Dressing to flatter your body shape is not always easy. For women with a rectangle-shaped body, it's all about creating curves and defining the silhouette. With its straight lines and balanced proportions, the rectangle body type can carry a wide range of styles with ease.

Summer is just around the corner and if you don't know what dress is best for your body type, we can help you!

Once you understand what your styling goals should be, it becomes very easy to choose the right outfit that highlights your best features and makes you look fabulous and feel confident.

From summer dresses to elegant gowns, we've curated a list of the 14 best dresses to complement your figure. Keep reading to discover our best tips!

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Rectangle body dresses - about

If your bust and hips have roughly the same width, you have a straight shoulder line, and your silhouette doesn't feature many curves, chances are you have a rectangle body shape.

To create flattering outfits, your goal should be defining your waist.

When it comes to dresses, you should avoid boxy styles that add unwanted bulk to your silhouette.

Summer dress

Rectangle body dresses - summer dress

Nothing says summer like a breezy sundress. Summer dresses are attractive, comfortable, and breathable. They are made from materials that offer a lot of freedom of movement and are gentle with your skin.

Opt for styles with A-line skirts or empire waists to add volume to your body and create the illusion of curves. Floral prints, vibrant colors, and lightweight fabrics are your best friends for a fun and flirty summer look.

Take a look at the 20 best cute and cheap summer dresses.

V-neck dress

Rectangle body dresses - V-neck

A V-neckline is perfect for elongating the torso and drawing attention upwards.

Choose dresses with V-necklines to add dimension to your chest area and create a more defined waistline.

Whether it's a casual day dress or an evening gown, a dress featuring this neckline will accentuate your assets beautifully.

Let yourself be inspired by the best slow fashion brands.

Puff sleeves

Rectangle body dresses - puff sleeves

Puff sleeves are back in a big way, and they're ideal for adding volume to the shoulders and balancing out a rectangle-shaped body.

Opt for dresses with puff sleeves and a flare design that will add volume both to your upper and lower body.

Belted dress

Rectangle body dresses - belted dress

A belted dress is a must-have for rectangle body types as it helps cinch the waist and create curves.

Look for dresses with adjustable belts that allow you to customize the fit to your liking. This style is perfect for your body type.

Here are the 10 best affordable Italian cotton dresses you will love.

Little black dress

Rectangle body dresses - little black dress

Every woman needs a little black dress in her wardrobe, and for rectangle body types, it's all about finding the perfect fit.

Opt for styles with strategic seaming and detailing to create the illusion of curves. Whether it's a classic design or a sleek bodycon silhouette, the little black dress is a timeless essential.

Check out the 20 best affordable and sustainable black dresses.

Ruffle dress

Rectangle body dresses - ruffle dress

Ruffles are another great way to add volume and movement to your look. Opt for dresses with ruffles on both the upper and lower parts for a balanced look.

Whether it's a playful mini dress or an elegant midi length, ruffles are a fun and feminine addition to any wardrobe.

Don't forget to purchase your clothes from sustainable and vegan clothing brands.

Sweater dress

Rectangle body dresses - sweater dress

For cooler weather, a sweater dress is a chic and cozy option for the rectangle body type.

Look for styles with a defined waistline or a belted detail to create shape and avoid overwhelming your frame. Pair it with tights and ankle boots for a stylish yet comfortable ensemble.

Discover the best affordable and sustainable sweater dresses.

Maxi dress

Rectangle body dresses - maxi dress

Maxi dresses are a versatile option for rectangle body types, offering both comfort and style.

Every woman should have one in her wardrobe because maxi dresses are incredibly versatile, being an amazing choice for many occasions.

Purchase yours from a sustainable brand.

Cocktail dress

Rectangle body dresses - cocktail dress

When it comes to cocktail attire, opt for dresses that accentuate your best features.

Look for styles with strategic draping, embellishments, or asymmetrical details to create curves and add visual interest.

Look fabulous and feel confident with one of these sustainable cocktail dresses for any party.

Wrap dress

Rectangle body dresses - wrap dress

The wrap dress is a timeless silhouette that flatters a variety of body types, including rectangle-shaped ones.

The adjustable tie waist creates the illusion of curves, while the V-neckline elongates the torso.

Whether it's a wrap midi dress for the office, a cute mini dress, or a wrap maxi dress for a special occasion, this style is effortlessly chic and flattering.


Rectangle body dresses - belt

Belts deserve a mention for their ability to transform any dress into a flattering one.

Thankfully, you can now purchase amazing belts that are entirely made from cruelty-free and vegan materials.

Don't forget to check out our list of the 10 best ethical and vegan leather belts for women.


Rectangle body dresses - gown

For formal events, opt for gowns that highlight your best features. Look for styles with interesting necklines, strategic ruching, or embellishments to create curves and add personality to your attire.

Check out the 10 best recycled dresses and gowns for unique looks.

Round neckline dress

Rectangle body dresses - round neckline

While V-necklines are great for elongating the torso, don't underestimate the power of a round neckline.

Round necklines can create a softer, more feminine look and draw attention to your collarbones and shoulders.

Browse through the best affordable dresses for special occasions.

Mini dress

Rectangle body dresses - mini dress

Last but not least, the mini dress is a fun and flirty option for rectangle body types.

Show off your legs and create the illusion of curves with a well-fitted mini dress. Opt for styles with interesting details like ruffles, cutouts, or bold prints to make a statement.

Here are the 20 best affordable sexy casual summer dresses.

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