The best fashion labels and designers from Oregon create affordable and eco-friendly garments that help you dress sustainably, look stylish, and protect the planet.

If you are interested in clothes made locally to encourage the circular economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, then choose ethically made and versatile pieces that protect the environment and workers in the fashion supply chain.

Thankfully, many apparel brands based in Oregon are making consistent efforts to offer cheap and eco-friendly options that make dressing well and sustainably easy.

I've done a lot of research and hard work for you so that you can buy from any of the below popular Oregon-based clothing brands, knowing that they make affordable garments under high social and environmental standards.

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1. Made Trade

made trade oregon clothing brands

Category: Basics, loungewear, sleepwear, activewear, underwear, knitwear, swimwear, bags, shoes, accessories, homeware
For: Women, men, children
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic, Fair Trade, recycled, vegan, BIPOC, made in the USA
Prices: $30-$80

Made Trade is a sustainable and ethical clothing brand from Oregon that makes goods for the modern wardrobe and home. It offers eco-friendly and affordable clothing for women, as well as footwear and accessories.

The company produces stylish and comfy clothes, including pants, blouses, shirts, dresses, skirts, pajamas, and other wardrobe classics with sustainable and vegan materials.

Made Trade is committed to transparency and making a positive impact on the world. The curated online marketplace sells a great selection of ethical and animal-free products handcrafted in the USA and around the world.

Made Trade adheres to sustainable and fair practices that support both artisans and the environment. It strives to make the world a more beautiful place through higher ethical standards.


2. Nau

nau oregon clothing brands

Category: Basics, knitwear, loungewear, outerwear, bags, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, give back
Prices: $60-$120

Nau is a sustainable clothing brand from Oregon that makes comfortable, breathable, affordable, and timeless classics from linen. It uses eco-friendly fabrics to create versatile and stylish clothes for women and men.

Nau offers inexpensive basics, outerwear, and knitwear made of sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. It commits to creating linen clothing under the highest standards.

The ethical brand makes beautiful and multifunctional fashion pieces with quality and the best fit in mind. Its mission is to make the world more sustainable by sourcing and designing for sustainability, creating clothes that last a lifetime.


3. Sweet Skins

sweet skins oregon clothing brands

Category: Basics, loungewear, outerwear, underwear, maternity, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, babies
From: Eugene, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, made in the USA
Prices: $50-$90

Sweet Skins is a minority women-owned eco-clothing company based in Eugene, Oregon. Designer and mother of four, Mira Fannin, creates sustainable, organic hemp fashion, approved for people and the planet.

The clothing brand makes organic fashion, dresses, pants, skirts, outerwear, and underwear for mothers and babies, handcrafted with love
in Eugene, Oregon.

Sweet skins uses sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and hemp as well as low-impact dyes. It recycles or reuses fabric scraps and paper products.


4. Happily Ever Borrowed

happily borrowed oregon fashion company

Category: Bridal, dresses, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Rental, recycled
Prices: $20-$40

Happily Ever Borrowed is the premiere e-boutique from Oregon to rent your bridal accessories, including tiaras, veils, wedding headpieces, jewelry, and more.

The clothing rental service stocks fabulous bridal pieces from designers such as Elizabeth Bower, Maison Sabben, Sara Gabriel, Bekah Anne, Stephanie Browne, amongst others.

Start with a Bridal Style Quiz if you don't know your style, Boho, Classic, Romantic, or Glam, and chat with a stylist when you are ready to find your perfect bridal piece.


5. Hanna Andersson

hanna andersson oregon clothing brands

Category: Basics, knitwear, sleepwear, underwear, loungewear, swimwear, sportswear, outerwear, bags, shoes, accessories
For: Women, children, toddlers, babies
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic, diversity
Prices: $10-$40

Hanna Andersson is an Oregon-based clothing brand that sells original, cute, and organic baby girl clothing based on Scandinavian principles of happiness and design.

The ethical fashion brand offers simple yet high-quality pajamas, dresses, pants, swimwear, shorts, sweaters, outerwear, hats, footwear, bags, and accessories for babies, toddlers, children, and even adults.

Founded in 1983 in Portland, Oregon by Gun Denhart, Hanna Andersson continues today a legacy of the softest, most durably crafted, quality apparel and accessories.


6. The Renewal Workshop

renewal workshop oregon fashion company

Category: Basics, denim, underwear, outerwear, sportswear, swimwear, knitwear, loungewear, bags
For: Women, men
From: Cascade Locks, Oregon, United States
Values: Zero waste, recycled, upcycled
Prices: $30-$530

The Renewal Workshop is making the planet healthier by turning discarded clothing and textiles into Renewed Apparel. It operates a zero-waste circular system that recovers the full value out of pre-loved clothes.

The zero-waste fashion company from Oregon aims to create new systems that do what is good and right for people and the planet. It takes discarded apparel and textiles and turns them into Renewed products, upcycled materials, or recycling feedstock.

The Renewal Workshop wants to make existing linear manufacturing practices circular. It works hard to limit fashion waste problems and negative environmental impacts.


7. Bridge & Burn

bridge burn clothing brand oregon

Category: Basics, underwear, outerwear, loungewear, knitwear, bags, shoes, accessories
For: Women, men
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Organic
Prices: $20-$140

Bridge & Burn is a clothing brand based in Oregon that creates Pacific Northwest-inspired wardrobe essentials for women and men. It places authenticity, simplicity, and versatility at the core of everything it does.

Bridge & Burn considers the future of our planet and the people that live on it. It recently released the first season of its Sustainable Series collection.

The Oregon-based clothing brand is committed to doing better and moves the fashion industry forward as a whole. It uses sustainable and natural materials like organic cotton, linen, and hemp to manufacture its clothes.


8. Bluer Denim

bluer denim oregon clothing brand

Category: Basics, denim
For: Men
From: Portland, Oregon, United States
Values: Recycled, made in the USA, give back
Prices: $70-$250

Bluer Denim is a fashion label from Oregon that designs premium tailored denim transparently made in the USA and donates a portion of profits to environmental non-profit organizations.

The Oregon-based clothing brand is passionate about sustainably making greener denim jeans that look good and feel good. It responsibly sources materials with low carbon footprints and minimal chemicals.

Bluer Denim creates jeans that fit well and feel good against your skin. It ethically produces in downtown LA by denim manufactures using the latest sustainability practices in safe and healthy facilities.


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