Wearing red as a wedding guest has been a topic of debate for years. While some people claim that it is a bold and stylish choice, others regard it as an attempt to outshine the bride.

Can you wear red to a wedding? The short answer is yes. In 2024, a lot of women are choosing red for their wedding guest outfits.

In this article, you will discover the pros and cons of a red outfit, as well as our top red outfit recommendations for wedding attendees. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

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Social norms

Can you wear red to a wedding? social norms

Before deciding to wear red, it is very important to consider the culture and traditions of the wedding you will attend.

If you aren't sure, it is best to ask the bride and groom. If they ask you not to wear red, you should go for another color.

Pros and cons

Can you wear red to a wedding? pros and cons

It's time to talk about the pros and cons of wearing red!

Red is seen as a bold and romantic color that, in most cases, is perfectly acceptable for wedding attire. This color can boost your confidence and energy, allowing you to look and feel fantastic.

Red is not a single color - there is a red shade out there for every skin tone. If you have warm skin undertones, opt for a warm shade of red such as coral or crimson red. If you have cool undertones, go for a cooler shade of red, like burgundy.

There aren't many cons to wearing red, but you should keep in mind that it is an attention-grabbing color and you will not go unnoticed if you decide to wear it.

Red cocktail dress

Can you wear red to a wedding? cocktail dress

One of the most attractive dresses you can wear to a wedding is a cocktail dress.

A red cocktail dress is a must-have at any party if you want to be noticed. Complete your outfit with neutral-colored shoes.

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Red sequin dress

Can you wear red to a wedding? sequin dress

If the wedding is taking place in an upscale location, you can instantly look glamorous by choosing a red sequin dress.

Luckily, you can wear such a dress without breaking the bank!

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Romantic fashion style

Can you wear red to a wedding? Romantic fashion style

If you love cute and feminine details when it comes to your outfits, the romantic fashion style is the way to go!

Choose a cute and fashionable dress featuring puff sleeves and a beautiful neckline.

For more fashion inspiration, read our best tips for a romantic fashion-style wardrobe.

Red mini dress

Can you wear red to a wedding? mini dress

Nothing is more attractive than a red mini-dress. If you want to impress your boyfriend, choose a beautiful mini-dress that highlights your legs.

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Coral dress

Can you wear red to a wedding? coral dress

Coral is a warm shade of red that works beautifully for women with a peachy, warm complexion. Such a warm and vibrant color will make you look youthful and energetic.

Accessorize with statement, sparkling jewelry to make your attire more elegant.

Don't forget to purchase your dress from a sustainable brand.

Burgundy dress

Can you wear red to a wedding? burgundy

Burgundy is a flattering choice for skin with cool undertones.

Being a muted version of red, it is perfect if you want something elegant but more conservative and less attention-grabbing. For this reason, burgundy is appropriate for a wider variety of occasions.

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Open-back design

Can you wear red to a wedding? open-back design

If you want a stunning dress that will help you stand out from the crowd, an open-back design might be the right choice.

It is extremely sexy without being vulgar and it is the perfect option for a formal event.

Accessorize your outfit with sparkling jewelry and neutral-colored shoes.

Red blazer

Can you wear red to a wedding? blazer

Do you love modern outfits that combine style and practicality? Choose a bright red blazer and wear it over an ivory maxi dress.

This outfit is perfect if you want to add a pop of color and a touch of sophistication to your style. Not to mention it looks flattering on all silhouettes! You will feel comfy while looking like a fashion pro.

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Red skirt

Can you wear red to a wedding? skirt

A red skirt is another great idea for women who want to wear red but don't want a head-to-toe red outfit.

Combine your skirt with a cute, floral blouse. This is an outfit that is both elegant and versatile and can be worn on many occasions.

Buy your skirt from a sustainable brand that works under the highest social and environmental standards.

Red shoes

Can you wear red to a wedding? red shoes

Red shoes can be the accessory that adds glamour to a simple outfit. If you're hesitant about wearing a full red outfit, you can always incorporate red accessories.

Choose a white, ivory, or light blue dress and complete it with red shoes. This is a more conservative way to wear red and you should opt for it if you want an outfit that combines simplicity and elegance.

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Red wedding dress

Can you wear red to a wedding? wedding dress

If you are the bride and want to wear red, you should! It is your big day and it is very important to be wholeheartedly happy with your outfit!

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Red blouse

Can you wear red to a wedding? red blouse

A red blouse paired with a skirt or pants is a versatile and classy choice for a wedding. You can add a blazer too.

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Red coordinated set

Can you wear red to a wedding? coord

For a beach wedding, you need a comfortable outfit that doesn't sacrifice style.

Choose a red coordinated set featuring a fun print and complete your outfit with comfortable shoes. Don't forget to opt for high-quality, breathable materials that absorb moisture.

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