New Yoga challenge! Panaprium is sponsoring the Happy Body Happy You Yoga Challenge from May 15th to the 21st. Join us for a seven day tour of the body, accessible to all levels which will leave you with a happy body and happy you.

Each day we will explore each part of the body, giving you a choice of postures in each of these seven key areas:

  1. Legs (Pyramid / Low lunge).
  2. Hips (Lizard / Lotus).
  3. Navel (Boat / Plank).
  4. Heart (Cobra / Camel).
  5. Arms (Crow / Eight angle).
  6. Shoulders (Puppy / Table top).
  7. Head (Shoulderstand / Headstand).

Four fantastic Yoga Teachers have committed to bringing you this seven days challenge in 2018.

  • @yogi.hemaxi
  • @yogasouthcrete

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Happy Body Happy You Yoga Challenge May 2018

happy body yoga challenge may 2018

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