You are immediately transported into an enchanted fairy tale when you watch the classic Beauty and the Beast story on Broadway. 

You want your outfit to be just right for your night out. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for outfit ideas that strike the perfect balance of fairy tale magic and nightlife glamor. 

Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Belle's ballroom attire or the timeless charm of the Beast's enchanted castle, we've curated outfit inspirations that seamlessly blend with the whimsical tale. 

Get ready to dazzle with these 15 outfit ideas for a night out to see Beauty and the Beast on stage.

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Go for Smart Casual or Semi-Formal

semi-formal beauty beast outfit

Theaters usually do not have an official dress code. However, you want to look your best when seeing a stage play like Beauty and the Beast. It’s best to dress in smart casual or semi-formal.

Wear clothing like slacks, button-ups, dresses, and nice shoes. You don’t have to dress like you’re going to a gala but go for a nice, polished vibe. 

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A Belle-Inspired Gown

beauty and beast belle inspired gown

Diehard Beauty and the Beast fans might feel compelled to dress like their favorite character. If you love Belle, consider wearing a Belle-inspired dress to the show. 

Balance the costume aspect of your Belle-inspired outfit with a semi-formal, sophisticated vibe. 

Broadway insiders discourage audience members from wearing official costumes to a show, as it distracts from the hard work and artistry of the performers on stage. 

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A Knee-Length Dress

beauty and beast knee length dress

A knee-length dress is an excellent option for a Beauty and the Beast show. It’s a classic choice that is easy to wear and always looks good.

Wear a knee-length dress with a fun pattern, or go the classic theater route with a deep red velvet dress and black heels. 

There are endless options for knee-length dresses, so you’ll definitely find one that floats your boat.

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A Slip Dress & Blazer

beauty and beast slip dress

beauty and beast womans blazer

When in doubt, wear a slip dress and blazer. 

This semi-formal outfit is elegant, flattering, and oh-so chic. A slip dress is an easy way to dress up for the theater without looking too formal. 

Wear strappy heels, a sustainable blazer, and some gold rings for a polished, effortless look. 

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Tailored Jumpsuits

beauty and beast outfit jumpsuit

A tailored jumpsuit is an excellent modern twist on the semi-formal dress code. 

A jumpsuit is comfortable, elegant, and perfect for a night out at the theater. Elevate your jumpsuit look with dangling earrings, heeled boots, and a chic blazer. 

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A Classic Little Black Dress

black dress beauty beast outfit

You can’t go wrong with a classic little black dress. It’s an outfit that works for almost any occasion. 

Plus, you can wear a black dress that is as casual or formal as you’d like. You can wear anything from a floor-length satin gown to a black linen mini dress. 

Accessorize your Beauty and the Beast dress with sleek heels, delicate earrings, and a statement handbag for a memorable Broadway outfit. 

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Cropped Pants & A Blazer

beauty beast pants blazer

A blazer and cropped pants are modern yet elegant for a Broadway show. 

Wear a matching blazer and pants for a pantsuit look, or pair contrasting colors with a neutral blouse underneath. Complete your outfit with stunning heels for a sizzling evening look. 

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A Wrap Dress & Flats

beauty and beast wrap dress

A wrap dress with flats is a simple, fun outfit to wear to Beauty and the Beast.

Wrap dresses flatter every body type and can be worn year-round. Wear a floral print wrap dress with comfortable black flats for a classic, breezy date night outfit. 

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A Nice Blouse & Black Jeans

beauty beast black jeans

Nowadays, jeans are entirely appropriate to wear to a play. Wear a pair of lovely black jeans with an elegant blouse for an effortless, breezy Beauty and the Beast outfit. 

Black jeans are extremely versatile. You can wear any type of blouse, from a cozy turtleneck to a flirty floral spaghetti strap. 

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A Skirt, Tights, & Ankle Boots

beauty beast skirt tights boots

Create a dark academia outfit that Belle would be proud of with a skirt, tights, and comfy ankle boots. 

This look is perfect if you see Beauty and the Beast in the fall or winter. Pair your skirt with a cozy cream-colored sweater and an overcoat for the ultimate chic outfit. 

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Dark-Wash Jeans & A Nice Shirt

dark wash jeans beauty beast

Dark-wash jeans and a nice shirt are perfectly acceptable to wear to a Broadway show. Both men and women can pull off this outfit. 

Wear dark-wash jeans with a nice button-up or a feminine blouse. Pair your outfit with nice dress shoes, and you’re good to go.

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A Button-Up and Slacks

beauty and beast button-up 

A button-up and slacks are easy yet polished outfits for men to wear to Beauty and the Beast.

Wear a plaid, long-sleeve button-up with khakis, dress shoes, and a nice belt. Your date will be impressed, and you’ll feel at ease watching the amazing show unfold on stage. 

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A Sweater Vest & Dress Shirt

beauty beast sweater vest

A sweater vest worn over a long-sleeve dress shirt always looks elegant and put-together. 

Wear a knit sweater vest with a white button-up underneath. Pair your look with a bowtie, tailored slacks, and Oxfords for a scholarly look that Belle would die for. 

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Turtleneck & Trousers

womens turtleneck beauty beast outfit

mens turtleneck beauty beast outfit

If you’re seeing Beauty and the Beast on a frosty winter evening, wear a cozy turtleneck and trousers. This outfit looks great on men and women alike. 

Wear a knit turtleneck with black pants or a chunky cotton pullover with high-waisted skinny trousers. 

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A Tuxedo

beauty and beast oufit tuxedo

Wear a full-on formal tuxedo if you want to dress to impress. A tuxedo is Beauty and the Beast-approved, especially if you snagged front-row tickets. 

Wear a classic black tuxedo, a crisp white shirt, and a black bow tie for a truly timeless and formal ensemble.

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