Country fashion is a trendy style that exudes confidence, charm, and a touch of rustic allure. It’s extremely popular with people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Western wear and country fashion continue to influence today's fashion scene, from rodeo-inspired outfits to classic denim ensembles. 

The roots of country fashion are deeply influenced by American cowboy culture and the West. However, you don’t have to be a tried-and-true cowboy to enjoy the style.

So, grab your cowgirl boots and join us as we unlock the secrets to nailing that effortlessly chic Western look that will have you standing out from the herd.

Saddle up and get ready to explore the captivating world of country fashion style with this comprehensive guide.

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Western Boots

country fashion style cowboy boots

country fashion style western boots

Western boots are synonymous with country fashion. Heavily influenced by vaquero riding boots from Northern Mexico, the classic cowboy boot of the American West has been around since the 1800s. 

Today, Western-style boots aren’t just for working outside. You can choose from various styles, from knee-high to ankle boots. Many Western boots feature beautiful detailing embossed onto the surface, making them the centerpiece of any outfit. 

For the ultimate sustainability and quality, we highly recommend buying a pair of Western boots made with vegan leather. Shop our selection of vegan leather boots

Denim Cut-off Shorts

country fashion style cut-off shorts

Denim cut-off shorts are a fun way to infuse sexiness into your country fashion style. 

High-waisted shorts with a raw hem look amazing with a cute flannel, eyelet blouse, or even a simple t-shirt.

In addition, denim cut-offs are a great way to show off your legs, so throw on your favorite pair of Western boots to complete this sexy but casual look. 

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Dress for Comfort

country style comfortable clothes

Country fashion is all about comfort and convenience. The fashion style arose from necessity because cowboys and cowgirls worked long hours outside with cattle, horses, and other livestock.

To build your country fashion wardrobe, focus on versatile staple pieces like high-quality denim, shirts, and outerwear that you can easily mix and match. Add some pizzazz with decorative hats, belts, boots, and other accessories. 

Cowboy Hats

country fashion style cowboy hats

A cowboy hat is essential for any country wardrobe. It’s the first accessory that comes to mind for many when they think of country fashion style. 

A cowboy hat is easy to wear with just about anything because it’s designed for function first and fashion second. Pair your hat with a simple shirt and jeans, or accessorize it with a beautiful prairie dress. 

Choosing a high-quality hat made with sustainable, durable materials like felt or vegan leather is best. 

Straw Hats

country fashion style straw hats

country fashion style wide-brim hat

If classic cowboy hats aren’t your thing, you can still rock a straw hat with your country style. 

A straw hat is a great way to look fashionable while protecting your face from the sun. Pair a wide-brimmed straw hat with a flowy prairie dress, denim jeans, or a pair of comfy overalls for the ultimate Western look. 

Wear Sturdy Fabrics

country fashion style sturdy fabric

The best country fashion pieces are durable and built to last. When creating your wardrobe, focus on buying high-quality, sustainably-made pieces that are bound to last a lifetime. 

Don’t be afraid to splurge a little on quality denim jeans, artisan Western boots, and thicker t-shirt fabrics. You can rotate out more fun and colorful pieces like floral dresses and seasonal blouses. 

Cotton, linen, and vegan leather are all excellent, durable fabrics to look out for when shopping. 

Flannel Shirts

country fashion style flannels

Flannel shirts are popular in country fashion because they are durable, warm, and easy to wear. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are super cute! 

A flannel shirt worn with jeans and boots creates a comfortable, down-to-earth look that country fashion is known for. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles, from light and neutral plaid to classic red-and-black for a cozy vibe. 

Explore our favorite American-made flannel shirts to get started. 

Embrace Denim

country style denim clothing 

Denim became synonymous with cowboys in the 1800s because it was affordable and durable workwear. As a result, denim is the most popular fabric for country fashion to this day. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace denim in other pieces besides jeans. From denim dresses to vests, shorts to skirts, there are so many ways to incorporate the classic fabric into your Western wardrobe. 

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Fringe is Your Friend

country fashion style fringe

Originally created to help shed water off clothing, fringe is now a standard decorative detail of Western wear. 

When building a solid country fashion wardrobe, fringe is your friend. A fringe jacket, vest, or dress looks cute with knee-high boots and a Western hat. For a more feminine approach, you can also find Western fringe on layered dresses and skirts. 

If you can’t get enough fringe, here are more tips on how to dress like a cowboy

Floral Dresses

country fashion style floral dress

You can’t go wrong with a fun, flirty floral dress. A floral dress is perfect for a bright summer day or a night out on the town. 

From mini dresses to boho maxis, floral dresses are comfortable and flattering. There are so many silhouettes and cuts that can easily combine your personal style with a country flair. A delicate and vintage-inspired floral pattern is best for country fashion style.   

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Accessorize with Belts

country fashion style belt accessories

Belts are a great accessory because they add structure to any outfit.

Wear a vegan leather belt with a floral dress, fringe skirt, or high-waisted jeans to capture the casual elegance the country fashion style is known for. The key to wearing a belt is to place it at your natural waistline to create a flattering silhouette. 

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Classic Denim Jeans

country fashion style denim jeans

No country wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of classic denim jeans. From low-rise to high-waisted, dark wash to distressed, a good pair of jeans does wonders. 

When it comes to country style, jeans go with just about anything. Throw on your favorite pair with a comfortable flannel, or dress up for a night out with a boho top and high-heel ankle boots. 

Explore our list of the best fair trade denim jeans to find your perfect pair. 

Denim Jackets

country fashion style denim jackets

Denim jackets are a must-have for any country fashion fan. Denim is a big part of the Western style, so you need at least one high-quality denim jacket in your outfit rotation. 

A denim jacket looks cute with dresses, maxi skirts, and so much more. You can even create a denim-on-denim look with some high-waisted jeans and a bold belt. Lighter washes of denim are popular for country fashion, but don’t be afraid to go with darker washes for a casual evening look. 

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Sturdy Work Boots

country fashion style work boots

A good pair of sturdy work boots is a must-have if you love spending time outside. Go with a pair of closed-toe boots made with high-quality materials. 

Despite popular belief, you can build a cute outfit with work boots. They’re easy to wear with jeans, overalls, and everything in between. 

Pair your boots with a flannel, jeans, and a vest for a sturdy workwear look. You can even get adventurous and wear your favorite boots with a dress or skirt. 

Vegan work boots are the best sustainable and affordable option. 

A Crop Top & Overalls

country fashion style overalls

Bring a modern twist to your country style with a cute crop top and overalls. 

You can wear any style of overalls, from long denim pants to comfy cotton shorts. No matter what type you choose, you’ll fall in love with them because they’re comfortable, versatile, and convenient. 

Add some girly flair with a short and sweet floral crop top, or bring out your inner tomboy with a striped crop, work boots, and a high ponytail. 

Check out the best ethically-made overalls for more outfit inspiration. 

A Gingham Dress

country fashion style gingham

The checked gingham pattern we often associate with summer barbecues and picnic blankets is a huge part of the Western country style. You can incorporate it into your wardrobe for a fun, vintage-inspired vibe. 

A gingham dress is a breezy and beautiful way to wear this classic Western pattern. Most gingham dresses use cotton, so they’re breathable and perfect for hot temperatures. Throw on your favorite boots and a cute headband, and you’re ready for a long summer day by the barbecue. 

Organic cotton makes the best high-quality gingham. Explore our selection of brands that make the best organic cotton dresses

A Wide-Brimmed Hat and Flowy Top

country fashion style flowy top

If you don’t want to go all-out with an authentic cowboy hat, a wide-brimmed hat will do just fine. 

Wide-brimmed hats look great with a flowy top and some jeans. In addition, a felt or straw hat adds a boho touch to any Western outfit and creates a fun-loving, free-spirited vibe. 

Explore these sustainable hat brands to find your perfect hat. 

A Vegan Leather Jacket and Jeans

country fashion style leather jacket

country fashion style vegan leather

A leather jacket with jeans is an easy way to add some edgy flair to your country style. It perfectly combines the rustic charm of Western fashion with a modern, cruelty-free twist. 

A vegan leather jacket and dark-wash jeans are great for a country music concert or a day out with friends. Throw on your favorite graphic tee or feminine blouse underneath, and you’re ready to embrace your inner cowgirl. 

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Earthy Colors

country fashion style earthy colors

Country style is known for its down-to-earth, practical approach to fashion. When creating your Western country outfit, focus on wearing earth tones and neutral colors. 

Taupe, beige, olive green, and brown are just a few examples of popular colors in country fashion. The style is all about connecting to the land and embracing the natural landscape. 

What better way to embody that ethos than with a beige linen shirt, brown cowboy boots, and olive green work pants?

Florals and Lace

country fashion style florals

country fashion style lace

Incorporate a feminine touch to your country style with florals and lace. 

Floral calico prints are known for their delicate aesthetic and sturdy construction. Also, you can’t go wrong with a boho-inspired floral dress or a lace-trimmed cami worn under an unbuttoned flannel. 

When adding floral prints and lace accents, focus on soft, neutral colors and delicate patterns. The idea is to combine Western wear's more masculine, sturdy aesthetics with softer, feminine details.

Faux Fur-Lined Denim Jacket

country fashion style sherpa

A denim jacket with a warm fur lining is an everyday Western wear staple. Thankfully, you can add a fur-lined denim jacket to your wardrobe without compromising your cruelty-free values. 

When shopping for the perfect denim jacket, look for one lined with sherpa. Sherpa is a vegan alternative to shearling and is made with cotton, polyester, or acrylic. It’s warm and cozy, making it an excellent addition to any Western winter wardrobe. 

Check out this helpful guide for buying the best high-quality vegan items that don’t use fur. 

A White Boho Dress

country fashion style white dress

Country fashion isn’t only work boots and jeans. A delicate boho dress is a fabulous country fashion outfit that is feminine, cute, and beautiful.

White boho dresses come in all shapes and sizes, from floor-length tiered looks to short and flirty silhouettes. Look for a dress with Western-inspired design elements like lace trim, eyelet fabric, and flowy skirts. 

Explore the best popular boho clothing brands to find your next favorite dress. 

An All-Black Look

country fashion black cowboy hat

country fashion style black clothes

An easy way to add some edge to your country fashion style is to wear all-black. 

Dare to be different with black jeans, dark Western shirts, or all-black prairie dresses. Add a pop of color with gold jewelry or a patterned scarf for some added interest. 

Accessorize with a black hat, belt, and boots, and you’ll turn heads in no time. 

Find more fashion inspiration with our selection of black denim jeans. 

Camis and Floral Skirts

country fashion style cami skirts

A camisole and floral skirt will turn up the heat of any country fashion closet. 

A lace-trimmed cami and high-waisted floral skirt look feminine, cute, and chic. Pair your prairie-inspired outfit with ankle boots, a floppy sunhat, and a denim jacket for the ultimate country summer look.  

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Leggings and a Denim Shirt

country fashion style leggings boots

A denim shirt paired with leggings is an excellent choice for a more dressy, understated Western look. 

Wear a three-quarter sleeve denim button-up with thick leggings, knee-high boots, and a designer handbag to look elegant, effortless, and put-together. 

Shop the best American-made leggings for high quality that will last. 

Distressed Jeans and a Button-Up

country fashion style button up

Try distressed jeans and a plaid button-up shirt if you’re looking for an easy, no-nonsense country outfit. 

This combination looks great on all body types and is easy to wear across all seasons. Distressed jeans add a rustic flair, and a button-up elevates the outfit into a versatile look that works on the farm or at a restaurant. 

There are plenty of great recycled denim brands that make high-quality distressed jeans. 

Western Shirts

country fashion style western shirt

country style western wear

Western shirts stand out from the crowd with their pointed yokes on the front and back and double pockets that often have snap closures. Western shirts are a must-have for any country wardrobe because of their high-quality construction and durability. 

Just because Western shirts are practical doesn’t mean they can’t look good. You can find plenty of Western shirts in fun patterns and colors, from bright plaids to somber black-and-white embroidery.

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Bold Belt Buckles

country fashion style belt buckle

A bold belt buckle gives any country Western outfit an edge. Add a decorative buckle to your favorite belt to express yourself and add personal flair to an everyday outfit. 

Western belt buckles are characterized by intricate metalwork, brushed gold, rhinestones, and personalized engraving. Some belt buckles even have mother-of-pearl and turquoise inlays if you feel like getting fancy. 

Find the perfect vegan leather belt for your belt buckle. 

Denim Skirts

country fashion style denim skirts

A denim skirt is an excellent addition to any girl’s Western style. It’s an easy way to combine the masculine feel of denim with a feminine silhouette. 

Pair a short denim skirt with a cute crop top or tank for a hot summer outfit. If you want more coverage, go with a longer hemline and wear your skirt with a gingham blouse or vegan leather jacket. 

Explore our selection of the best denim skirts that won’t break the bank. 

A Dress with a Fringe Shawl

country fashion style fringe shawl

A fringe shawl and dress are perfect if you want to go all-out and create a wind-swept Little House of the Prairie look. 

Wear a vintage patterned fringe shawl with a flowing white maxi or tiered boho dress. If you want a modern twist, pair a semi-sheer fringe shawl with a short and flirty mini or midi dress. 

You can get creative, from cute denim dresses to sexy summer minis

Prairie Dresses with Cowboy Boots

country fashion style prairie dress

You can’t go wrong with a long prairie dress and a good old pair of cowboy boots. The look is a quintessential country fashion staple. 

Go with a prairie dress in a floral, gingham, or plaid print. To really pull off this look, make sure your dress hem hits your calf or ankle so that you can show off your boots. 

Add a vegan leather belt to accentuate your natural waist, along with any other accessories you love. 

Shop our selection of sustainable maxi dresses to achieve this look. 

Fun Graphic Tees

country fashion style graphic tee

Get creative with your country style by adding fun graphic t-shirts to your closet. 

Throw on a cute graphic t-shirt with some distressed black jeans, a denim jacket, and your favorite wide-brimmed hat for an easy, versatile look. Graphic tees featuring nature, animals, or your favorite country singer work perfectly. 

Find your next favorite graphic tee via an online thrift store or local vintage shop. 

Maxi Skirts and Belts

country fashion style maxi skirts

A maxi skirt with a bold belt is a fun way to mix it up and try something different. 

A flowing, floral maxi skirt with a thin braided belt and a white boho blouse looks great. Maxi skirts in solid colors and thicker fabric create a powerful, feminine look when worn with a wider Western belt and boots. 

Check out these maxi skirts that are sustainably made and affordable. 

A Zip-Up Hoodie and Jeans

country fashion style hoodies

A zip-up hoodie and comfortable jeans are excellent for horseback riding or hanging out. 

A hoodie and jeans keep you warm on cool days spent outside. Pair your outfit with sturdy boots and a belt, and you’re set for a day of hard work on the ranch.   

If you want that extra country flair, top off your look with a cowboy hat. 

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Distressed Jeans and a Tank Top

country fashion style distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are perfect for those who like a more edgy, modern country style. You can buy a new pair of sustainably-made distressed jeans or upcycle an old pair by distressing them yourself. 

Distressed denim looks great with a tank top, especially in the spring and summer. Pick a solid-color tank top for an elegant, chic look. Choose a fun pattern or bright color if you want to add more personality to your outfit.

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Checkered Shirts and Neckerchiefs

country fashion style checkers

Checkered patterns, whether plaid or gingham, are popular motifs in Western wear. That’s why a checkered shirt accessorized with a classic neckerchief makes a wonderful country outfit. 

Pair your checkered flannel with a denim jacket and black jeans for a cute everyday look, or dress up a checkered tank top with a contrasting neckerchief tied just under your chin. 

Find the best American-made shirts for men and women in this handy guide

Turquoise Jewelry

country fashion style turquoise

Turquoise jewelry is very popular in country fashion because the beautiful gemstone is commonly found in the American West. 

According to the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, turquoise is deeply significant to indigenous peoples of the region, often acting as a symbol of health and protection. 

Anyone can wear turquoise jewelry, so long as the piece doesn’t have spiritual or religious significance for Native American tribes. You can find beautifully handmade pieces of turquoise and silver jewelry made by artisans in the Southwest, from rings to necklaces. 

A Pattern Shawl and Top

country fashion style shawl

Add a boho edge to your country style with a patterned shawl and blouse. This layered and relaxed look is great for a date night or casual lunch.

Pick delicate shawls with paisley, floral, or boho-inspired prints for an ethereal Western vibe. Match a beautiful blouse with one color from the shawl pattern for an understated and elegant outfit. 

Explore some of the best boho blouses that are affordable and sustainable.  

A Denim Vest and Shorts

country fashion style vest

A denim vest and shorts make a great everyday country outfit. It’s a versatile, comfortable, and classic look. 

Wear a distressed denim vest with raw-hem shorts, or go with a canvas vest with a ton of pockets for easy access to tools. A graphic t-shirt or flannel looks great under a denim vest.

Long-Sleeve Tunics

country fashion style tunic

Try a long-sleeve tunic if you want a more modest, classic country outfit. 

A long-sleeve tunic is often made with linen or cotton, so it protects you from the sun without the risk of overheating. Plus, it looks great with jeans, skirts, and leggings. 

For accessories, add ankle boots, a linen skirt, and a bold belt to accentuate your figure. 

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