustainable garments that help you look your best and maintain your confidence without breaking the bank.

If you are interested in beautiful curvy clothing, choose versatile, durable, and timeless fashion pieces made with eco-friendly fabrics that scream modernity and sustainability.

Thankfully, many European apparel companies and designers are making consistent efforts to offer fashionable, cheap, and size-inclusive wardrobe essentials that make dressing well and sustainably easy.

I've done a lot of research and hard work for you so that you can buy from any of the below European clothing brands, knowing that they make plus-size garments under the highest social and environmental standards.

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1. Thought

european plus size clothing thought

Category: Basics, yoga wear, activewear, nightwear, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, underwear, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, vegan, give back
Prices: $40-$120

Thought is an eco-friendly fashion brand from Europe creating ethical and sustainable clothes for curvy women and men with organic materials, such as cotton and hemp.

Thought creates comfortable, affordable, and size-inclusive textile products that help you look and feel your best, including jeans, skirts, shirts, tops, dresses, and jackets.

The organic brand is committed to considered design, responsible sourcing, and fostering change. It aims to show that there are more sustainable ways to live, dress, and be.

Thought supports TRAID, a UK charity that works to minimize, improve, and transform the environmental impact of clothing manufacturing. Send your clothes back to TRAID to support the people and places making your clothing.


2. Sister Organics

sister organics curve european clothing

Category: Basics, dresses, sleepwear, bridal
For: Women
From: Devon, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, luxury, custom, made in the UK
Prices: $90-$320

Sister Organics is a British luxury fashion brand that creates custom-sized organic cotton clothing. It offers beautiful, fashionable, sustainable dresses, loungewear, and nightwear made from 100% organic cotton.

Sister Organics makes most of its products in luxurious organic cotton sateen fabric. They are beautifully soft and feel fantastic to wear, all made in the UK.

Natalie is the designer and maker behind Sister Organics. She is always happy to customize the styles she offers. She also makes one-off bespoke wedding dresses in sustainable fabrics.


3. Linen Fairy Tales

linen fairy europe plus size clothing

Category: Basics, knitwear, sleepwear, loungewear, accessories
For: Women
From: Sofia, Bulgaria
Values: Organic, artisan craft, inclusive
Prices: $30-$80

Linen Fairy Tales is a sustainable clothing brand from Sofia, Bulgaria. It makes affordable and comfortable plus-size linen clothes for modern women.

Linen Fairy Tales offer sizes from XS to 4XL and crafts beautiful, eco-friendly, stylish garments using certified fabrics. Its linen pieces are high-quality, elegant, and chic.


4. NA-KD

na-kd curve fashion store europe

Category: Basics, denim, outerwear, knitwear, underwear, swimwear, nightwear, accessories
For: Women
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $20-$40

NA-KD is a next-generation fashion marketplace from Europe, a mobile-based online shopping sanctuary for fashion addicts. It offers sustainable and affordable plus-size clothing for women worldwide.

NA-KD sells many different clothing labels at various price points and designs a range of eco-friendly curvy clothes, footwear, and accessories under its brand.

The NA-KD brand is one of the fastest-growing on social media. To launch new collections, it regularly partners with influencers such as Andrea Hedenstedt, Anika Teller, Astrid Olsen, Camille Botten, Dilara Avci, Pamela Reif, Kristin Sundberg, and more.


5. Sara Sabella

sara sabella plus size fashion europe

Category: Basics, outerwear, loungewear, nightwear, bridal, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Ischia Porto, Italy
Values: Natural, luxurious, timeless, inclusive, made in Italy
Prices: $30-$100

Sara Sabella is an Italian-made luxury fashion manufacturer specializing in the design and production of garments for the most prestigious and emerging fashion brands.

Sara Sabella makes beautiful, size-inclusive, one-of-a-kind apparel for women and men. It offers chic and cute collections of high-end fashion made in Italy from 100% pure linen.


6. Alegria Sorrento Moda

allegria european plus size clothing

Category: Basics, outerwear, loungewear, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: Sorrento, Italy
Values: Natural, artisan craft, inclusive, local, made in Italy
Prices: $10-$40

Alegria Sorrento Moda is a sustainable clothing brand from Europe that creates beautiful and affordable plus-size linen garments. It offers stylish, lightweight, breathable, and size-inclusive linen tops, shirts, blouses, dresses, jumpsuits, tunics, and more.

Its Italian-made curvy linen clothing collection is ideal for women and men looking for locally and sustainably made apparel. Alegria Sorrento Moda is based in Sorrento, Italy, and is designed by Maria e Alessandro.


7. ASOS Marketplace

asos european plus size fashion

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, swimwear, loungewear, sportswear, sleepwear, bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Vintage, artisan craft, animal welfare, authenticity
Prices: $20-$170

ASOS Marketplace sells pre-loved clothing from independent brands and vintage boutiques online. It launched in 2010 in Europe with just 20 sellers and is now a leading online platform for thrift shopping.

The European marketplace represents over 800 boutiques from all over the globe. It offers a unique range of affordable, plus-size clothes, from small brands to big high-street names.

ASOS Marketplace sells vintage 90s sportswear from brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Champion as well as new, curvy designs from international boutiques and artisanal hand-made jewelry.


8. Linenbee

linenbee european plus size clothing

Category: Basics, dresses, loungewear, outerwear, bags, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Valmiera, Latvia
Values: Organic, local, inclusive, artisan craft
Prices: $50-$110

Linenbee is a sustainable clothing brand that creates stunning plus-size apparel from 100% pure European linen. It designs beautiful, feminine, quality garments from petite to extended sizes.

Linenbee is a small mom-and-daughter studio based in Latvia in the North-East of Europe. It's committed to ethical production with human and environmental sustainability in mind.


9. Vivienne Westwood

vivienne westwood curvy european clothing

Category: Basics, knitwear, loungewear, outerwear, underwear, bridal, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, artisan craft, luxury
Prices: $150-$190

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood is a British fashion designer and activist that promotes high fashion without the high stakes for the planet. She works hard to stop climate change and the extinction of life on Earth.

The luxury designer is passionate about the environment and using fashion as a vehicle for activism. She designs sustainable collections of beautifully crafted European clothing for curvy women and men, up to extended sizes.

Vivienne Westwood creates collections, collaborations, and catwalk shows to promote innovative design, campaign for protecting life on Earth, and mobilize people around climate change and human rights.


10. OVS

ovs plus size clothing europe

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, sportswear, swimwear, underwear, nightwear, bags, shoes, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: Venice, Italy
Values: Organic, recycled, inclusive
Prices: $10-$20

OVS is a plus-size clothing brand from Europe that makes beautiful, affordable, sustainable, curvy apparel from natural materials such as linen.

OVS offers size-inclusive garments and allows you to make conscious wardrobe choices. It reduces water used in manufacturing and its carbon footprint and improves the recyclability of every garment.


11. Fiorella Rubino

fiorella rubino european curvy clothing

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, accessories
For: Women
From: Alba, Italy
Values: Natural, inclusive
Prices: $10-$90

Fiorella Rubino is a European plus-size fashion brand that designs and produces clothing for women size 36 and over. It offers trendy collections of curvy garments made from eco-friendly fabrics such as Tencel lyocell.

Fiorella Rubino is a brand of beautiful plus-size apparel that stands out with quality and passion for details. Italian clothing manufacturer and retailer Miroglio Fashion runs the brand over an extensive network in Italy.


12. Linen Handmade Studio

linen handmade european curve clothing

Category: Basics, dresses, outerwear
For: Women
From: Klaipeda, Lithuania
Values: Organic, local, inclusive, artisan craft
Prices: $40-$140

Linen Handmade Studio is a sustainable clothing brand that designs and produces size-inclusive linen garments. It offers a fashionable and comfortable collection of plus-size linen dresses.

Linen Handmade Studio uses 100 % softened European linen fabric to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for women. It values sustainability, sea, nature, linen, femininity, quality, and comfortability.


13. Stay Wild Swim

stay wild european curvy swimwear brand

Category: Basics, swimwear, accessories
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Recycled, luxury
Prices: $40-$50

Stay Wild Swim is a premium swimwear brand from Europe making sustainable bikinis, bodysuits, and one-pieces from regenerated ocean plastic. It aims to flatter every woman and turn threats into threads.

Stay Wild Swim designs and makes eco-friendly, plus-size swimsuits in London and ensures that its production is as sustainable and ethical as possible.

The brand promotes conscious consumption and encourages its customers to buy less but buy better. Its sustainable, curvy swimwear is beautiful and made to last so that you don't have to shop for new pieces every season.


14. Hessnatur

hessnatur european plus size fashion label

Category: Basics, denim, underwear, loungewear, activewear, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, bags, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: Butzbach, Germany
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $10-$200

Hessnatur is a European fashion label making organic plus-size clothes, including basics, underwear, loungewear, and sleepwear that respects the environment and people, from sustainable and natural fabrics.

Hessnatur creates affordable, ethical fashion for curvy women, men, and children from eco-friendly fabrics up to extended sizes. It designs a wide range of sustainable clothes using pure natural fibers to protect the planet and your skin.

The brand is committed to sustainable fashion that respects natural resources, high-quality and timeless design. It makes sure to care for the people who make their clothes.

Hessnatur's online store and website are only in German but easy enough to understand and navigate for non-German speakers.


15. Monki

monki plus size clothing brand europe

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, loungewear, outerwear, swimwear, underwear, sleepwear, bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry
For: Women, men, children
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Organic, recycled, vegan, innovative, inclusive
Prices: $30-$40

Monki is a European storytelling brand that offers comfy, cute, trendy, and edgy plus-size fashion at competitive prices, aiming to be kind to the world and the people in it.

Monki specializes in Scandinavian cool with creative street style and is all about being brave, friendly, and fun while empowering young women to stand up for themselves and others.

Monki creates stylish, affordable, curvy clothing, footwear, bags, and accessories. The brand designs every piece to make a positive impact, selling sustainable essentials for the modern wardrobe.


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