The best maternity jeans are cheap, eco-friendly, and comfy to enhance your style and confidence and save the planet. They contain recycled or organic materials that protect people and the environment.

Many maternity denim brands offer inexpensive, high-quality, and eco-conscious jeans that make dressing well and sustainably before, during, and after your pregnancy very easy.

Check out our selection for the very best in affordable and sustainable maternity jeans that every mom and mom-to-be needs to know to look fashionable and feel comfortable.

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1. Warp + Weft Maternity Skinny Jeans

warp weft organic maternity jeans

Category: Basics, denim, outerwear, underwear, maternity, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $80-$100

Warp + Weft makes size-inclusive clothing and designer quality maternity essentials that are good for you, the planet, and your wallet. The family-owned company has been in the denim industry for three decades.

Warp + Weft is committed to sustainable practices, fair wages,
reasonable hours, and ethical working conditions for all its people. It uses cotton, Lycra, and Tencel from the USA and quality European dyes.

Warp + Weft designs jeans for all bodies, informed by customer data and specific needs. It fit-test each style on customers of all ages and sizes to create fabulous clothes for everybody.


2. Nudie Jeans Boiler Suit

nudie jeans organic ethical maternity

Category: Basics, denim, outerwear, knitwear, loungewear, underwear, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: Gothenburg, Sweden
Values: Organic, Fair Trade, recycled, second-hand
Prices: $40-$200

Nudie Jeans is an ethical denim brand that makes high-quality jeans and other basics. It's well-known for its sustainability, both environmental and social.

Nudie Jeans offers a stylish and maternity-friendly denim selection made from Fair Trade and organic cotton. It aims to make some of the most eco-friendly jeans available on the market by taking responsibility throughout its entire supply chain.

Nudie Jeans encourages a better way to consume. It guarantees social standards verified by third-party organizations, including the Fair Wear Foundation.


3. Lacausa Organic Maternity Jumpsuit

lacausa organic maternity denim

Category: Basics, outerwear, swimwear, loungewear, maternity, accessories
For: Women
From: Los Angeles, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, zero-waste, made in the USA, give back
Prices: $20-$180

Lacausa is a sustainable clothing brand that creates fabulous garments ethically in Los Angeles. It offers affordable and cute maternity-friendly clothes you'll want to wear every day.

Lacausa means the cause in Spanish. It stands for comfort and style for the modern woman, making romantic silhouettes with a contemporary bohemian twist.

Lacausa is committed to transparency with the highest standards in mind and always under ethical conditions. It prioritizes a low waste design process and runs a donation program focusing on human and environmental rights.


4. DL1961 Straight Maternity Jeans

dl1961 eco-friendly maternity jeans

Category: Basics, denim, outerwear, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $80-$260

DL1961 is a premium denim brand on a mission to do things differently and committed to reducing its impact on the planet for future generations. It uses sustainable materials such as certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, and Tencel lyocell.

DL1961 makes quality, comfortable, and organic maternity jeans. The family-owned company employs sustainable manufacturing techniques to make its garments in the best way possible for people and the planet.

Many A-list celebrities like Meghan Markle, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Halle Berry, and Reese Witherspoon wear jeans from DL1961.


5. Etsy Embellished Maternity Jeans

etsy vintage handmade maternity jeans

Category: Clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men, children
From: NYC, New York, United-States
Values: Natural, vintage, independent sellers
Prices: $10-$50

Etsy is an American e-commerce website focused on hand-made or vintage fashion items, homeware, and craft supplies. It offers a wide range of comfortable, affordable, and sustainable maternity-friendly jeans.

Many independents sellers list stylish, eco-friendly, and cute jeans on Etsy. The marketplace is very active and widely recognized as the most trusted vintage store.


6. ABLE Denim Jumpsuit

able organic maternity denim jeans

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry
For: Women
From: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Values: Organic, artisan craft
Prices: $50-$150

ABLE is a sustainable clothing brand working with worldwide communities to stop the cycle of poverty by producing slow fashion and paying a living wage to women.

The label makes beautiful, functional, and affordable maternity-friendly denim styles for everyday wear. It uses eco-friendly materials such as certified organic cotton, lyocell, and linen for its collections.

ABLE believes in progress over perfection and aims to be transparent and accountable to end poverty in the fashion industry. It publishes on its website the lowest worker wages of its manufacturing partners.


7. Isabella Oliver Maternity Boyfriend Jeans

isabella oliver sustainable maternity jeans

Category: Basics, denim, sportswear, knitwear, outerwear, accessories
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, B Corp, give back
Prices: $50-$90

Isabella Oliver is a London-based designer maternity brand focusing on environmentally friendly and ethically made styles that you can wear throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Its collections feature phenomenal fabrics that fit, flatter, and grow as your body does. The designer maternity brand creates comfortable, affordable, and sustainable jeans for you.

Isabella Oliver is proud to be an environmentally, ethically, and socially conscious brand. It offers eco-friendly fabrics derived from natural fibers that biodegrade without releasing harmful chemicals into the environment.


8. Marks & Spencer Maternity Boyfriend Jeans

marks spencer maternity boyfriend jeans

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, sportswear, loungewear, underwear, swimwear, sleepwear, outerwear, maternity, bags, shoes, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, Fairtrade, recycled, Zero Waste
Prices: $10-$50

Marks & Spencer is a major British fashion retailer and manufacturer of affordable and sustainable clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and more.

Marks & Spencer offers a wide range of eco-friendly maternity denim jeans. It implements sustainable operations to build and maintain its customers' trust.

Marks & Spencer takes sustainability seriously and numerous steps to become more sustainable. It also uses eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, jute, ramie, lyocell, recycled polyester, and regenerated nylon.


9. People Tree Denim Dungaree

people tree ethical maternity denim

Category: Basics, outerwear, knitwear, underwear, activewear, nightwear, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, Fair Trade, recycled, artisan craft, give back
Prices: $20-$110

People Tree is a sustainable clothing brand making clothes from environmentally-friendly materials, including Fair Trade, certified organic cotton, and recycled fabrics.

In 2013, it became the first fashion company to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) product label, guaranteeing dedication and compliance with the principles of Fair Trade.

People Tree offers a wide range of affordable, comfy, maternity-friendly denim, including dungarees, shorts, shirts, and dresses made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

People Tree is committed to working with disadvantaged farmers and workers to promote fairer trading conditions. It helps combat poverty and employs people in underserved communities around the world.


10. Monsoon Denim Jumpsuit

monsoon ethical maternity denim

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, sleepwear, swimwear, shoes, bags, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, give back
Prices: $30-$70

Monsoon is a British retailer that makes sustainable and affordable garments for women and kids. It offers a wide variety of stylish maternity-friendly clothing, including denim jumpsuits and dungarees.

Monsoon believes in transparency and sustainable manufacturing as a responsible retailer. It follows a sustainable approach to environmental protection and fair business practices throughout its supply chains.

The apparel company also operates its Monsoon Accessorize Trust to help women and children in Asian underserved communities by offering opportunities for better income, education, and healthcare.


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