Are you planning a night out at XS Nightclub and wondering what to wear? Look no further!

In this article, you will discover our list of ten stunning outfits that will make you shine on a night out at XS Nightclub.

Whether you prefer a glamorous look or a more casual vibe, we've got you covered!

Get ready to turn heads and have a fantastic time at one of the hottest nightclubs!

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Night swim events

XS Nightclub outfits night swim events

XS Nightclub hosts two types of events: Night swim events and non-night swim events.

For the first category, as you can expect from its name, you need to wear swimwear. The best swimwear brands manufacture fashionable, durable, sustainable, and timeless items under very high-quality standards to help you look amazing.

Some other great ideas for a night swim event are flip-flops, shorts, and cover-ups.

XS Nightclub outfits avoid

Swimming fully clothed, going topless, and wearing regular underwear as swimwear are not allowed. You should also avoid indecent swimwear.

Non-night swim events

XS Nightclub outfits jeans

For this type of event, the dress code requires business casual attire. Dressy jeans and sneakers are allowed.

If you are interested in purchasing amazing, sustainable jeans, check out our selection.

You can easily craft a beautiful outfit that balances elegance and comfort with a pair of jeans and a cute top.


XS Nightclub outfits avoid

When attending an XS Nightclub event stay away from offensive prints, and distressed materials - including torn, cut off, stained, and baggy clothes, athletic wear, tank tops, chains, swimwear worn on non-swim nights, robes, towels, rivets, hooks, and studs.

Do yourself a favor and avoid making fashion mistakes that can prevent you from having a great time: Always check the dress code shortly before attending an event, to be up to date with all relevant changes.


XS Nightclub outfits shoes

Work boots and sandals are not allowed. No matter if you choose a pair of sneakers or dressy shoes, make sure that they are well-kept.

Don't forget that spending many hours in a row wearing the same shoes should make comfort a priority. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, always choose shoes that you can easily walk in.

If high heels are not your thing, go for block heels, ballet flats, or sneakers.
Luckily, many brands are making consistent efforts to add cruelty-free options to their shoe collections.

The best footwear is made from cruelty-free and environmentally friendly materials.

To help you make the best choice, we have compiled a list of  30 ethical and vegan shoe companies. Don't waste any more time and check them out!

Mini dress

XS Nightclub outfits mini dress

If you're feeling confident and want an outfit that highlights your best features, try on a mini dress!

They are available in a wide range of colors and designs, and you will have no problem finding one that is flattering on your silhouette.

Mini dresses are also very easy to style. Add a pair of sneakers for a relaxed look, or a pair of heels if you want to be more elegant.

Take a look at the best affordable dresses for special occasions.

Sparkling dress

XS Nightclub outfits sparkling dress

We all know that nights out and sparkling outfits are a perfect combination.
If you want to shine on the dance floor, choose a beautiful sequin dress that will reflect all the disco lights in the club.

Party dresses can be very expensive, especially if you make your purchase decisions based on the number of times you are going to wear a certain piece of clothing.

Nothing to worry about, we have great news for you! If you choose to purchase your clothes from one of these best second-hand apps for affordable vintage, you can save a lot of money. You will discover amazing pre-loved clothes but also brand-new items sold for a fraction of the retail price.

If you want to look amazing on a budget, do not hesitate to check out the second-hand platforms.

Outfits with skirts

XS Nightclub outfits skirts

If you want to look cute and feminine, craft a stylish outfit with a skirt. Complete your look with a monochrome blouse. Mini skirts are extremely attractive and can help you impress your date.

The best mini skirts are affordable, comfortable, and made from sustainable materials.

Check out our recommendations.

Bodycon dress

XS Nightclub outfits bodycon dress

A bodycon dress is a gorgeous choice to enhance your style and boost your confidence.

They are very versatile and great for many occasions when you want to wear an attractive outfit that hugs your silhouette. If it's cold, you can always add a blazer or a cardigan on top of your dress.

Don't go unnoticed on the dance floor: Choose one of these 12 best affordable and sustainable bodycon dresses.

Animal print dress

XS Nightclub outfits animal print

Animal print is a symbol of independence and confidence. For a wild night out, choose a hot dress featuring this awesome print.

Make your outfit complete with a pair of platform shoes and some shiny accessories.

For more fashion inspiration, have a look at these 20 best slow fashion brands.

Outfits for men

XS Nightclub outfits for men

For a night out at XS Nightclub, guys should also wear an outfit that is comfortable and very stylish.

Wear a beautiful shirt and a pair of trousers. If needed, add a lightweight blazer.

Here are 200 sustainable clothing brands from Europe that can inspire your next purchase.

Summing up

XS Nightclub outfits summing up

XS Nightclub is one of the top-rated nightclubs in Las Vegas. If you are going to attend one of their events, you should go for a practical and fashionable outfit that will allow you to have a fantastic time.

Inform yourself about the dress code and be very careful to avoid all items that are not permitted.

Remember that fast fashion trends tend to easily go out of style after one or two seasons, leaving you with a pile of clothes and nothing to wear! Always purchase your clothes from sustainable brands that produce timeless and durable fashion.

Make sure to choose the right size for your body, because anything too small or too big can be unflattering.

Enhance your party look with sparkling outfits featuring beautiful designs that highlight your best features.
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