A gold disco party is not only about disco balls and golden decorations. Dressing up is a fun part of any themed party, and finding the right outfit is both a challenge and a joy.

We are here to help you embrace the glamorous spirit of the disco atmosphere and put together an outfit that boosts your confidence.

Keep reading and stand out on the dance floor with one of these amazing fashion recommendations.

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Statement jewelry

gold disco party outfits jewelry

No outfit is complete without beautiful jewelry. A gold disco party gives you the perfect opportunity to wear amazing, bold jewelry pieces in gold.

Make sure to choose something that will not go unnoticed. Our recommendation is to go for a pair of large earrings.

Check out the 15 best affordable and sustainable earring brands.

Bags and purses

gold disco party outfits bags

Since we are talking about accessories, you shouldn't forget that apart from their practical role, bags and purses have an aesthetical role that is very important when it comes to your attire.

Choose to complete your outfit with a bag or a purse featuring golden details.

We have amazing news! Your bag can now be ethically made from vegan leather.

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Metallic dress

gold disco party outfits metallic dress

For a gold disco party, choose a golden dress. Metallic colors can help you shine and look like a fashion pro, and a disco party is the perfect opportunity to wear them.

Steal the spotlight with a beautiful dress from one of these eco-friendly brands.

Slip dress

gold disco party outfits slip dress

If you love outfits that are both comfortable and attractive, a slip dress might be exactly what you need for a gold party.

Our recommendation is to choose a material with a shiny finish in a light color such as champagne. This way, it will appear golden in the light.

Complete your outfit with beautiful jewelry and a pair of heels.

The best slip dresses are inexpensive, comfortable, stylish, and ethically made from sustainable materials. Discover our favorites in this article.

Bow dress

gold disco party outfits pink bow

Clothing items featuring bows are cute, romantic, and feminine. If these characteristics describe your style, do not hesitate to choose a golden bow dress.
You will stand out with your beautiful outfit!

Wear stiletto shoes and small jewelry because the bow itself is an accessory.

For more fashion inspiration, check out these 200 sustainable clothing brands from Europe.

Cut-out details

gold disco party outfits cut-outs

Try on an outfit with beautiful cut-out details. Don't forget to choose a metallic color that matches the party's theme.

Accessorize your look with a cute purse.

If you are interested in high-quality clothing items, avoid fast fashion and buy your clothes from one of these affordable and sustainable brands.

Sparkling blazer

gold disco party outfits blazer

We usually associate blazers with work. Forget this and wear a sparkling blazer that combines glamour and elegance in a single piece.

You can create a variety of stylish combinations with a sparkling blazer: You can wear it over a slip dress, you can match it with a simple pair of black jeans and a shirt, or, if it's long enough, you can wear it on its own, over lingerie.

Take a look at our sustainable selection of blazers.

Golden belt

gold disco party outfits belts

Accessorize your attire with a beautiful golden belt. Focus on its aesthetical purpose rather than on the practical one and choose a belt that enhances your style and matches the gold disco theme.

Luckily, many sustainable brands produce cheap and eco-friendly belts from cruelty-free materials.

Click here to discover some of them.

Golden sandals

gold disco party outfits footwear

Golden shoes and sandals are an elegant choice for a gold disco party.
Even if you don't have a golden dress, you can still create the perfect outfit if you go for glamorous footwear.

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy your shoes or sandals during other special occasions too, because they are quite versatile when it comes to party attire.

Make a statement and craft a unique look with a pair of shoes from one of the 30 best ethical and vegan shoe companies.


gold disco party outfits blouses

Feminine and versatile, blouses are perfect if you want to easily craft a beautiful outfit.

Wear a nice blouse with golden details with a pair of shiny leggings. Add a metallic belt and some sparkling jewelry to enhance your attire.

Check out the best affordable and ethical blouses.

Golden corset

gold disco party outfits corset

For an amazing gold disco party outfit, try on a golden corset.

Corsets are very attractive because they can help you maintain proper posture, they highlight your waist, and have a thinning effect.

Stand out from the crowd of golden outfits with a beautiful corset. Match it with black clothing items, golden jewelry, and golden shoes.

If you are interested in purchasing sustainable corsets, take a peek at these 10 best affordable brands.

Sequin dress

gold disco party outfits sequin dress

A sequin dress is one of the best options out there when it comes to disco parties. Gold and rose-gold sequin dresses are our favorites! You can wear them with golden or nude shoes.

We know that sequin dresses are amazing, yet difficult to wear. To save a lot of money we recommend you to purchase a pre-loved one for a fraction of the retail price.

Here are over 25 second-hand clothing apps that sell affordable vintage. Use them to craft your dream outfit!

Black & gold tank top

gold disco party outfits tank top

For an interesting, yet comfortable outfit choose a glamorous black and gold tank top and wear it with a pair of ivory trousers.

Black and gold are two colors that work amazing together because they complement each other.

Complete your gold disco party outfit with a beautiful golden necklace.

Take a look at the best affordable and sustainable luxury fashion labels and create a fantastic look with some of the amazing clothing items they sell.

Hair accessories

gold disco party outfits hair accessories

Make your entire look more interesting with some beautiful hair accessories featuring metallic details.

This is a fantastic way to make even a simple outfit ready for a gold disco party.

Discover the best affordable and sustainable hair accessories.

Body chain top

gold disco party outfits chain top

Enhance your style with an interesting accessory: a chain top.

Make sure it's golden and wear it over a regular top or corset. Body chains are very bold options and this is why you shouldn't wear them with clothes featuring prints or other attention-grabbing details.

Let yourself be inspired by these alternative clothing brands that sell sustainable fashion.

Summing up

gold disco party outfits summing up

The best outfits for a gold disco party should feature golden details. No matter if you choose rose gold or champagne gold, make sure that you have some golden accessories.

Shiny finishes, sequins, sparkling fabrics -They are all great for this type of event. Steal the spotlight and put on as much glitter as you can! Don't forget that your shoes and purse can beautifully complete your look, especially if you go for metallic colors.

Always buy clothes in the right size for your body from sustainable brands that work under very high-quality standards.
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