Indian wear is a celebration of colors, textiles, prints, embroideries and various motifs. The festival of lights is the ideal occasion to flaunt your most fashionable Indian attires.


The best clothes to wear to a Diwali party are the ones you feel most comfortable in. Outfits closest to your personal style always make you feel good and stand out. Although wearing traditional clothes isn’t necessary, it is a great way to pay homage to the culture.


No attire you pick will be complete without self confidence, wear it like your most prized possession. The only thumb rule to follow when deciding your look, don’t let your outfit wear you. Own your look and remember to have fun with it. Are you ready to be the most talked about firecracker this Diwali season?



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what wear diwali party saree

A saree is the most versatile and elegant attire. This six yard long woven fabric makes for a perfect Diwali party outfit. It flatters and celebrates all shapes, sizes and body types. A saree is the red lipstick of clothing. No woman can look less than stunning in it.


One always looks put together in a saree. They transcend time and look equally beautiful on women of all ages. It makes for a very sustainable choice too. Regular saree wearers have heirloom pieces that are passed through generations.


Pick a traditional silk saree, or go light with a beautiful cotton or linen saree. You can also choose between a flattering contemporary silhouette like satin and the classic delicate lace saree. Hand embroidered sarees too, make for a great choice. The options are endless.


Pair your saree with a matching or contrasting crop top. Or play to the gallery by wearing a corset as a blouse. Don’t forget to wear your most comfortable stilettos to elevate your look. Sarees are absolutely timeless and should be your number one pick for the next Diwali soirée.


Here is our selection of comfortable crop tops that would pair well with a saree.




what wear diwali party lehenga

If you believe in celebrating your body, regardless of its shape and size. A midriff bearing lehenga could be your go to look. The traditional lehenga is a three piece attire. It includes a long skirt, a blouse and a dupatta. You can pick between a beautiful light lehenga, a contemporary style glamorous lehenga or a heavily embroidered go big or go home lehenga.


A lehenga isn’t a single use purchase. This makes it a sustainable choice. Lehengas with flared skirts give a ball gown feel. And you wouldn’t look or feel anything less than an Indian Cinderella in it.


If you have enough time until the next Diwali party, watch this to get inspired to design your own lehenga.




Salwar suit

what wear diwali party salwar

A heavy, well tailored salwar suit makes for a wonderful festive ensemble. It is comfortable and fuss free, yet stylish. Wearing colourful and embroidered salwar suits are a great way to embody the festive spirit.


You can also choose to go ethereal with pastel hues. Pick a kurta in a cut that flatters your body type and balances out the loose fit of the salwar. Don’t forget to throw in a dupatta (long scarf) to go with your kurta and salwar.





Anarkali suit

anarkali what wear diwali party

Made with light and breathable fabric, the anarkali suit is a popular pick for the festive season. An anarkali is a flowy long kurta, which can be teamed with leggings, palazzos, and even long skirts. The kurta widens towards the hem of the garment and has a dramatic fall.


It is the obvious choice for social media lovers who want to end the Diwali night with some aesthetic twirling boomerangs.



Churidar Kurta

shuridar what wear diwali party

Churidars are especially tailored, well fitted pants that crease close to the ankle area. They accentuate a woman’s height and give shape to her legs. A churidar is worn with a kurta and looks best when paired with high heels.




what wear diwali party sharara

Shararas are in vogue and make for a great festive wear option.These flowy pants are a close Indian equivalent of palazzo pants. The wide legged floor sweeping pants are all about drama. They look best when styled with a short, well fitted kurta and dupatta. If you enjoy making a grand entrance, a sharara should be your go to outfit. The roomy pants also promise to let you shake a leg comfortably when the beat drops.



Maxi Skirt

what wear diwali party skirt

Pick comfort for the festivities. Try a bold coloured maxi skirt with a cute matching or contrasting crop top. Drape a dupatta or long stole to turn it into a DIY lehenga. Dress it up with beautiful glass bangles and a bindi on your forehead. Hair in a bun, accessorised with fresh flowers. And you are ready to stand out in your Indie Diwali celebrations look.


Here is our selection of maxi skirts to help you create the look.





what wear diwali party kaftan

Wear a full length kaftan to the next Diwali bash. Kaftans are extremely stylish and effortless. An easy breezy outfit choice that prioritises comfort over everything. To make it more flattering, use a belt or cummerbund to cinch your waist and pick styles that suit your personality best.




Traditional Co-ord Set

what wear diwali party coord

Be an effortlessly stylish guest by putting on a traditional Indian co-ord set. Co-ord sets are versatile and are being favored by women across the world. They are easy to slip into, and are available in many fun styles too.


Pick palazzo pants for comfort and cigarette pants for sharpness.



Ethnic Gowns

An ethnic gown is a great outfit alternative for those who like to dress modestly. They look both charming and elegant while serving their purpose.




what wear diwali party accessories

Dressing up in your best attire isn’t enough. Accessories will help complete your look, instantly dialing up the glamour quotient. They will make you stand out in the crowd. Some traditional Indian accessories you could try on include: nose rings, bangles, anklets, cummerbands, jhumkas, and maang tikkas.


Diwali is the best time to showcase your jewellery collection. Diamonds, gold, silver, all of it! And more. This Diwali season, go bling or go home.

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