A zoo party is a fun way to appreciate nature and, dare we say, get in touch with your wild side. 

Whether a birthday party at your local zoo or an animal-themed gathering in a friend’s backyard, we have the best zoo party outfits to inspire you. 

From playful prints to casual chic, we've got the lowdown on outfits that'll have you blending in with the wildlife and standing out in the style department. 

Get ready to unleash your inner wild side with these 15 fashionable outfits to wear to a zoo party. 

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Dress Casual & Comfortable

zoo party outfit casual

A zoo-themed party is all about having fun and feeling comfortable. Dress in casual clothing like jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers. 

Mix your favorite animal print pieces with solid colors and denim bottoms to dress on theme. 

No matter what you wear, make sure you feel comfortable and dress appropriately for the weather. 

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Animal Prints

zoo party outfit animal print

Leopards, cheetahs, and zebras, oh my! A zoo party definitely calls for some animal print outfits. 

Wear anything from a cheetah print wrap dress to zebra print pants. You can even plan a look that’s a subtle costume of your favorite wild animal. 

Remember, plan an outfit using cruelty-free fabrics like linen, cotton, and bamboo. Wearing vegan clothing is the best way to show how much you love animals.

Learn more about how to tell if a brand is cruelty-free.

A Cheetah Print Maxi Skirt

zoo party outfit cheetah print skirt

A cheetah print maxi skirt is a fun way to dress up for a zoo party. This look is creative, energetic, and on-theme.

A cheetah print skirt looks best with a solid-colored top. Pair your skirt with a black or white tank top for a simple yet elegant zoo party outfit.

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A Spotted Summer Dress

zoo party spotted dress

A spotted summer dress is an excellent way to wear animal print because it’s elegant and subtle. 

Wear a white-and-black print inspired by snow leopards or a classic cheetah print. Wear black sandals and a simple handbag to balance out the busyness of the animal print dress.

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Bright & Fun Colors

zoo party outfit bright colors

Zoo parties are lighthearted and full of joy. Why not have your party outfit reflect that same energy? Tap into your creative side with bright and fun colors.

A cheerful yellow dress with red sandals creates a fun, summery look. Incorporate wild patterns and bold colors into jewelry, dresses, and even socks. 

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. Remember, a zoo party is all about going wild!

A Black Tank Top & Plaid Pants

zoo party outfit plaid pants

Wear bold plaid pants with a simple black tank top for an edgy, fashionable look. 

Plaid is the perfect pattern to wear to a zoo party if animal print isn’t your thing. The black tank balances the busyness of the plaid, making this outfit a fantastic casual outfit. 

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A Floral Mini Dress & Heels

zoo party outfit floral dress

Glam up your zoo party look with a floral mini dress and heels. 

A floral mini dress brings a tropical edge to any zoo party look. Don’t shy away from bright colors and bold floral patterns. When it comes to a zoo party, bolder is better. 

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A T-Shirt & Denim Shorts

zoo party outfit shirt shorts

Zoo parties are pretty casual affairs. You can’t go wrong with a T-shirt and denim shorts. 

Finish off this comfy outfit with sneakers and a vegan leather belt. Add some statement earrings or fun rings to your outfit if you're feeling creative.

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An Off-the-Shoulder Top & Flowy Skirt

zoo party outfit flowy skirt

An off-the-shoulder top and flowy skirt make a fantastic zoo party outfit that is sexy yet casual. 

This look is perfect for outdoor summer zoo parties because it’s cool, breezy, and effortlessly chic. 

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Cuffed Jeans & Ankle Boots

zoo party outfit boots jeans

Wear cuffed jeans and ankle boots for a warmer zoo party look. 

You can wear straight-leg or skinny jeans, depending on your preference. Fold up the bottom of your jeans to create a cuffed look that shows off your ankle boots. 

Wear cheetah print or vegan snakeskin boots if you want to get wild.

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A Boho-Inspired Dress & Sneakers

zoo party outfit boho dress

A lightweight, boho-inspired dress looks great with sneakers. This look is perfect for a summertime zoo party because it’s chic and comfortable. 

Wear a frilly boho mini dress or a flowing floral maxi for an elegant and understated zoo party outfit. 

Check out our favorite boho brands that take sustainability seriously. 

A Denim Jacket & Sandals

zoo party outfit denim jackets

A denim jacket paired with sandals makes an excellent zoo party outfit. This look is cute but still strikes a casual vibe. 

Wear a cropped denim jacket and sandals with a dress, jumpsuit, shorts, or a leopard print skirt. The possibilities are endless. 

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A Bright T-Shirt & Matching Sneakers

zoo party matching shirt shoes

Wear a brightly-colored t-shirt and matching sneakers for a creative zoo party look. This outfit is casual but shows that you put in some effort to dress for the party. 

Guys and gals can wear this look. Pair your bright shirt with shorts, a denim skirt, or comfortable khaki pants. 

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A Polo Shirt & Khakis

zoo party outfit polo khakis

A polo shirt and khakis make a fashionable, comfortable outfit for guys. You can’t go wrong with this casual yet put-together look. 

Wear a solid-colored polo shirt with khaki shorts or pants. Throw on your favorite sneakers and sunglasses for the best outdoor zoo party outfit. 

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Keep It Comfortable For Kids

zoo party kids outfits

Zoo-themed parties are popular for kids of all ages. If you’re taking your little ones to a zoo-themed birthday party, it’s best to keep it casual. 

Let your kids dress for comfort so they can focus on having fun! Think casual t-shirts, stretchy jeans, animal print dresses, and sandals. 

Explore our favorite USA-made clothing brands for kids.

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