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Panaprium is a fashion blog that drives lots of traffic and earns thousands of dollars every month. And we aim to stay transparent with our readers through these blogging statistics and insights into our business. annually speaks to over 5 million people across the globe through websites, newsletters, and social media channels. It's a highly successful blog built from scratch in one of the most competitive niches ever.

Here is everything you need to know about Panaprium through a complete list of business blogging statistics and information.

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Company Overview

panaprium blogging statistics company

Panaprium is your source for a conscious, fair, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We provide philosophy, influences, and awareness around the attitude and desire for better living and offer inspiration, ideas, tips, and buying advice, as well as a platform for discussion.

Company name: Panaprium GmbH
Year founded: 2017
Employees: 1-10
IPO status: private

HQ: Berlin, Germany
Annual revenue: $100K - $1.0M
Industry: Apparel & Fashion
CB rank: 224,907

Advertising: Google Adsense
Currencies: United States Dollar
Analytics: Google Analytics
Platform: Shopify

Panaprium is a still small organization from Berlin, Germany, founded by Alex Assoune in 2017 and headquartered in the European Union (EU), according to Crunchbase.

Domain Overview

panaprium domain authority blog statistics is the main fashion blog where users can get the best in ethical and sustainable fashion news, style trends, outfit ideas, and shopping suggestions for an eco-conscious lifestyle. is an online education platform where users can find plenty of in-depth tutorials and step-by-step instructions to start a blog from scratch, as well as tons of golden nuggets and valuable information to improve their existing website.

Main domain:
Domain authority: 39
Linking root domains: 3.4K

Ranking keywords: 21.3K
Spam score: 2%
Top keywords: 5.3K
Traffic share: organic

Panaprium is a new business with a couple of years of age and still rapidly growing. It has an average domain authority but still ranks high in Google search results for thousands of keywords, according to MOZ.

Backlink Breakdown

panaprium backlinks blog statistics

Panaprium has a relatively small number of backlinks and many are still being discovered every day. The number of external referring URLs is growing, which indicates a rising number of users finding Panaprium's content valuable.

External referring URLs: 22,518
Supplemental links: +1,300
External inbound links: 23,818

Referring domains: 2,777
Trust flow: 15
Citation flow: 46

Panaprium has a working backlink strategy that allows it to grow its referring domains over time to increase its authority in the industry. It has a strong backlink campaign that drives lots of organic traffic, according to Majestic.

Traffic statistics

panaprium blog traffic statistics

Panaprium has a lot of traffic and thousands of new daily users coming to its website. It's a highly successful blog and is well-known in the industry as a valuable resource for all things sustainable fashion.

Users in the last 30 minutes: 169
Event count yesterday: 28K
Top users' country: United States
Top sessions' channel: organic search

panaprium blogging statistics countries

New users yesterday: 5.5K
Page views yesterday: 7.7K
Returning users yesterday: 461
Average engagement time: 1m 18s

apanprium blog statistics audience demographics

Bounce rate: 71%
Pages per visit: 1.55
Average visit duration: 1m 46s
Engaged sessions per user: 0.26

Panaprium has a relatively high bounce rate and user engagement, according to Google Analytics. The average visit duration is similar to other websites in the same industry.

Panaprium is ranked 128,326 among websites globally based on its 471,467 monthly web visitors. Its monthly visits growth amounts to 20.91%, according to Semrush.

Audience overview

panaprium blogging statistics devices

Panaprium has a large audience that is still growing every day thanks to high-quality and extremely valuable content. The United States is the top country sending traffic to

Gender distribution:
58% female
42% male

Age distribution:
18-24: 28%
25-34: 31%
35-44: 16%
45-54: 11%
55-64: 7%
65+: 5%

Top operating system: iOS
Top device: web/mobile
Top browser: Chrome
Top resolution: 1440x900

Panaprium's audience is mostly female and the largest age group of visitors is 25-34, according to Similarweb. Most users visit using their mobile devices.

Technology Overview

panaprium technology blogging statistics

Panaprium is actively using 84 technologies for its website and has removed 301 technologies from since May 2017, according to BuiltWith. These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and SSL by Default.

Marketing automation: Active Campaign
Analytics: Google Analytics
Domain insight: Facebook Insights
Conversion tracking: Google Conversion Linker

Tag management: Google Tag Manager
Social login: OXI Social Login
Anti-bot widget: reCAPTCHA
Stock photos: Pexels

eCommerce: Shopify
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails
Structured data: Schema
Compatibility: Viewport Meta

Content Delivery Network: Cloudflare
Distribution network: AJAX Libraries
Static Content: Google GStatic
NPM Library: Unpkg

Apple Pay
American Express

Slick JS

Google Remarketing
Commission Junction

Panaprium is committed to using technology for good to drive change in the fashion industry. It aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable fashion. It has committed to increasing its technology spending every year.

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