Coconut Girl is a popular internet aesthetic that combines Y2K, beach, and surfer girl fashion. If you love outfits that feature uplifting prints and colors, we've got you covered!

We have compiled a list of 15 clothing items and accessories that can help you no matter if you want to create the perfect Coconut Girl wardrobe from scratch, or just to upgrade your summer outfits with some amazing styles.

Are you in the mood for summer vibes? Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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Lemon dress

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits lemon dress

Achieve the ultimate Coconut Girl aesthetic with fruity prints. A lemon-printed dress will perfectly embody the idea of vacation.

This dress is a great choice for many occasions, from going out with your friends to date night.

Complete your outfit with flat sandals and beautiful jewelry.

For more fashion inspiration, have a look at our selection of sustainable summer dresses.

Crochet top

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits crochet top

Opt for a colorful crochet top. Eye-catching and versatile, it will provide both style and comfort. Wear it with jeans or a skirt.

Check out these ethically made tops.

Straw bag

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits straw bag

A straw bag serves as a fashionable summer accessory while providing the practicality of a regular bag. It pairs well with a large variety of outfits such as summer dresses.

If you are interested in affordable and sustainable bags, read our article and discover the 20 best affordable and vegan luxury handbag brands.

Crop top

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits crop top

Crop tops are must-haves when it comes to the Coconut Girl aesthetic. They look great with jeans, sweatpants, shorts, and colorful skirts.

Here are the 15 best affordable and sustainable crop tops.

Hawaiian shirt

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits Hawaiian shirt

People wear Hawaiian shirts to show their love for vacation locations. Also known as "Aloha shirts", Hawaiian shirts are colorful clothing items that feature a variety of prints including flowers, leaves, and birds.

They look great on everyone and can help you instantly nail the Coconut Girl aesthetic. You can wear yours with denim shorts or a skirt.

Never forget that spending a large amount of money isn't necessary in order to look great.

You can now purchase amazing vintage fashion for affordable prices. Discover the best second-hand clothing apps.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits flip-flops

Flip-flops are probably the most laid-back footwear option. During summer, you can make any outfit look more casual by wearing flip-flops.

The best flip-flops are cheap, eco-friendly, and ethically made from cruelty-free materials.

Purchase a sustainable pair of flip-flops and wear them to enhance any Coconut Girl outfit.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits sundress

Every woman should have at least one sundress in her summer wardrobe.

Comfortable, fashionable, and versatile, sundresses are also one of the best choices when it comes to the Coconut Girl aesthetic.

They provide a lot of freedom of movement and breathability without sacrificing style.

Check out our selection of sustainable sundresses.

Spaghetti straps

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits spaghetti straps

Spaghetti straps became popular in the 1930s and to this day they are a symbol of femininity. Many garments feature spaghetti straps, including tank tops, cami tops, crop tops, dresses, and even gowns.

Add instant glamour to your summer look with a stylish tank top. You can wear it in many cute combinations.

Don't forget to purchase it from a sustainable brand that works under high-quality standards.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits underwear

Choose high-quality and breathable lingerie featuring fun colors and prints that you love.

Never underestimate the power of underwear. It can instantly boost your confidence, but also ruin your day in case you choose uncomfortable materials or the wrong size.

Take a peek at the 20 best affordable and sustainable underwear brands.

Floral skirt

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits skirt

Practicality meets style with floral skirts. Skirts are timeless clothing items that will never go out of fashion.

They can help you look effortlessly chic. Complete your outfit with a tank top, a hat, a straw bag, and comfortable sandals or flip-flops.

Buy your skirt from one of these 20 best affordable and timeless clothing brands.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits shorts

Enhance your Coconut Girl aesthetic wardrobe with printed shorts. Choose a print inspired by summer and nature, such as flowers.

Add a T-shirt or a tank top in a neutral color.

Browse through the 15 best organic cotton shorts for women and men.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits swimwear

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Coconut Girl aesthetic is influenced by beachy and tropical aesthetics, which makes beautiful swimwear a must!

No matter if you go to the beach or the pool, choose colorful, printed swimwear that screams summer and highlights your best features.

Swimwear is available in many sizes, colors, and designs, and you can easily find amazing pieces that flatter your silhouette, regardless of your body type.

Let yourself be inspired by the 20 best sustainable swimwear brands in Europe.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits jewelry

No outfit is complete without accessories!

Accessorize your Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits with beautiful jewelry inspired by summer and beach vacations.

Craft a stunning look with a clean conscience by purchasing amazing jewelry pieces from one of the 10 best ethical jewelry brands that use recycled materials.

Button-down shirt

Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits button-down shirt

When we think of shirts, we usually have work and formal events in mind.

However, a shirt can also be used to create relaxed outfits. Add a button-down shirt over a crop top and complete your outfit with linen pants.

Here are the best affordable shirts made in Italy.


Coconut Girl aesthetic outfits sunglasses

The Coconut Girl aesthetic is, without any shadow of a doubt, a summer aesthetic. This means we can't talk about it without mentioning sunglasses.

They are very important because they can beautifully accessorize your outfits while protecting your eyes.

Luckily, nowadays you can purchase versatile, durable, fashionable, and sustainable sunglasses from eco-friendly brands that work under the highest social and environmental standards.

To help you look great, we have compiled a list of the 15 best affordable and sustainable sunglasses. Check it out here.

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