When preparing for a Christmas cruise, selecting the right clothing is not just about style and comfort but also about embracing the festive spirit of the season.

A Christmas cruise offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the holidays in a warm and picturesque setting, surrounded by the sun, sand, and sea.

To ensure you are well-prepared for both the celebratory Christmas events and the relaxed atmosphere of your cruise, it is important to pack a versatile wardrobe that accommodates various activities and occasions.

This comprehensive list of clothing items, including several essentials as well as some Christmas-themed items, will help you navigate your cruise with style, comfort, and the perfect touch of holiday cheer. You will also discover 5 outfit items that you should avoid packing or wearing on your cruise.

Whether you are basking in the sun by the pool, savoring formal dinners, or donning your Christmas best, this guide will ensure you are well-equipped for a memorable Christmas cruise experience.

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Cute Sundresses

Christmas cruise outfits sundress

Lightweight and colorful, sundresses are essential for your cruise wardrobe. They provide a breezy, comfortable option for casual days on the ship or at port.

Sundresses are ideal for keeping cool while exploring, lounging by the pool, or attending daytime events. Here are the 15 best affordable sundresses made in the USA.  

Cool Shorts

Christmas cruise outfits shorts

Comfortable shorts are a must for warm-weather destinations. They offer freedom of movement, making them perfect for excursions, beach days, and casual activities onboard the cruise.

Check out the 15 best shorts for both men and women made in the USA. 

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas cruise outfits sweater

For a touch of whimsy and holiday cheer, pack an ugly Christmas sweater. These quirky and festive sweaters often feature playful patterns or holiday-themed motifs, making them perfect for special holiday events onboard.

Do not forget to check out the 15 best affordable sweaters for broad shoulders. 

Christmas Pajamas

Christmas cruise outfits pajamas

Embrace the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed pajamas. These cozy and fun sleepwear options often feature festive patterns or motifs related to Christmas, adding a delightful touch to onboard Christmas activities and pajama parties.

Make sure to check out the 12 best affordable organic bamboo pajamas in 2023. 

Santa Hat

Christmas cruise outfits Santa hat

A Santa hat is the perfect accessory for infusing holiday cheer into your cruise attire. Wear it during Christmas celebrations and parties on the cruise to fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. Have a look at the 15 best affordable and sustainable hats and beanies

Cute Swimsuits

Christmas cruise outfits swimsuit

Bring multiple swimsuits to ensure you are always ready to enjoy the pool, beach, or hot tub. Having options allows you to put on a dry swimsuit after a swim. Discover what to wear over a swimsuit here


Christmas cruise outfits flip-flops

These are the ultimate convenience for poolside or beach excursions. Easy to slip on and off, they are also great for casual strolls around the ship. Here are the 20 best affordable and sustainable flip-flops for you. 

Sun Hats

Christmas cruise outfits sunhat

Stylish sun hats do more than shield you from the sun; they add a touch of elegance to your beach or poolside look. Plus, they provide extra sun protection for your face and neck.

Casual Tops

Christmas cruise outfits casual top

T-shirts, polo shirts, or casual button-downs are versatile pieces for your daytime activities. They keep you comfortable while ensuring you look stylish and put-together. Check out our selection of the best affordable plus-size linen shirts and tops

Light Cardigans

Christmas cruise outfits light cardigan

Light cardigans are a great addition for cooler evenings or breezy days when you want to stay warm without overheating. They can be easily layered over your outfits. Discover the 20 best affordable and sustainable cardigans

Cute Maxi Dresses

Christmas cruise outfits maxi dress

Maxi dresses offer the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. They are ideal for semi-formal dinners on the cruise, ensuring you look sophisticated while feeling at ease. Pick one from our wide selection of the most affordable maxi dresses made in the USA. 

Dress Shirts and Blouses

Christmas cruise outfits blouse

For formal nights, pack dressier tops that can be paired with nice slacks or skirts. These elevate your appearance and are perfect for special dining occasions.

Nice Slacks or Skirts

Christmas cruise outfits slacks

These pair seamlessly with your dress shirts or blouses, creating a semi-formal look suitable for dinner. Choose wrinkle-resistant options for convenience.

Check out our ultimate tips on what to wear with orange skirts in case you opt for this vibrant color. 

Cocktail Dress

Christmas cruise outfits cocktail dress

Formal nights on the cruise call for a cocktail dress for women and a suit or jacket for men. These ensure you look polished and sophisticated at formal events. Here are over 20 best places to rent a cocktail dress near you. 

Light Jacket

Christmas cruise outfits light jacket

Do not forget to pack a light jacket for cooler evenings or unexpected breezy days. It ensures you stay warm while maintaining your style. Discover the 15 best affordable jackets for broad shoulders. 

Active Wear

Christmas cruise outfits activewear

If you plan to use the ship's gym, include activewear in your packing. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics and comfortable, supportive clothing. Here are the 15 best affordable Australian-made activewear brands you must check out. 

Avoid these Outfits!

Heavy Winter Coats

Leave heavy winter coats at home. Christmas cruises typically take place in warm destinations, making bulky winter coats unnecessary. Opt for lighter outerwear that is more suitable for the climate.

Bulky Boots

Snow boots and other bulky footwear are unnecessary for warm-weather cruises. They can take up valuable luggage space and are unlikely to be used in tropical or temperate climates.

Overly Revealing Clothing

While cruise attire can be casual, it is advisable to avoid overly revealing clothing. Dress modestly in dining areas and public spaces to ensure you feel comfortable and adhere to onboard dress codes.

Ripped or Torn Clothing

Keep your clothing in good condition by avoiding torn or overly distressed items. Cruise environments often require neat and presentable attire, so maintaining the condition of your clothing is essential.

Inappropriate Swimwear

Be mindful of the swimwear you choose. While swimwear is appropriate for pool and beach areas, ensure it is tasteful and in line with the cruise environment. Avoid overly revealing or offensive swimwear to respect onboard dress codes and fellow passengers.

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