Do it because it is hard. Do not chose your future because it is easy. As John F. Kennedy said in his speech We choose to go to the Moon, “We do these things because they are hard”. This is how you progress and reach success.

One of the greatest thing is human progress. Do not take anything for granted. Being stagnant is nowadays going backwards. It is only in the face of hardship and challenge that you improve, get better and become more of yourself.

It is hard to challenge yourself constantly. But only then you will reach the amount of success you want for yourself. Here are 3 powerful reasons to do it because it is hard and not because it is easy.

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It is actually not that hard.

They are so many things that are a lot harder than what you are trying to accomplish. It is not that hard to chase your dreams, choose your passion, build your business, practice yoga, meditation, self-development.

Giving birth is hard, parenting is hard. Dealing with injustice is hard, dealing with a loss. Having no freedom is hard, being born in the wrong place at the wrong time is hard. But what you need to do to have success is not hard.

It is not hard to start a blog, to write an article every day. It is not hard to find solutions to your problems on Google, Youtube or Quora. Not hard to create something every day and share it with the world.

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You will progress a lot faster.

Do not choose to do something because it is easy. Stop being lazy. You want to progress, improve and get better every day. You will have a better life only with constant growth, trying to improve yourself.

Do not look at what goes wrong around you. Focus on yourself, on the things you can actually control, your body and your mind. You live in the most technologically advanced era of humanity of all time. Do something with it.
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Overcome your fears and become confident.

Doing things that challenge you will help you get better. In the process, you will learn to overcome your fears. You will gain confidence, self-worth and self-esteem choosing to do things because they are hard.

They is so much competition and still so much to accomplish. You have to adopt a growth mindset if you are not satisfied with your current situation. Do not complain. Work on yourself instead.

With time, discipline, patience and practice, you will get past your fear of failure and rejection. The time is now. Do it because it is hard. Live a fulfilling life. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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