The functions of the waitstaff are diverse and include moving around a lot. So, the outfits should be practical and allow room for movement.

Nevertheless, it is also a job that requires you to look presentable as you deal with different customers and need to look neat and attractive. In other words, your outfit should be practical but also neat and attractive.

In high-end restaurants, waiters are, as a rule, required to wear a uniform. In some modern cafés, restaurants, and bars, however, the dress code is less strict, and there is more room to get creative.

Keep scrolling to find out what waiters and waitresses wear in different environments, and check out our 10+ recommendations.

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White Dress Shirt

Fun waiter outfits white dress shirt

A white dress shirt is a must in classic, upscale restaurants for both waiters and waitresses.

It is part of the everyday uniform paired with slacks in black, dark blue, or dark grey. A cute vest in darker shades and slip-resistant shoes complete the attire.

If you are considering working in an upmarket restaurant, you should expect to wear dark pants with a white dress shirt too.

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Dark Pants

Fun waiter outfits dark pants

Pants or slacks in darker shades form part of the classic uniform in upmarket restaurants.

However, you can also wear these pants in places with a chill dress code. Black, dark blue or dark grey are the most worn colors. You should make sure they always look tidy and wrinkle-free.

Looking representable is crucial and also one of the factors that determine whether you will get a tip or not.

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Fun waiter outfits T-shirt

A T-shirt is a perfect item if you work or would like to work in mid-range or fast-food restaurants or cafés and bars without a uniform or strict dress code.

Both waiters and waitresses wear T-shirts at work. A Tee is practical and does not restrict your movements. Add an apron over your cute Tee, and you have got a beautiful outfit.

When choosing a Tee for work, pay attention to the stretchability and breathability of the fabric. Check out our selection of the 20 best American-made Tees for men and women.


Fun waiter outfits skirt
A neat, cute skirt is another perfect outfit item for a waitress.
Skirts can serve as a substitute for dark pants in upmarket places. In chill cafés or bars, it can be a perfect outfit combined with a cute T-shirt or crop top.

Regardless of the work environment, a skirt is a must-have item in a waitress’ wardrobe. You can create a lot of cute yet professional outfits with the right skirt.

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Slip-resistant Shoes

fun waiter outfits slip-resistant shoes
Slip-resistant shoes are crucial for waiters and waitresses. As they move a lot with trays full of glasses and plates, it is essential to wear slip-resistant shoes for support and balance.

Even though you may see waitresses wearing high heels in some high-end restaurants, this is, by far, not the standard everywhere else.

Shoes should be comfortable and support your feet well. Darker shades are generally better options, but occasionally colorful shoes can also be an option.
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fun waiter outfits vest
A vest is a crucial element of waiters’ uniforms. It helps create an ultimate slick outfit and is a must in most high-end restaurants.

Pair the vest nicely with a dress shirt or T-shirt with either short or long sleeves for a cute look. Color-match the vest with your pants or skirts for a fashionable flair. 

Cute Dress

fun waiter outfits dress

A cute dress will be perfect when working in a chic café or restaurant with an artsy vibe.A dress paired with comfortable shoes and a stylish apron hugging your waist creates an artsy and chill vibe.

Go for dresses that are presentable and look beautiful. Unless specifically required, you should not wear dresses that are too revealing.

Choose dresses with polka dots or patterns and prints. A monochrome dress with a cute belt can be another option to consider.

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Stylish Apron

fun waiter outfits apron

An apron is another much-needed item in a day of a waiter. Most modern restaurants require their waitstaff to

The standard model of the apron has one or two pockets. These models are perfectly practical as you can put your order pad and pen in your pockets.

Aprons come in many shapes, for instance, they can have a V-neck, round neck, or straight neck. Choose the one that best suits your outfit and makes you feel good.

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Crop Tops

fun waiter outfits crop top

Crop tops make a joyful and cute outfit in bars and pubs. Waitresses usually pair them with shorts, skirts, or pants for a cute and fun look for a work night.

For a more feminine and sexier look, try a corset top too. If your earnings come from tips, you must look attractive and presentable to attract customers' attention.

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fun waiter outfits shorts

Shorts are perfect for creating fun waiter outfits. They are great for male as well as female waitstaff.

In places with strict dress codes, classic, knee-length shorts are perfect. In relaxed environments, go for tight and cute shorts.

Denim shorts in darker shades will look beautiful. Pair them with cute crop tops, Tees, and stylish shirts for a fun and cool look.

Our selection of the 20 best affordable and sustainable denim shorts is at your disposal.

Necktie or Bowtie

fun waiter outfits bowtie

And last but not least, a necktie or bowtie are great accessories the waitstaff can use to create beautiful looks.

A necktie or bowtie is a great addition to classic waiter uniforms. They nicely complete the look while giving it a touch of timeless style.   

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