Most often, we associate happiness with reaching life goals like being able to buy the things we need, being able to be with the people we love, and just being able to do the things we want. But most people don’t achieve these in simple ways. Consider an adventurous person whose movement is limited by his/her weight or physical illnesses, or a person with anxiety just wanting to have time to relax. Happiness may sound like it is so easy to achieve but the truth is that obtaining happiness is a life-long journey.

While there are many ways to achieve these goals in life, there is one simple way you can outcome in most of the challenges life has to offer. Yoga doesn't only focus on the physical well-being of an individual, it also strengthens the mind, the soul, and the spirit.

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Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

Our body is a reflection of our being. Every action we take is a result of how we think and how we feel. Yoga is famous for promoting flexibility, good posture, and muscle relaxation. But did you also know that yoga is good for the bones? Holding the weight of the body against gravity helps fortify the bones of arms and knees.

Yoga practice is also good for the heart. One of its benefits is that it aids in lowering one's blood pressure, thus lowering the risk of heart diseases. And because yoga promotes muscle relaxation, it helps decrease chronic muscle pain mostly in the neck or lower back. And even in this age of science and technology, people have been more convinced of the physical benefits yoga can provide.
It does not only help in keeping the body healthy, it also aids in keeping you fit and in shape. Sure, yoga was never intended to just simply make you look pretty or attractive, but it sure is a plus!


Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

Stress is the greatest factors of depression. It is even defined as a form of suffering. Yoga and meditation have been known for helping with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Yoga is known for its breathing techniques which also happen to be the best way to relax while shaking away anxiety and extreme emotions such as anger.

People who have engaged in daily yoga practice show a positive development when it comes to the strengthening of memory and improvement of concentration. It also eases stress, helps heal addiction and prevents serious mental illnesses. With a healthy mind, shedding negativity becomes easier and allows an individual to focus more on the bright sight while setting aside unwanted emotions.


Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

Now that we have already mentioned the benefits yoga provides for our body and mind, we now know that being angry can be prevented, being stressed out can be avoided and concentrating on the positivity can be easily done. Having daily yoga practices help in keeping mood swings at bay, moods caused by stress and negativity. This gives an individual a brighter look on life, improving the relationship with people, making it easy to reconcile, spend quality time and achieve inner peace.

Gaining all these positive advantages, hardship and challenges would not be as burdensome as without yoga. Yoga provides hope for the soul, peace, and appreciation of life. Knowing yoga is one thing, experiencing it is another. If you find yourself wanting to give it a try, here are a few yoga poses you might want to be acquainted with.

The Lotus Pose

Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

This is probably the most famous pose of yoga can be associated with. It is done by crossing both legs and resting each foot on opposite thighs and the torso vertical and stable. This pose promotes hip flexibility and posture.

Check this video for step-by-step guide

Downward Facing Dog

Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

It is done by having both feet flat on the floor with a little distance from each other, body bent forward with both palms touching the floor and hips raised keeping the knees and back straight. This pose stretches the upper and the lower body at the same time.

Check this video for step-by-step guide


Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

Also called the crane pose, it is done to target core muscles, strengthening the arm and leg muscles as well.

To prepare, you’ll have to do a deep squat. Make sure that your knees are separated and your torso is leaning forward. Lay your palms on the mat, with fingers spread wide to ensure you don’t put a strain on your wrists. They should also be a shoulder length from each other to support your weight. With your toes against the mattress and your knees as close to your armpits as possible, you slowly lift your hips up.

This can be a difficult pose. To practice, you can do the baby crane pose. It is essentially the same but with your whole lower arm against the mattress to support more weight.

Two important tips: (1) to help with your balance, it is important to maintain your gaze forward the entire time and (2) you can take as much time as you need to be confident in every part of the pose, don’t rush yourself.

Check this video for step-by-step guide

Yes, yoga is not only good for the body, but it is also good for your heart and soul. With yoga, you can find peace and with peace, you will find happiness. And while you are on it, you might want to try some mantras to yourself. Mantras are lines, words, or sounds that you continuously repeat to yourself to help in meditation while doing yoga. One of the most famous mantras is the long "aummmm" sound. This helps a lot of people focus more. So, next time you want to find peace and happiness, go on and experience the beauty of yoga.


Happiness and a better life in Daily Yoga Practices

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