You can practice wrestling for various purposes, including recreation, fitness, self-defense, competition, or entertainment. Wrestling can also be classified into different styles or disciplines, depending on each style's rules, techniques, and objectives.

Some of the most common styles of wrestling are freestyle, Greco-Roman, judo, sambo, folkstyle, catch wrestling, submission wrestling, sumo wrestling, and professional wrestling.

If you want to join a wrestling team or take wrestling lessons, you may wonder what to wear to wrestling practice. Let's get into more detail about proper wrestling practice attire.

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tshirt for wrestling

A t-shirt is a good choice for wrestling practice because it is comfortable, breathable, and easy to wash. It also allows you to sweat without feeling restricted or uncomfortable.

If possible, you'll want to ensure that your shirt is a tighter fit, almost skin tight, to eliminate other wrestlers accidentally grabbing your shirt when wrestling.

Some popular brands of t-shirts for wrestling are Adidas, Asics, Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour. You should also avoid wearing shirts with buttons, zippers, snaps, or other hard or sharp objects that may hurt you or your partner.

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wrestling practice shorts

Also, consider bringing shorts for wrestling practice. Go for any style, as long as they are comfortable and fit well. You should avoid wearing shorts with pockets, zippers, buttons, snaps, or other hard or sharp objects that may hurt you or your partner.

You should also avoid wearing shorts that are too loose, tight, or too long, as they may get in the way of your movements or get pulled down by your opponent.

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underwear for wrestling practice

Underwear is optional for wrestling practice, but some wrestlers prefer to wear it for extra comfort and support. You can choose any underwear, as long as it is clean and appropriate.

You should avoid wearing underwear that has metal or plastic parts that may hurt you or your partner. Avoid wearing too loose, tight, or bulky underwear, as they may get in the way of your movements or show through your shorts.

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Socks for wrestling practice

Socks are optional for wrestling practice, but some wrestlers prefer to wear them for extra comfort and protection.


Wrestling shoes

Wrestling shoes practice

Wrestling shoes have thin, flexible soles that provide traction and stability on the mat. They also have snug and lightweight uppers that support and comfort your feet.

Wrestling shoes should allow you to wiggle your toes slightly, but not so much that your foot is sliding inside the shoe. A good heel fit is essential for stability and support. The shoe heel should fit snugly and not slip up and down as you move.

You should also pay attention to the width of your foot and the shoe. Some brands offer different width options (narrow, medium, comprehensive) to accommodate various foot types.

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A singlet


A singlet is another critical item to wear to wrestling practice. Go for any color or design of the singlet as long as it is clean and appropriate. Avoid wearing singlets that have buttons, zippers, snaps, or other hard or sharp objects that may hurt you or your partner.

A singlet is a good choice for wrestling practice because it is the official competition uniform. It also allows you to get used to the feel and fit of the singlet and show off your physique.



Gloves wrestling

Wrestling gloves are a type of protective gear wrestlers wear to prevent injuries to their hands and fingers. They can also enhance the grip and impact of the wrestler's strikes and holds.

Wrestling gloves come in different styles, sizes, colors, and materials, depending on the preference and needs of the wrestler. Some wrestling gloves are fingerless, while others cover the whole hand.




Headgear is a protective device that covers your ears and head. It prevents cauliflower ear, where your ears get swollen and deformed due to repeated trauma. It also prevents cuts and bruises on your head and face.

Headgear is mandatory for most wrestling practices and competitions, as it protects you from injuries and infections.



Kneepads wrestling practice

Kneepads are protective devices that cover your knees. They prevent knee injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises, abrasions, and bursitis. They also cushion the impact of your knees hitting the mat or your opponent's body.

Different types of kneepads are available, such as sleeve, wraparound, hinged, or padded. Sleeve kneepads are elastic tubes that slide over your knees and provide compression and support. Wraparound kneepads are straps that wrap around your knees and provide adjustable tension and stability.

Hinged kneepads are braces with metal hinges on your knees' sides and provide rigid support and alignment. Padded kneepads are pads that attach to your knees and provide cushioning and shock absorption.

I like using hinged knee sleeves when working on wrestling techniques that hit a knee. It helps to reduce the impacts my body has to absorb during wrestling practice.



Mouthguard wrestling practice 

Accidental strikes to the mouth are relatively prevalent in wrestling because of the continual motion and level changes, and wearing a mouthguard may be an incredibly good practice because dental damage is expensive to repair. It can protect your teeth and absorb pressure that might harm your jaw during practice and competition.

It prevents tooth loss, gum damage, jaw fractures, and concussions due to impact or biting. It also stops bleeding and infections in your mouth.

Although a mouthguard is optional, I highly recommend it for wrestlers with braces or dental work. A mouthguard can help you breathe better and avoid biting your tongue or cheek during wrestling.


After Practice

Because you may be soaked in sweat after wrestling practice, carry a towel to wipe down. Many wrestlers like changing their clothes after practice to feel more comfortable and avoid wearing sweaty garments. You should also bring a jacket in case it becomes cold outside.

It is pretty simple to prepare for wrestling practice. Just bear in mind how varied clothing might impact your performance.

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