The best fashion labels from Louisiana create affordable, fashionable, and sustainable garments using ethical, eco-conscious, and socially responsible production methods.

They help you enhance your style, boost your confidence and protect the environment with versatile, breathable, high-quality alternatives to fast fashion.

Many Louisiana-based apparel companies ethically make comfortable, durable, effortless clothes that help you look great and feel good with a clean conscience.

Check out our selection below of the best Louisiana clothing brands that make beautiful and stylish garments under high standards.

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1. Passion Lilie

passion lilie louisiana clothing brand

Category: Basics, dresses, outerwear, bags, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Values: Organic, Fair Trade, zero waste, timeless, artisan craft
Prices: $30-$80

Passion Lilie is a fashion brand from Louisiana that makes affordable and stylish clothes from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton. It uses handwoven patterned textiles from Indonesia to create gorgeous apparel for women.

Passion Lilie is committed to improving the world we live in through fashion. It supports local communities and helps build a more equitable future.

Passion Lilie designs each item with fit and comfort in mind. It crafts timeless and effortless garments, ethically handmade in small batches by craftspeople dedicated to preserving heritage techniques.


2. Feelgoodz

feelgoodz louisiana clothing brand

Category: Flip flops, slides
For: Women, men
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Values: Natural, vegan, Fair Trade, artisan craft
Prices: $10-$30

Feelgoodz is a Louisiana footwear brand that crafts socially conscious flip flops from natural, earth-friendly materials. It cares deeply about the people who make its footwear and its impact on the planet.

Feelgoodz makes natural vegan Fair Trade certified sandals from consciously sourced materials. It manufactures its products sustainably with minimalist design and without plastic.


3. Sleephammer

sleephammer louisiana accessory brand

Category: Sleep masks
For: Women
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Values: Recycled, artisan craft, local, made in the USA
Prices: $40-$70

Sleephammer is an accessory brand from Louisiana that creates embroidered sleep masks focusing on eye and leaf motifs with bright colors, hand-sewn sequins, and metallic fabrics.

Sleephammer is Maria Sandhammer's brand of beautifully made and high-quality eye masks. It makes all its products from consciously sourced and recycled, repurposed, upcycled, local materials.


4. Crude Things

crude things louisiana clothing brand

Category: Basic, dresses, outerwear, accessories, jewelry
For: Women
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Values: Recycled, artisan craft, local, made in the USA
Prices: $40-$170

Crude Things is a Louisiana clothing brand that makes wearable art by New Orleans artist and costume designer Lana Guerra. It offers colorful and bold designs, one-of-a-kind dresses, and festival clothes.

Crude Things creates unique, beautiful products with fantastic designs that are comfortable to wear all year long. All its creations are handmade in Louisiana.


5. Souk Indigo

souk indigo louisiana clothing brand

Category: Basics, dresses, outerwear
For: Women
From: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Values: Organic, artisan craft, luxury
Prices: $60-$380

Souk Indigo is a clothing brand from Louisiana that creates handmade luxury clothing with a conscience. It offers colorful and unique silhouettes made with ethical and sustainable practices.

Souk Indigo is Amber Broussard's passion project to collaborate with talented artisans and celebrate their time-honored techniques. It sells modern and sustainable styles that feature intricate embroidery and considered details.


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