The forestcore aesthetic is an enchanting fashion trend that embraces all things natural and whimsical. 

Forestcore is an earth-focused aesthetic that leans into natural materials, lived-in fashion pieces, and the serene beauty of the woods. 

The great thing about the forestcore aesthetic is that you can incorporate it with your own sense of style. 

Here are 15+ dreamy forestcore aesthetic outfits that channel your inner forest fairy, woodland witch, or ethereal elf.  

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What is Forestcore Aesthetic?

what is forestcore aesthetic

Forestcore aesthetic is a popular style for home decor and fashion. The nature-inspired aesthetic embraces deep earthy colors, woodland themes, and fantasy elements. 

The aesthetic is popular online with people who love magic, fantasy, and all things cozy. 

While the forestcore aesthetic overlaps with elements of cottagecore and fairycore, it stands on its own as a more natural fashion trend directly inspired by sun-dappled woods and babbling brooks. 

Natural Fibers & Earthy Colors

forestcore aesthetic natural fibers

Forestcore outfits usually feature earthy colors found in the forest. 

Build a wardrobe of deep greens, browns, rust, and other muted earth tones.

In addition, sustainability and natural fibers are essential to the forestcore aesthetic. 

Linen, organic cotton, and recycled fabrics are excellent ways to embody the forestcore aesthetic in your day-to-day wardrobe while supporting a healthier fashion industry.

Naturally dyed linen skirts, hemp button-ups, and organic cotton t-shirts are just a few examples of forestcore-friendly clothing. 

A Vintage-Inspired White Dress

forestcore aesthetic white dress

A vintage-inspired white dress is elegant, feminine, and ethereal. It’s the perfect forestcore outfit for a romantic night out or a casual frolic in the forest. 

A vintage-inspired white dress with poofy sleeves, a cinched waist, and a giant bow in your hair creates a dreamy forestcore look. 

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Forest Green Outerwear

forestcore aesthetic green outerwear

Forest and olive green outerwear are versatile forestcore pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

Wear a forest green utility jacket with a floral dress and brown crossbody bag. 

A dark green cardigan paired with a plaid skirt and ankle boots is another cute forestcore outfit idea. 

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A Medieval-Inspired Dress

forestcore medieval dress

Forestcore incorporates elements of Medieval and Renaissance fashion. Wear a Medieval-inspired gown with bell sleeves and a lace-up corset. 

A floor-length Medieval gown is romantic and earthy. Complete your look with vegan leather accessories and a billowing white button-up. 

Gather more forestcore outfit inspiration with our handy Renaissance Fair outfit guide

Green Overalls & Lace-Up Boots

forestcore aesthetic overalls boots

Green overalls and lace-up boots are the perfect forestcore outfit for a hike in the woods. 

Wear olive green overalls with a collared shirt, knit socks, and semi-sheer tights. 

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A Corset Belt & Loose Clothing

forestcore aesthetic corset belt

The forestcore aesthetic draws inspiration from Medieval and fantasy fashion. Layer a corset belt over loose, feminine clothing for an ethereal look. 

This outfit looks best with a boho-inspired maxi skirt, a white top, and a lace-up corset belt. 

Check out our guide on how to wear loose-fitting clothes with style.

A Tiered Peasant Dress

forestcore aesthetic tiered dress

Channel the tranquility of the forestcore aesthetic with a tiered peasant dress. 

A floor-length boho dress with sandals and a crossbody messenger bag is a practical and comfortable look that can be worn in the forest or the library. 

Plenty of sustainable boho brands make tiered peasant dresses perfect for the forestcore aesthetic.

A Vintage Floral Skirt & Boots

forestcore aesthetic floral skirt

Vintage floral patterns strike the perfect balance of forestcore fashion and boho chic. Wear a vintage floral skirt with vegan leather or secondhand boots. 

Build a unique forestcore look with a velvet blazer, feminine blouse, or an olive green t-shirt. 

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A Boho Fringe Dress

forestcore aesthetic boho fringe dress

Some elements of the forestcore aesthetic draw inspiration from boho fashion. A boho fringe dress is a funky and fun way to explore different options. 

Wear an oversized fringe dress with ankle boots, a vest, and a whimsical sunhat. 

An Oversized Sweater & Peter Pan Collar

forestcore aesthetic peter pan collar

An oversized sweater worn over a shirt with a Peter Pan collar is a cute and whimsical way to incorporate forestcore into your wardrobe. 

Layer your look with wide-leg pants, leggings, or a plaid miniskirt. 

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A Plaid Shirt & Brown Faux Leather Belt

forestcore aesthetic plaid shirt

Plaid is a great way to embrace the forestcore aesthetic. Wear a plaid shirt with a vegan leather belt, an academic-inspired skirt, and a dainty scarf. 

Green or brown plaid evokes images of sun-dappled forest floors and mossy rocks, which are perfect forestcore aesthetic elements. 

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A Velvet Blazer & White Button-Up

forestcore aesthetics green blazer

A velvet blazer and a white button-up create an academic forestcore look. 

Layer an emerald green velvet blazer with an off-white linen shirt, gold necklace, and pleated skirt. 

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A Cute Gingham Dress

forestcore aesthetic gingham dress

Incorporate elements of cottagecore into your forest-focused outfit with a cute gingham dress. 

Wear a flowy midi gingham dress with brown sandals and a cute straw hat. Complete your look with a wicker picnic basket, and you’re good to go. 

Handmade Accessories

forestcore aesthetic handmade accessories

Accessorize your forestcore outfit with handmade elements for a natural, organic vibe. 

Crochet bags, woven hats, and knit socks are beautiful and simple ways to add a whimsical, DIY touch to any forestcore outfit. 

Focus on collecting accessories made with sustainable yarn and recycled materials. Slow fashion is best when it comes to forestcore accessories. 

Mary Janes & Frilly Socks

forestcore aesthetic outfits mary janes

Layer Mary Jane shoes with delicate, frilly socks for a feminine forestcore aesthetic. 

Wear this unique footwear with a vintage-inspired white dress, olive green overalls, or semi-sheer black tights. 

Explore our selection of organic socks for more options.

Silver Elvish-Inspired Jewelry

forestcore aesthetic silver jewelry

The forestcore aesthetic shares some characteristics with the popular fairycore fashion style

Wear silver Elvish-inspired with a Medieval gown, corset belt, and lace-up boots for a fantasy-inspired outfit. 

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A Crossbody Messenger Bag

forestcore aesthetic messenger bag

A crossbody messenger bag is an excellent way to carry your vegan leather-bound notebook and fountain pens around. 

A brown vegan leather crossbody bag matches just about any forestcore outfit, from an oversized sweater and tights to a flowy maxi dress. 

Invest in a high-quality bag made with sustainable, vegan materials to embody the true forestcore aesthetic. 

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