Olive Garden is a popular Italian restaurant chain that makes every customer and employee feel right at home. 

Whether you indulge in your favorite pasta dish or aim to join the Olive Garden family, we'll ensure you do it in style. 

We have all the tips and tricks you need to dress your best for any situation, from an Olive Garden job interview to a romantic date night. 

So sit back, grab a breadstick, and explore some fabulous outfit ideas that will make you shine at the famed Italian restaurant.

Here are 15 outfit ideas to wear for your next trip to Olive Garden.

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Does Olive Garden Have a Dress Code?

olive garden dress code

Olive Garden is a pretty casual restaurant chain. They do not have a formal dress code for guests. The main requirement is that you are fully clothed. No shoes, no shirt, no service. 

Easy enough, right? Don’t stress out too much when planning your outfit. Go for something cute yet casual.

On the other hand, Olive Garden employees have to follow a dress code so that everyone looks put-together and professional. 

What Do Olive Garden Employees Wear?

olive garden employee uniform

Olive Garden is a casual restaurant, but its employees must follow a dress code. 

All Olive Garden employees must wear a black button-up shirt and black slacks. The button-up shirt is usually long-sleeved or rolled up to the elbows. 

Non-slip shoes are required while on the job to ensure the safety of all staff and customers. 

The Olive Garden employee dress code is reasonable and comfortable. 

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A Blazer & Slacks

olive garden interview outfit blazer

If you have a job interview at Olive Garden, business casual is the way to go. 

Wear a modern blazer and well-tailored slacks with flats or dress shoes. You want to convey that you’re professional, tidy, and prepared to take on any task. 

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A Blouse & Pencil Skirt

olive garden interview outfit pencil skirt

Create a more professional look for your Olive Garden interview with a pencil skirt and blouse. 

Besides a job interview, you can easily wear this outfit to a business lunch or dinner date. 

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A Casual Suit

olive garden interview outfit suit

Dress to impress with a casual suit paired with a simple t-shirt. This look is perfect for an Olive Garden job interview or a professional business lunch. 

The simple t-shirt underneath creates a casual, effortless feel that still maintains a level of professionalism. 

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A Floral Midi Dress

olive garden outfit midi dress

A flowy floral midi dress is a chic and laid-back look for dinner at Olive Garden.

Pair your dress with strappy sandals and a denim jacket for a cute and casual vibe.

Check out our guide on how to style a sustainable midi dress for more outfit ideas.

A Crop Top & Jeans

olive garden outfits jeans casual

Keep it casual with a comfortable crop top and denim jeans. This look is perfect for meeting friends for lunch at Olive Garden. 

Wear mid-rise denim jeans with a classic white tee, or rock high-waisted pants with a super-cropped tank top. 

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A Turtleneck & Mini Skirt

olive garden outfits turtleneck skirt

Wear a turtleneck and mini skirt for a trendy, autumnal look. This outfit perfectly matches the warm, cozy interior of Olive Garden. 

Wear a plaid mini skirt for a dark academia vibe, or create a monochromatic look with a black turtleneck and matching bottoms. 

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A Knitted Sweater & Jeans

olive garden outfit sweater jeans

Keep it comfy yet sleek with a cozy knitted sweater and jeans. 

This look is cute and practical, whether you’re dining in at Olive Garden or showing up for an interview. 

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A Boho Chic Outfit

olive garden outfit boho style

A boho chic outfit works for almost any occasion. A night out at Olive Garden is no different! Wear your favorite boho outfit the next time you visit. 

Rock a tiered maxi dress and gladiator sandals, or wear your favorite pair of wide-leg linen pants with a ruffled blouse. 

This style is relaxed, chic, and comfortable enough to eat plenty of pasta. 

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Denim on Denim

olive garden outfits denim on denim

Create a chic outfit by layering denim on denim. 

This outfit idea is full of possibilities. Tuck a denim shirt into high-rise jeans, or layer an oversized denim jacket with distressed shorts. 

Break up the look with a vegan leather belt and statement jewelry.

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A Sweater Dress

olive garden outfit sweater dress

A simple sweater dress is chic, relaxed, and elegant. Wear a cozy sweater dress for a dinner date at Olive Garden. 

A sweater dress is perfect for cooler evenings. Stay cozy and complete your outfit with knee-high boots and semi-sheer tights. 

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A Ruffled Blouse & White Shorts

olive garden outfit blouse shorts

A ruffled blouse and white shorts are feminine, practical, and cute. 

Wear a boho-inspired ruffled crop top with high-waisted shorts, wedge sandals, and understated earrings.

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A Tank Top & Denim Skirt

olive garden outfit denim skirt

A tank top with a denim skirt is a practical yet fashionable outfit for Olive Garden. 

Wear this look for a casual girl’s lunch, or throw on a dressier spaghetti strap for date night. 

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A Cardigan

olive garden outfit idea cardigan

A cardigan looks great with just about anything. You can get as fancy or casual as you want with this outfit.

Wear this versatile wardrobe staple with a crop top and wide-leg pants for a date night outfit. 

You can also layer a tailored cardigan over a sundress or wear it with cargo pants and sneakers for a trendy look. 

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A Sweatshirt & Leggings

olive garden outfit sweatshirt leggings

The best thing about Olive Garden is that you don’t have to dress up if you don’t feel like it. 

You can wear comfortable leggings and a sweatshirt if you feel like chowing down on some salad and breadsticks without a care in the world.

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