Zero-degree weather is no joke. If you have to brave freezing temperatures in the winter, you already know how hard it is to style a fashionable outfit when all you’re thinking about is staying warm.

Don’t let your fashion freeze up when the temperature drops to zero degrees!

Get ready to turn heads even when the temperature plummets. We’re unraveling the secrets to looking hot while it's freezing outside.

Even better, we have tips for making your winter wardrobe sustainable and vegan by exploring the best wool alternatives

From cozy layering tricks to statement outerwear, here’s the ultimate guide on what to wear in 0-degree weather. 


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Waterproof Jackets

zero degrees waterproof jacket

A waterproof jacket is a must-have for 0-degree weather. Getting any part of your body wet in sub-zero temperatures can be dangerous, so protect yourself with well-fitting, waterproof outerwear. 

Go with a knee-length zip-up parka or an oversized puffer jacket made with heavy-duty material that is guaranteed to repel water. Layer a thinner, waterproof jacket over your insulated, warm outfit for more freedom of movement. 

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Heavy Winter Coats

0 degrees winter coat

A heavy winter coat provides a wonderful extra layer of warmth when the thermostat drops to zero. 

Layer a floor-length trench coat over jeans, waterproof boots, and thermal sweaters for a chic-but-warm look. 

To be kinder to our planet, choose a winter coat that uses sustainable materials instead of wool. Cotton flannel, organic cotton, and vegan fleece are excellent fabrics that insulate and keep you cozy. 

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Layered Sweaters

0 degrees layer sweaters

0 degrees sweater coat layers

Layer a few cozy sweaters as the mid-layer of your 0-degree outfit. 

Layered sweaters help warm your core and arms in the freezing snow and winter winds. Choose a cute sweater that fits your style for the top layer, like a loose-fitting turtleneck or a knit pullover with ombré yarn. 

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Insulated Parkas & Jeans

0 degrees insulated parka

An insulated parka with jeans is a practical yet cute outfit for 0-degree weather. 

Wear a sleek, modern parka in a neutral color like tan or black to create a versatile, timeless look. Pair your jacket with jeans, cozy socks, and snow boots to stay warm. 

Don’t forget to layer thermal leggings underneath your jeans!

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Scarves & Beanies

0 degrees scarves beanies

Scarves and beanies are fun ways to add some pizzazz to your 0-degree outfit.

Wear a cozy crochet scarf in a bold, rich color to offset the neutrals of your parka, jeans, and sweaters. Protect your head from the elements with a slouchy beanie in a complementary or matching color. 

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A Heavy Duty Ski Jacket & Snow Pants

0 degrees ski wear

0 degrees snow pants

If you hit the slopes in 0-degree weather, protect yourself with a heavy-duty ski jacket and snow pants. 

Ski jackets and pants can be pricey, but they’re a worthy investment. These pieces are engineered to keep you warm while remaining breathable and flexible. Invest in a sustainable set that will last you for years to come. 

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A Winter Hat with Ear Flaps

0 degrees ear flap hat

Many people often forget that protecting their ears in 0-degree weather is just as important as the rest of their bodies. That’s why having a winter hat with ear flaps on hand is essential. 

An ear flap hat is a fun way to embrace winter fashion. Pair a faux fur ear flap hat with a fleece pullover, jeans, and a puffer parka for the ultimate Arctic look. 

Turtlenecks & Windproof Outerwear

0 degrees turtleneck windbreakers

Winter winds can make 0-degree weather feel much, much colder. That’s why it’s so important to invest in windproof outerwear. 

Wear a windproof jacket or coat over a sleek turtleneck for a chic and elegant winter look. 

You can also take a more practical approach by wearing a windproof ski jacket with windproof pants to guarantee your protection. 

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Puffer Jackets with Thermal Shirts

puffer jacket 0 degree weather

Layering is key when it comes to 0-degree weather. Start your outfit with long-sleeve thermal shirts, and then build your winter outfit from there. 

A puffer jacket is an excellent outer layer that fights off the elements while keeping you warm and stylish. Plus, puffer jackets are usually wind and waterproof, making them a top choice for freezing temperatures.

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Fleece-Lined Leggings & a Flannel Shirt

0 degrees flannel shirt

0 degrees fleece leggings

Wear fleece-lined leggings and a thick flannel shirt as the base layer of your 0-degree outfit. 

A flannel in cozy colors like black-and-white or buffalo plaid looks cute underneath the more protective layers of your outfit. 

Fleece-lined leggings provide a comfortable and breathable layer of warmth close to your skin. 

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Boots, Warm Socks, & Thick Knitwear

0 degrees socks boots knitwear

Protecting your feet and core is essential in 0-degree weather. Suit up for freezing weather with thick, warm socks, winter boots, and heavy-duty knitwear. 

High-quality socks made with organic cotton are best for keeping your feet warm underneath your snow boots. For a cleverly coordinated outfit, match your socks and cozy knitwear. 

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Face Masks & Balaclavas

0 degrees balaclava

0 degrees face mask gaiter

High winds, snow, and biting cold can be tough on your face in 0-degree temperatures. Protect your face and keep warm with winter face masks or balaclavas. 

A knitted balaclava is an excellent way to stay warm while protecting your face, head, and neck. They’re soft, comfortable, and oh-so-cozy. 

If a balaclava isn’t your speed, go with a face mask, such as a gaiter. Protect the rest of your head with a beanie or ear flap hat, and you’re good to go. 


Snow Boots

0 degrees snow boots

There’s a good chance it’s snowing if it's zero degrees outside. Invest in high-quality, sustainable snow boots to protect your feet and stay warm. 

Snow boots are built to withstand cold temperatures, wet conditions, and slippery surfaces. There are plenty of cute snow boots with traction soles and waterproof material. 

Choose a functional pair in a neutral color that matches any outfit. 

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Thermal Underwear

0 degrees thermal underwear

Every outfit equipped for 0–degree weather needs a solid layer of warm thermal underwear. Wear thermal long-johns and a matching long-sleeve shirt as the base for any and all of your outfits. 

Organic cotton is by far the best sustainable, vegan fabric for thermal underwear. If you’re going to be active, wear thermal underwear that uses moisture-wicking materials like recycled polyester


Warm Accessories

0 degrees gloves

0 degrees goggles

In addition to scarves and beanies, make sure you have other accessories on hand to keep warm. Wear insulated gloves, snow goggles, and neck gaiters for extra protection from the elements.

Stocking up on disposable hand and foot warmers is also a good idea. These handy packets are air-activated and will keep you warm and toasty no matter how cold it is outside. 

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