Farfetch is a British-Portuguese clothing retailer that offers luxury fashion from top brands. It sells designer clothes from famous names to emerging brands with thousands of styles for women, men, and kids.

Farfetch is on a mission to become the global destination for good in modern luxury. It has an eco-conscious collection of curated sustainable pieces and pre-owned styles, but it isn't the most ethical company.

More sustainable and ethical alternatives to Farfetch exist if you want to build an eco-conscious wardrobe with great style featuring authentic, handmade, elegant garments.

Many apparel brands similar to Farfetch are more environmentally responsible, committed to being as eco-friendly as possible, and making sustainability efforts to protect people and the planet.

Check out our selection below of the best ethical and luxurious alternatives to Farfetch that make similar gorgeous and modern clothing under high standards.

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1. Reformation

reformation farfetch alterative

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, swimwear, activewear, loungewear, underwear
For: Women
From: Los Angeles, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, Fair Trade, carbon-neutral, made in the USA
Prices: $10-$150

Reformation is a clothing brand that makes sustainable clothes similar to Farfetch. It offers a collection of stylish, luxurious apparel for petite up to extended sizes.

The clothing retailer designs effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure with the most beautiful and sustainable fabrics possible. It pays attention to minimizing its social and environmental impacts.

Reformation uses sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen, and Tencel lyocell. It also makes some of its clothes with upcycled and recycled materials, such as regenerated nylon or deadstock fabrics.

Six of its suppliers have attained a social compliance certification like Fair Trade, SA8000, or WRAP. They are working to increase participation in social certification programs to ensure good working conditions.


2. Summersalt

summersalt farfetch ethical alternative

Category: Basics, swimwear, activewear, loungewear, sleepwear, knitwear
For: Women, children
From: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, luxury
Prices: $60-$140

Summersalt is a designer clothing brand making quality essentials for modern women. It offers a wide range of chic and sustainable clothing similar to Farfetch.

Summersalt creates luxury pieces designed to keep up with you. Its clothes are comfortable, stylish, and made of recycled materials to offer the best designer quality at the best price.

Summersalt makes beautiful pieces from luxurious fabrics that offer a flattering, body-skimming fit. It uses breathable and wrinkle-resistant materials for more stretch and comfort.

Summersalt is committed to numerous strategic initiatives for more diversity and inclusion. The brand is passionate about spreading love and kindness and learning how to be better every day.


3. Nanushka

nanushka luxury farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, denim, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: Budapest, Hungary
Values: Organic, recycled, vegan, luxury
Prices: $270-$650

Nanushka is a sustainable, luxury clothing brand founded by vegan fashion designer Sandra Sandor. The modern, bohemian brand makes versatile, day-to-night clothes to create a new informal form of beauty.

Sandra Sandor cherishes and protects the planet in everything she does, driven by an insatiable desire to explore more, gain inspiration, and become a better version of herself.

Nanushka offers a beautiful and exhaustive collection similar to Farfetch. It takes decisions with love and consideration for our planet and the people, committed to doing better.


4. Amour Vert

amour vert farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, denim, loungewear, knitwear, outerwear, bags, accessories, shoes, jewelry
For: Women
From: San Francisco, California, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, made in the USA, give back
Prices: $90-$130

Amour Vert is a slow fashion brand that makes ethical and luxurious staples like Farfetch in timeless colors like navy, white, black, heather gray, and more.

The sustainable brand creates fabulous clothes in limited quantities to contribute to a more eco-friendly future. Its clothing pieces are sustainable, chic, comfortable, and better for the planet.

Amour Vert is committed to making fashion thoughtful, versatile, and sustainable. You'll want to keep its timeless pieces in your wardrobe forever.

The eco-friendly label has been planting trees in North America since it opened its doors with its partner American Forest. It promotes sustainable practices and positive environmental impacts.


5. Faithfull

faithfull ethical farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, knitwear, loungewear, swimwear, accessories
For: Women
From: Bali
Values: Organic, recycled, luxury, B Corp
Prices: $90-$340

Faithfull is a womenswear label founded in 2013 in Bali by Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger. It's committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible garments similar to Farfetch.

Faithfull offers stylish and supportive bikinis that minimize environmental footprint with recycled fabrics. It works closely with local communities to craft beautiful handmade products.


6. Diesel

diesel ethical farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, outerwear, loungewear, swimwear, underwear, bags, shoes, accessories
For: Women, men, children
From: Breganze, Italy
Values: Organic, recycled
Prices: $30-$280

Diesel is an Italian clothing company based in Breganze, founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied. It sells designer clothing similar to Farfetch for women and men, some of them made in Italy.

Diesel is committed to facing the social, economic, and environmental fashion impact. It uses natural materials, such as organic cotton, linen, and lyocell, as well as recycled fabrics.

Diesel aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, plastic, water, and energy consumption. It stands up for the planet and looks for less harmful solutions for its products and packaging.


7. Hunza G

hunza g farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, dresses, swimwear, accessories
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Recycled, luxury, made in the UK
Prices: $50-$220

Hunza G is a London-made clothing label making sustainable, designer swimwear. Creative Director Georgiana Huddart designs and produces swimsuits and ready-to-wear using stretchy and supportive fabrics.

Hunza G develops luxurious, eco-responsible collections similar to Farfetch. Its signature fabric is knit and dyed locally, decreasing emissions and promoting a growing fashion production industry within the UK.

The luxury brand is shaping a new way of consuming fashion, reinventing how we view swimwear today. It designs each piece to be ethical, comfortable, and treasured.


8. Wolf & Badger

wolf badger farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, loungewear, outerwear, swimwear, underwear, sleepwear, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, artisan craft, give back
Prices: $70-$280

Wolf & Badger is an ethical fashion retailer that offers sustainable and luxurious clothes for the modern wardrobe. Its range of creations by cutting-edge designers is stylish, chic, and elegant to last beyond the season.

Wolf & Badger is the destination to discover independent ethical brands worldwide certified B Corp. It provides a curated marketplace that supports emerging and ethically-conscious fashion designers.


9. Eileen Fisher

eileen fisher farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, loungewear, outerwear, denim, sleepwear, bags, accessories, shoes
For: Women
From: NYC, New York, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, Fair Trade, B Corp, artisan craft, give back
Prices: $50-$160

Eileen Fisher is a designer clothing brand selling sustainable wardrobe essentials, from casual clothing to timeless and elegant pieces, from the famous fashion designer of the same name, Eileen Fisher.

The luxury designer offers recycled and organic classics similar to Farfetch that are also ethical and eco-friendly. It commits to sourcing sustainable materials and paying its workers a living wage.  

Eileen Fisher ensures that all its workers have a voice, earn a fair wage, and are treated fairly in the workplace. It also supports women and girls through grants, events, and partnerships.

The clothing designer promotes inclusivity and diversity in the sustainable fashion movement and offers a wide range of sizes from petite to extended.

Eileen Fisher also operates an alternative supply chain supporting over 450 families in and around Arequipa, Peru, with higher Fair Trade wages and investments in the local community.


10. Bassike

bassike sustainable farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, denim, loungewear, knitwear, swimwear, outerwear, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: Sydney, Australia
Values: Organic, recycled, local
Prices: $130-$460

Bassike is a clothing brand of sustainable designer apparel similar to Farfetch. It ensures local makers in Australia who make all its clothes are treated respectfully, paid fairly, and working in a safe environment.

Bassike creates high-quality, clean, minimalist aesthetics with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Designers Deborah Sams and Mary Lou Ryan launched Bassike in 2006 and now offer certified organic collections of wardrobe staples.

The Australian designer clothing brand produces quality, natural fibers such as linen that are better for the environment and biodegrade quickly. It reduces its carbon footprint using green energy and a short supply chain.


11. Mara Hoffman

mara hoffman farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, knitwear, outerwear, swimwear
For: Women
From: New York City, United States
Values: Organic, recycled, luxury, give back, made in the USA
Prices: $60-$730

Mara Hoffman is a premium designer brand that offers sustainable clothing similar to Farfetch. It uses hemp, recycled textiles, and other eco-friendly materials.

Mara Hoffman is well-known for its eco-friendly, casual, and chic fashion pieces made from pre and post-consumer waste. The designer label aims to reduce its impact and generate awareness.

It offers stylish and unique alternatives manufactured responsibly by smaller artisan groups under fair conditions. Many of its business clothes are made in Los Angeles to foster a healthy local economy.


12. Evarae

evarae luxury farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, dresses, swimwear, resort wear
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, luxury, made in Italy
Prices: $330-$390

Evarae is a conscious luxury, sustainable swimwear and resort wear brand designed in London and made in Italy. It creates affordable, high-end, day-to-evening resort wear inspired by warm weather and traveling around the globe.

Evarae is similar to Farfetch and made with eco-friendly practices and the highest quality fabrics so that you don't have to choose between feeling good, style, and sustainability.


13. Casa Raki

casa raki farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, dresses, swimwear, loungewear, resort wear
For: Women
From: London, United Kingdom
Values: Organic, recycled, luxury
Prices: $70-$270

Casa Raki is a high fashion sustainable womenswear brand for travel lovers and designed in London with high-tech, organic and recycled fabrics. It creates a beautiful collection from 100% GOTS-certified organic linen.

Casa Raki is a sustainable luxury brand similar to Farfetch, focused on unique, responsible vacation wear for women. It only uses eco-friendly materials and processes while focusing on improving and extending garment life.


14. Bottega Veneta

bottega veneta farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, knitwear, outerwear, swimwear, bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry
For: Women, men
From: Milan, Italy
Values: Luxury, recycled, local, timeless, artisan craft
Prices: $600-$3,900

Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury fashion house that designs womenswear, menswear, shoes, handbags, and accessories. The designer company also creates fragrances and jewelry.

Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro founded the luxury company in Vicenza, Veneto, in 1966. Today, the fashion brand runs its operations from its headquarters in Milan, Italy.

Bottega Veneta celebrates unsurpassed craftsmanship and a new standard of luxury. Its collections feature high-quality pieces similar to Farfetch made with individuality with innovation in mind.

The luxury label is a great destination to buy timeless accessories and chic clothing. It sets a new standard for luxury and is well-known for its stylish and exquisite hand-finished dresses, handbags, and jewelry.


15. Sézane

sezane sustainable farfetch alternative

Category: Basics, denim, knitwear, activewear, underwear, loungewear, outerwear, sleepwear, shoes, bags, accessories
For: Women
From: Paris, France
Values: Organic, recycled, timeless, give back, B Corp
Prices: $100-$130

Sézane is a sustainable fashion label founded by Morgane Sézalory from a love for vintage. It creates high-quality, perfectly-cut pieces to wear forever with similar styles to Farfetch.

The French apparel company makes clothing, accessories, and shoes for women. It offers a collection of basics, activewear, underwear, loungewear, outerwear, bags, and more.

Sézane is committed to making modern fashion for all women looking for luxury quality at a fair and accessible price. It creates timeless pieces that are for (almost) every season.

The clothing brand from Paris releases a seasonal collection four times a year, a highly curated capsule every month, new drops, and several most-wanted restock every week.

Sézane also runs a philanthropic program that supports several charities and projects. It helps children and young adults worldwide get equal access to education, culture, and opportunities.


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