What happens when you do yoga? What are the benefits of regular yoga practice? Should you get into yoga and start practicing more often?

These are very common questions I get from yoga students. There are many benefits of doing yoga. It is great for health and well-being.

It promotes not only your body health but your mental health as well. It is a great activity to keep your body moving, also to release stress and get better sleep.

Here are wonderful 30 things that happen when you do yoga.

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What Happens When You Do Yoga.

  1. Going to bed early to practice the next morning.
  2. Start feeling calm, at peace and avoiding drama.
  3. Yoga makes you love yourself for who you are.
  4. A great boost to self-awareness and mindfulness.
  5. Better your relationship with partner, friends and family.
  6. Increase your strength, flexibility and stamina.
  7. You start sweating a lot, burning calories and enjoying it fully.
  8. Doing inversions does not scare you anymore.
  9. You want to get everyone to try yoga.
  10. You cannot stop talking about your yoga practice.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing Yoga?

30-things-happen-yoga scorpion pose

  1. Becoming a yoga teacher is something you consider daily.
  2. You take your yoga mat everywhere with you.
  3. You have new strong muscles you did not know existed.
  4. Over forms of physical activity seem very tedious.
  5. You get in great shape, losing weight and putting on muscles.
  6. Feeling mentally and physically happy with yourself.
  7. You experience internal and external change in a positive way.
  8. Better posture, confidence and inner strength.
  9. You gravitate towards nourishing foods doing good to your body.
  10. Your mind is stress-free, clear and ready.

This Occurs With Regular Yoga Practice.

30-things-happen-yoga tree pose

  1. Considering spirituality to understand yourself on a deeper level.
  2. You sleep better, have more energy and want to work out more.
  3. You love your life and other beings even more.
  4. Your skin glows, with less tension and more relaxation.
  5. Start breathing deeply, getting rid of anxiety and worries.
  6. Better digestion, no cravings and feeling lighter.
  7. You look longer and leaner, with more balance and mobility.
  8. You feel younger, more vibrant and graceful than ever before.
  9. You feel calm, strong, fit, healthy and happy.
  10. Let go of what does not serve you, for less pain and more joy.

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