The Indian Wells Tennis Tournament, also known as the BNP Paribas Open, is one of the world's largest and most prestigious tennis tournaments.

The BNP Paribas Open takes place in Indian Wells, California, near Palm Springs every year. It’s an opulent, fun event full of competition and, most importantly, great spring fashion. 

Whether you're cheering from the stands or soaking up the desert ambiance, choosing the perfect outfit is part of the fun.

Here are over 15 ace outfit ideas to wear to the next Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. 

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A Tank Top and Tennis Skirt 

bnp paribas open tennis skirt

One of the easiest BNP Paribas Open outfits you can wear is a tank top with a tennis skirt. 

A cute and flirty tennis skirt is perfect for the tournament's theme. A form-fitting tank will keep you cool under the desert spring sun.

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Wide-Leg Pants and a Tank Top

tennis tournament wide leg pants

Pair wide-leg pants with a sleek tank top for a chic, effortless tennis tournament look. 

Wide-leg pants are breathable and elegant, making them a perfect match for the Indian Wells heat and the fierce competition on the courts. 

Complete your outfit by tucking in your tank top and accessorizing with a small handbag. 

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Shorts and a Sophisticated Blouse

tennis tournament blouse shorts

Create an easy, breezy tournament look with a sophisticated blouse and shorts. 

A blouse and shorts look cute while keeping you cool throughout the day. Complete your desert outfit with sandals and aviator sunglasses. 

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A Lightweight Maxi Dress

tennis tournament outfit maxi dress

A lightweight maxi dress is feminine, chic, and fabulous for the warm desert temperatures of Indian Wells. 

For a whimsical springtime look, pair a flowing maxi dress with a sunhat, espadrilles, and a wicker handbag. 

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A Cute Romper

tennis tournament romper

Dress up a cute romper with sandals, sunglasses, and delicate jewelry. This look is a sure hit for the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. 

A lightweight romper is a fun twist if you want to try something different. Rompers are super comfortable and more dressed up than your regular shorts and t-shirt combo. 

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A Tucked-In Shirt with High-Waisted Jeans

tennis tournament jeans shirt

Springtime in Indian Wells is perfect. The weather isn’t too hot or cold, allowing you to wear high-waisted jeans comfortably. 

Create a chic and understated look with a classic shirt tucked into your favorite pair of high-waisted denim. 

Tuck a patterned button-up into distressed denim, cinch with a vegan leather belt, and you’re good to go!

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A Lightweight Sundress and Chic Handbag

tennis tournament sundress handbag

You can’t go wrong with a lightweight sundress and chic handbag at the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. 

Layer your sundress with a cardigan or blazer to keep warm during the cool desert nights. 

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A Plaid Dress and Tennis Shoes

tennis tournament plaid dress sneakers

A plaid dress and tennis shoes are a fun, playful way to dress up for the BNP Paribas Open. 

A preppy plaid dress with a sweater tied over your shoulders is a nice nod to classic tennis fashion. 

Plus, your feet will thank you after a day spent wearing supportive sneakers. 

Comfortable, Stylish Shoes

tennis tournament outfits comfy shoes

Comfortable, stylish shoes will make your life so much easier at the BNP Paribas Open. 

You can wear anything from chunky sneakers to low kitten heels. All that matters is that you’re comfortable while on your feet all day.

Comfortable footwear looks great with any outfit, from maxi dresses to denim jeans. 

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A Preppy Sweater 

tennis tournament preppy sweater

Get into the spirit of the game with a preppy sweater tied around your shoulders. 

You’ll fit right in with a vegan cashmere sweater layered over a tan tank top and wide-leg slacks. 

Finish off your look with dark sunglasses and high-quality shoes for a subtle yet elegant tennis match look. 

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Chino Shorts and a Linen Shirt

tennis tournament linen shirt

The Indian Wells BNP Paribas Open is also an excellent opportunity for guys to show off their spring fashion. 

Chino shorts and a lightweight linen shirt are breathable, comfortable, and effortlessly fashionable. 

You can spend all day in this outfit without feeling uncomfortable or overheated in the stands. 

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A Casual Blazer and Dark-Wash Jeans

tennis tournament blazer

A casual blazer and dark-wash jeans are a go-to for guys who want a more dressed-up vibe. 

Wear a hemp blazer over a lightweight button-up for a casual yet preppy outfit. Dark-wash jeans have a fancier edge, creating an upscale feel. 

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A Polo Shirt and Shorts

tennis tournament polo shirt

Shorts are standard fare at the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. A polo shirt and cotton shorts are comfortable and fashionable for any attendee. 

Polo shirts are synonymous with tennis, so you’ll fit right in with this look. Cap off your look with a baseball hat, sunglasses, and comfortable sneakers. 

A Sweater Vest and Slacks

tennis tournament sweater vest

A sweater vest and slacks make a fun, unique BNP Paribas Open outfit. 

Wear a fitted sweater vest with a color-coordinated button-up, or create an artsy outfit with a fun knitted vest and a short-sleeve shirt underneath. 

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A T-Shirt, Jeans, and Boots

tennis tournament t-shirt jeans

The dress code for the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament isn’t terribly formal. A nice t-shirt, jeans, and boots work perfectly for this event. 

Dress up this classic, casual outfit with dark-wash denim, vegan leather boots, and a high-quality cotton tee. 

Small details like these will elevate this simple look into something effortlessly classy. 

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Dress in Layers

tennis tournament outfits layers

Although the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament takes place in the desert, temperatures can drop in the evening. Pack layers, especially if you plan on attending a night session or two. 

Foldable puffer jackets, cardigans, and pullover sweaters are great options. These versatile outerwear pieces let you bundle up but are easy to stow away if you get warm in the stands. 

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A Sunhat and Sunglasses

tennis tournament sunglasses hat

The Indian Wells sun can be scorching in the spring. Remember to pack sunglasses and a stylish sunhat to protect your face. 

You can wear anything from a classic baseball cap to a floppy sunhat. Sunhats and sunglasses are easy accessories to mix and match with any outfit. 

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