Located in Washington DC, the White House is the home and workplace of the president of the United States.

Visiting the White House is a once in a lifetime opportunity. If you want to put together the best outfit for this special occasion, we have some great tips for you.

Keep reading to discover our extensively researched suggestions.

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White shirts

White House outfit tips white shirts

The quintessence of elegance and great taste, white shirts can be successfully worn on your visit to the White House. They are very easy to match with skirts and trousers, and they look effortlessly fantastic.

Men can also wear white shirts in many combinations, for example with blazers and trousers.

You can now purchase sustainable white shirts from ethical brands.


White House outfit tips blazers

Blazers are timeless clothing items that can almost always save the day when you need a classy outfit.

They come in many colors and materials, but we suggest staying away from the very colorful ones, to keep your attire neat and fashionable.

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White House outfit tips suits

Suits are widely known as elegant, office wear. A high-quality, beautiful suit is a great choice for many occasions, which is why you should have one in your wardrobe.

A visit to the White House is no exception, and wearing a suit can save you a lot of time and energy.

Purchase sustainable suits from eco-friendly brands.


White House outfit tips trousers

In case wearing a suit sounds a little bit too sober for you, wearing a pair of trousers is a great idea! You can complete your outfit with a beautiful shirt or blouse.

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Bodycon dresses

White House outfit tips dresses

If made from a thicker material, a bodycon dress can be the perfect dress for a visit to the White House.

Make sure yours isn't too short or revealing, and choose a dark or neutral color to make sure it's elegant.

Check out our sustainable recommendations.


White House outfit tips turtlenecks

Neither too elegant nor too relaxed, turtlenecks are classy and beautiful and they never go out of fashion.

Wear one if you want a smart-casual look. Here you can find our eco-friendly shopping recommendations.

Dark colors

White House outfit tips dark colors

Dark colors are considered more elegant than very bright ones, which is why they are more appropriate for special occasions such as a visit to the White House. They are known to highlight your natural beauty, and they also have a slimming effect.

Don't forget that you can now buy all your clothes from sustainable brands, without exception. Here is our article about the best 200 sustainable European brands in 2023.

Cute blouses

White House outfit tips cute blouses

Women can wear cute blouses with trousers or with skirts. Blouses are a great alternative to shirts, especially if you prefer a more interesting design.

They are available in many colors and materials. However, we recommend again that you choose a neutral color instead of a very bright one. In case you do choose a colorful, bright blouse, make sure that your trousers or skirt are in a darker color.

Purchase amazing blouses from sustainable brands.

Midi dresses

White House outfit tips midi dresses

Dresses are some of the most versatile clothes women can have in their wardrobes.

The best length that you can choose for a visit to the White House is midi, and that is because a mini dress can be too revealing, while a maxi dress can bother with its excess material.

Midi dresses are perfect for those times when you want to be classy and stylish.

Discover amazing dresses made by eco-friendly brands.


White House outfit tips jeans

A lot of people love jeans and are used to wearing them on a daily basis. It is debatable whether it is a great idea to wear jeans when you visit the White House.

According to traditional standards, jeans are not part of elegant attire. However, modern trends allow wearing jeans as part of smart casual outfits.
Our recommendation, in case you decide to wear jeans, is to choose a simple pair, in a dark color.

Take a look at our sustainable recommendations.

White House outfit tips jeans

Keep acid-washed and ripped jeans for more relaxed occasions.

Black and white outfits

White House outfit tips black and white

The iconic combination of black and white is a classic that never fails to impress. It looks great on everyone, and it is very easy to obtain by just putting together a white shirt, a pair of black trousers, and eventually a blazer.

This combination works for both women and men.

Purchase beautiful clothes from sustainable brands.

Trench coats

White House outfit tips trench coats

In case it is a little bit chilly outside and you need a coat, a trench coat is one of the best choices.

It works fantastic for both women and men and it makes any elegant outfit complete.

Take a look at these amazing, ethically-made trench coats.

Comfortable shoes

White House outfit tips shoes

For such a special occasion you need a pair of shoes that are both beautiful and comfortable.

Luckily, nowadays many sustainable brands produce cruelty-free, vegan shoes that look and feel great. Discover some of them here.

Avoid these mistakes

White House outfit tips what to avoid

We've talked about the best outfits that you can wear on your visit to the White House, but we also need to talk about the things that you should avoid at any costs.

Do not wear clothes that are too bright or that have too many prints. Instead, remember that sometimes less is more, and choose simple designs.

White House outfit tips avoid brights

Another thing to avoid is outfits that are too relaxed.

We all know that they feel great, and sometimes they even look great, but you should keep them for other contexts.

White House outfit tips avoid too fancy

Also avoid clothes that are too elegant, as being overdressed is as bad as being underdressed.

Additional tips

White House outfit tips conclusion

One very important aspect to consider is the purpose of your visit to the White House. It can be a tour, and for this particular occasion, there is no dress code.

White House outfit tips avoid this

You should, however, avoid clothes that are sporty or too revealing.

If you are going to the White House for a special event, there will likely be a dress code. You should find out about it and then just wear appropriate attire.

Always buy clothes in the right size for your body, because this way they feel comfortable and look flattering.

Choose sustainable brands that work with great care for the environment and produce high-quality clothing items.
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