Malaysia is a stunning tropical country in Southeast Asia. There is a variety of things to see and do in Malaysia.

While on islands and big cities like Kuala Lumpur, you can dress more freely. However, Malaysia is a Muslim country, so modesty is key, especially when visiting temples and mosques.

Keep scrolling to discover our 15 outfit suggestions to make your trip to Malaysia fashionable and unforgettable.

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Knee-high or Maxi Dress

Malaysia trip outfits dress

Pack a knee-high or maxi dress for your trip to Malaysia. A knee-high length is a perfect option.

There are endless combinations of patterns and colors you can choose from.

Pack a cute, patterned knee-high dress or a beautiful floral maxi dress. Pair it with cute flats or trainers for a fun visit to a museum or coffee shop in KL.

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Wedge Sandals

Malaysia trip outfits wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are a perfect addition to your Malaysia trip wardrobe. Pick comfortable sandals that sit snugly on your feet.

Having comfortable footwear is crucial, as you might spend hours wandering and admiring the splendid beauty of Malaysia. Wedge sandals go great with dresses, pants, and shorts.

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Malaysia trip outfits slacks

Pack a pair or two of loose slacks. Pick cotton or other breathable fabrics. Malaysia is usually quite hot and humid, so you will want to feel comfortable in your outfit.

Locals love wearing colorful clothes, so if you want to blend in, go for colorful ones. You can also wear monochrome slacks with patterned or printed tops. If you are visiting Langkawi or Penang, feel free to pair your slacks with more open tops. In other parts of the country, opt for modest tops.

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Flats or Sneakers

Malaysia trip outfits trainers

Flats or sneakers are your best bet, as the road surface is uneven, or there are no sidewalks at all in many places.

So, it is not recommendable to pack high heels. If you visit during the monsoon season, make sure to have a pair of rainproof sneakers as well.

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Scarf or Shawl

Malaysia trip outfits scarf

A scarf or shawl is an absolute must, so do include it in your suitcase. Pick a stylish colorful one to better complement your looks.

It is also practical, as you will need a scarf or shawl when visiting temples and mosques. On a beach day, you can turn your scarf into a cute top for a fun look.

Wide-leg Jeans

Malaysia trip outfits wide-leg jeans

Now, if you are really into denim, and cannot imagine your outfits without a pair of jeans, pack a pair of loose wide-leg jeans.

Slim-fit jeans are not a good idea as it is hot and humid, and you will not want the jeans to stick to your skin and make you uncomfortable.

Pair the wide-leg jeans with cute shirts, and T-shirts, and you will have an attractive outfit for the day.

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Malaysia trip outfits bikini

Malaysian islands have stunning beaches, and they are worth the visit. Pack a cute swimsuit or bikini to make your beach holiday unforgettable.

Even though you will see most Malaysians swimming in their clothes or full-body swimwear, feel free to wear your bikini. It is normal to dress freely on the beaches, and it is unlikely that you will get unwanted stares.

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Beach Dress

Malaysia trip outfits beach dress

A beach dress is another cute item that is a must if you decide to spend time on the gorgeous beaches of Langkawi or Penang.

Pick a beautiful designy beach dress and team it nicely with your sandals, cute little beach bag, and sunglasses for an ultimate chic beach look.

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Breezy Shirt

Malaysia trip outfits breezy shirt

Pack one or two loose breezy shirts. Pick a joyous colorful design for a fun look. Go for breathable materials like cotton or linen.

Choose non-see-through breezy shirts not to attract unwanted attention.

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Knee-length Shorts

Malaysia trip outfits knee-length shorts

Knee-length shorts are perfect for the climate in Malaysia. 

Shorts will come in handy especially if you opt for a scooter rental. You could easily explore the islands on a scooter.

However, it is recommendable to wear pants or shorts that cover your knees when visiting religious sites.

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Sweater or Jumper

Malaysia trip outfits sweater

Pack a sweater or jumper if you plan to visit the midlands, as it can get chilly.

Pick soft, breathable materials that will keep you warm and make you feel at ease. Choose suitable colors that nicely pair with your pants and shoes.

It is warm all year round, so there is no need for many sweaters, one should be enough.

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Midi Skirt and T-shirt

Malaysia trip outfits midi skirt and T-shirt

Pack a midi skirt and a cute T-shirt for a beautiful outfit. You can go for pleated or floaty designs.

Pair the pleated or floaty skirt with a cute but modest Tee, and get ready to discover the gems of Malaysia.

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Malaysia trip outfits jacket

A jacket is perfect if you decide to rent a scooter and ride around. It is also a terrific option if you go hiking.

Pack a denim or corduroy jacket to protect yourself against the wind and enjoy your trip to the max.

Long T-shirts

Malaysia trip outfits long Tee

Pack a few cute long T-shirts in your suitcase. You can pair these with leggings or pants for a laid-back look.

Go for bright colors to make your outfit stand out. Add a chic belt and turn your long Tee into a cute dress for a fun date on the beach.

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Suncream and Sunglasses

Malaysia trip outfits sunglasses sunscreen

Staying healthy while enjoying your holiday should be a priority.

Pack sunglasses and sunscreen, as long exposure to sunlight can be damaging to your health. Ensure to pick a sun cream with at least 30 SPF protection.   

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