Kurtis are timeless wardrobe staples worn by women across the globe. In recent years, the stylish tunic top that originated in India has gained popularity for its versatility, breathability, and timeless appeal. 

Styling a kurti or kurta with jeans is a fashionable way to blend traditional attire with modern casual wear. We have the best tips and tricks for how to style kurtis with jeans to create a look that is both respectful and stylish. 

Join us as we explore the history of kurtis and kurtas and learn new, innovative ways men and women can style these timeless wardrobe staples. 

Here are 15 outfit ideas and tips on how to style a kurti with jeans. 

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The History of the Kurti & Kurta

history of kurti
history of kurta

The kurti and kurta are some of the most popular garments in Southeast Asian fashion. Both styles have become unisex over time, but the historical origin of these wardrobe staples originates with the kurta. 

Men have traditionally worn kurtas for centuries in India. This knee-length, lightweight garment gained popularity in the 19th century among scholars and artists. 

Eventually, a shorter, feminine version of the kurta, called the kurti, was created. Today, kurtis are once again rising in popularity among women worldwide. 

Although their names sound similar, some key differences exist between kurtis and kurtas.  


Kurtis are traditionally worn by women, although menswear kurtis are rising in popularity. 

A kurti is typically a long-sleeve tunic cropped to sit at the waist or above. A kurti usually has side slits, allowing the midriff to show. 

Kurtis have various neckline styles, from a classic collarless look to modern cuts like V-necks or keyholes. They are excellent wardrobe staples that look amazing with jeans, linen pants, or even skirts. 


Men traditionally wear kurtas, but people of all genders wear this garment for various occasions. 

Kurtas are longer than kurtis, falling at or below the knee. The kurta silhouette typically has a mandarin collar and buttons on the front. 

Like kurtis, a kurta looks great with jeans and other accessories if you want a modern yet traditional look. 

When is it Appropriate to Wear a Kurti or Kurta?

when to wear kurtis
when to wear kurtas

Both kurtis and kurtas are ideal for hot summer months because they are typically made of lightweight materials like linen. Silk and cotton are other common materials because of their lightweight breathability. 

A kurti and kurta work well for almost any occasion, from casual summer days to more formal events like weddings. 

A kurti styled with jeans is a more casual look. You can wear this outfit to casual get-togethers and other informal gatherings. 

As long as kurtis are worn with respect and sensitivity, these garments can make a comfortable, stylish outfit throughout the year. 

Skinny Jeans & Colorful Heels

kurti outfit skinny jeans heels

A kurti and skinny jeans are a match made in heaven. You can’t go wrong with this style because it is comfortable, chic, and effortless. 

Wear a flowing V-neck kurti with dark-wash skinny jeans and colorful heels to make your legs pop. 

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Strappy Heels & Chandelier Earrings

kurti outfit heels earrings

Jeans don’t have to be casual. Dress up your kurti look with strappy heels and chandelier earrings. 

This dressed-up look is perfect for a garden party, vacation outfit, or date night. You can wear anything from stilettos to strappy platform espadrilles. 

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A Kurti & White Jeans

kurti outfit white jeans

Add a twist to your kurti outfit by wearing white jeans. This unconventional color is perfect for spring and summer. 

You can wear a longer kurti with white skinny jeans or create a relaxed silhouette with a wide-leg slouchy style and cropped kurti. 

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A High-Low Kurti & Slim-Fit Jeans

high-low kurti slim fit jeans

Although kurtis are steeped in history and tradition, there are modern styles that are gaining popularity. 

Wear a stylish high-low kurti with slim-fit jeans for a modern everyday look. Complete your ensemble with earrings, a statement watch, and platform sandals. 

Loafers & No-Show Socks

how to style kurti loafers

Style a kurti or kurta with classic loafers and no-show socks. This look is elegant, refined, and effortlessly chic. 

Loafers elevate any casual outfit into something notable. This footwear choice looks fantastic with any type of silhouette, from skinny to wide-leg denim. 

Explore our kurti footwear guide for more unique outfit ideas. 

Wide-Leg Jeans & Colorful Flats 

kurti outfit flats wide-leg jeans

Keep it simple and classic with colorful flats and wide-leg jeans. This kurti look is comfortable, relaxed, and chic. 

Wear brightly colored ballet flats with light-wash denim jeans, or switch things up by choosing a colorful denim that compliments your shoes. 

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A Lightweight Scarf & Casual Boots

kurti outfit scarf boots

Transition your kurti or kurta from summer to fall with a lightweight scarf and casual boots. 

This look works well for men and women because it’s comfortable, stylish, and timeless. Roll up the sleeves of your kurti or kurta for a modern twist. 

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An Asymmetrical Kurti & Boyfriend Jeans

kurti outfit boyfriend jeans

An asymmetrical kurti with boyfriend jeans creates an interesting silhouette that combines modern and traditional. 

Wear chunky heels to counterbalance the bagginess of the jeans and lengthen your legs. This look is perfect for a fun night out or a casual lunch date with the girls. 

Distressed Denim & Sandals

kurti outfit distressed denim

A kurti with distressed denim jeans is an edgy, cool outfit if you want something modern. 

Wear loose-fit, relaxed jeans with subtle rips and tears, or go all out with a heavily distressed look. Complete your outfit with slide-on sandals, flip-flops, or any other comfortable shoe style. 

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Cuffed Jeans & Running Shoes

kurti outfit jeans running shoes

Create a relaxed, casual look with cuffed jeans and comfortable running shoes. 

This look is perfect for running errands, picking up the kids from school, or just hanging out at a backyard barbecue. 

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A Denim Jacket & Gold Earrings

kurti outfit denim jacket

Create a denim-on-denim look with a vintage denim jacket layered on top of a stylish kurti. 

Match the denim color of your jacket with your jeans for an on-trend, monochromatic look. 

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A Coat & Bootcut Jeans

kurti with jeans coat

Kurtis are popular during the summer, but you can also wear them with jeans during colder seasons. 

Transition your kurti with a classy coat and bootcut jeans. A gray peacoat or classic camel trench coat looks fantastic layered on top of your favorite long-sleeve tunic. 

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A Wide-Brim Hat & Sneakers

kurti with jeans hat sneakers

Both kurtis and kurtas look fantastic with a wide-brim hat and sporty sneakers. This look is modern, trendy, and comfortable. 

Wear your favorite jeans with chunky sneakers and a hipster hat for a casual, effortless summer vibe. 


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