Any seasoned cruiser will tell you that the best time to book a cruise is in February. 

As the winter chill lingers, many travelers love to set sail for warmer climates. 

Whether island hopping in the Caribbean or soaking up the sun in the Mediterranean, packing the perfect wardrobe is essential for making waves in the fashion department.

We have the best tips and tricks to successfully pack for your February cruise. From light layers to the perfect tropical outfit, get ready to pack your bags and set sail on a new adventure.  

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Fun Sundresses

february cruise outfits sundresses

Your February cruise is most likely going somewhere temperate and warm. Pack a few cute sundresses to stay cool and comfortable. 

Whether at port or sea, sundresses are the perfect outfit choice. Wear a floral or cotton sundress to look effortlessly chic and relaxed.  

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Shorts & A Tank Top

february cruise outfits shorts tank top

Wear shorts and a tank top for a relaxed, summery look. 

This outfit is excellent for those warm days relaxing on the cruise ship deck or exploring the ship’s many restaurants. 

Dress up this casual look with a frilly or floral tank top and dark-wash denim. 

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A Blouse & Denim Skirt

february cruise outfits denim skirt

A blouse and denim skirt are great for days when your cruise ship ports at a designated stop.

This outfit is relaxed but still looks great in photos. Wear your favorite lightweight blouse with a high-rise denim skirt and trendy sneakers for the ultimate vacation vibe. 

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Lightweight Layers

february cruise outfits light layers

A cruise in February can have some cooler days, especially closer to your boarding location. 

Bring some lightweight layers in case you encounter a cool ocean breeze or light ocean drizzle. 

Zip-up jackets, jeans, cardigans, and hoodies are all excellent examples of lightweight, easy ways to layer. 

Boho-Inspired Co-Ord Sets

february cruise outfit boho

A boho co-ord set is an easy way to look relaxed, chic, and fashionable on your February cruise. 

Wear a floral boho top with a matching maxi skirt or ruffled cotton shorts with an off-the-shoulder floral top. 

Boho outfits look amazing with sandals or platform heels. 

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A Button-Up & Khaki Shorts

february cruise outfits button-up khakis

Guys can’t go wrong with a button-up and khaki shorts. This outfit strikes the right balance of semi-formal and laid-back. 

Wear a button-up shirt and shorts while exploring tropical cruise stops, or sport this look during relaxed days on the deck or at the buffet. 

You can wear your button-up untucked for a relaxed vibe or tuck it in with a vegan leather belt for a more formal feel. 

A Tropical-Inspired Outfit

february cruise outfit tropical inspiration

Most travelers prefer February cruises that take them to warmer, tropical climates. Get into the spirit of your vacation with a fun, tropical-inspired outfit. 

Tropical prints and bright colors create a lively, festive feel that effortlessly reflects the excitement of a cruise in February. 

Be respectful of local traditions and customs when planning any tropical-inspired outfit. 

Find more tropical inspiration in our Hawaiian cruise outfit guide.


A Sweater & Jeans

february cruise outfit sweater

A sweater and jeans are a perfect casual outfit for your February cruise. 

A lightweight sweater protects you against the February ocean breeze. A solid pair of sustainable denim jeans goes with anything and everything. 

Our selection of organic cotton sweaters will keep you cozy no matter the weather. 


A Lightweight Jacket

february cruise outfit jacket

Pack a lightweight jacket for cooler evenings spent out on the cruise ship deck. 

You can wear anything from a waterproof windbreaker to a cotton zip-up hoodie. 

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A Cute Swimsuit

february cruise outfit swimsuit

A swimsuit is a must when packing for a cruise. We promise the weather will be warm enough to take a dip in the ship’s pool. 

Wear a one-piece swimsuit with unique cut-outs, or try a retro-inspired, high-waisted bikini. 

Whatever style you choose, make sure your swimsuit feels comfortable and provides enough coverage. 

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A Swimsuit Cover-Up

february cruise outfits cover-up

Bring along a swimsuit cover-up if you plan to dip in and out of the pool throughout the day. 

Wear a beautiful sarong tied around your waist, or pack a semi-sheer, loose-fitting dress that dries quickly in the sun. 

Fun patterns and lightweight fabrics are essential for the best swimsuit cover-up. 

Explore our selection of cute sarongs and other swimsuit cover-up ideas.

A Blazer & Chino Pants

february cruise outfit mens blazer

february cruise outfit womens blazer

A blazer and chino pants are great for formal dinners on the cruise ship. 

Jazz things up with a burgundy blazer and tan chinos, or keep it classic with an all-black outfit. Pair your blazer with a simple button-up, or wear a sleek blouse underneath. 

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A Semi-Formal Dress

february cruise outfit formal night dress

february cruise outfit cocktail dress

Dressing up for a formal dinner on a cruise ship is always fun. Wear a cocktail dress that fits your personal style. 

You can wear anything from a sleek bodycon dress to a midi-length floral get-up. Pair your dress with heels or platform sandals, and you’re good to go. 

Explore our selection of sustainable slip dresses and semi-formal cocktail dresses.

A Colorful Skirt & Heels

february cruise outfit skirt heels

You can’t go wrong with a colorful skirt and heels. This outfit is perfect for dinner dates, dance events, and any other romantic cruise ship activity. 

Wear a patterned skirt with a black tank top to create a balanced, chic cruise look. 

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Is There a Dress Code?

february cruise dress code

Most cruise lines have adopted a more casual dress code in recent years. However, check with your specific cruise company to see if there are any requirements or recommendations. 

Some cruise lines require formal or semi-formal attire for certain dinner events. It’s best to pack a few different outfit options if you’re unsure. 

What Not to Wear

While February cruises are pretty versatile when it comes to wardrobe, there are a few guidelines on what not to wear. 

Heavy Winter Clothing

what not to wear february cruise

February is still mighty cold in many places of the world. However, most cruise lines travel to warmer climates like the Caribbean or parts of Mexico. You’ll regret only packing heavy winter clothing. 

Locations like Florida and San Diego can get quite chilly in February, so pack a jacket or two just in case the beginning of your cruise is on the colder side.

Super Casual Clothing

While most February cruises keep it casual, there is such a thing as dressing too casually. 

Keep it classy, not sloppy. Avoid wearing something as casual as pajamas all day. While the occasional athleisurewear outfit is a great cruise look, try to jazz things up a bit. 

You want to dress to impress while on vacation, right?


Super Formal Clothing

february cruise what not to wear formal

Nowadays, most cruise ships don’t require super formal clothing. Pack a semi-formal look for upscale dinner events. 

Other than that, there’s no need to pack elaborate ball gowns or three-piece tuxedos. 


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