What should you wear if you are invited to an engagement party? This is a big question many people ask when a friend or loved one’s wedding celebration is in full swing. 

Choosing an outfit as a guest for an engagement party doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to help with some elegant outfit ideas and easy tips to help you look your best. 

With these cute engagement party outfit ideas, you’ll be ready to celebrate with the happy couple in no time. 

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Cocktail Dresses

what wear engagement party cocktail dress

A cocktail dress is always a safe bet when it comes to dressing for an engagement party. Cocktail dresses come in so many styles, so you’re bound to find one that works for any type of engagement party. 

Pair a black or rich jewel-tone dress with metallic pumps and a clutch for a semi-formal nighttime event. If the engagement party is during the day, lighter colors, lace, and florals work perfectly. 

To avoid shopping fast fashion, you can rent a cocktail dress for the ultimate sustainable look. 

Fun Florals

what wear engagement party floral

Florals are always an excellent outfit option if the engagement party takes place outside or during the day. It’s one of the most versatile, fail-proof looks for an engagement party. 

Whether a bold floral blouse or a delicate daisy-print summer sundress, a simple flower print combines fun and formal. Some simple jewelry and strappy sandals can pull the whole look together without distracting from the floral print. 

Bodycon Dresses

what wear engagement party bodycon

If sexy and sleek is your look of choice, a bodycon dress is an excellent engagement party option. This dress style works exceptionally well for formal, nighttime engagement events. 

A bodycon dress is the perfect balance of elegance and trendiness. It’s easy to accessorize with show-stopping heels and an elegant clutch. We recommend a longer hemline, like a knee-length or midi bodycon dress. 

If you don’t want to break the bank by buying a new dress, a designer dress rental is an excellent option. 


what wear engagement party jumpsuit

A jumpsuit is perfect for a modern and chic engagement party look. In addition, a jumpsuit is an excellent option if you don’t feel like wearing a skirt or dress. You can look on-point and sophisticated while remaining comfortable.

Go with a striped linen pantsuit for a daytime engagement party or a sleek satin look for an evening affair. Pair your jumpsuit with statement earrings or show-stopping heels to tie the whole look together. 

Explore sustainable and affordable jumpsuit options here. 

Sleek Blazers

what wear engagement party blazer

A sleek blazer can dress up any engagement party outfit. Pairing a blazer with a dress or blouse is perfect for a more formal evening event. It adds sophistication and elegance while keeping you covered and warm. 

A brightly colored blazer brings a modern flair to any traditional engagement party look. For an edgier, sexier look, pair a cropped blazer with high-waisted pants or a bodycon dress. 

Check out these sustainable blazers for some inspiration.

Midi Dresses

what wear engagement party midi dress

A midi dress is one of the most versatile engagement party outfits. A midi dress is long enough to be formal but short enough to look youthful and fun. In addition, so many midi dress options work for casual or formal events. 

A light-colored midi dress with a lively print or ruffled sleeves makes a great casual look. On the other hand, a structured midi in a jewel-tone fabric with a minimalist silhouette is best if the event is more formal. 

Renting a formal midi dress is an eco-friendly shopping option where you can choose from plenty of styles. 

Tailored Pantsuits

what wear engagement party pantsuit

A tailored pantsuit is an excellent look for an engagement party with a formal dress code. There are plenty of pantsuit options out there that are flattering, sophisticated, and sleek enough to wear to a nighttime event. 

A silk blouse and classy heels look great with a pantsuit. You can also wear a simple tank top or essential tee underneath for an edgier, minimalist look. Overall, a modern pantsuit is an outfit that will make you look put-together and feel confident

Slip Dresses

what wear engagement party slip

You can't go wrong with a slip dress if you’re at a loss for what to wear to your friend’s engagement party. It’s timeless, elegant, and effortlessly glamorous. Choose a soft, solid color in a classic silhouette for easy accessorizing.  

Invest in a slip dress that uses high-quality, sustainable fabrics like Lyocell or linen. This piece will become a staple in your wardrobe, so it’s a worthwhile investment.

Feminine Blouses

what wear engagement party blouses

A beautiful blouse makes a great engagement party outfit if dresses aren't your thing. From frilly tanks to boho-inspired eyelet tops, there’s bound to be a blouse that fits the engagement party’s theme. 

A feminine blouse is a timeless and elegant engagement party outfit because it can be dressed up in so many ways. For example, you can’t go wrong pairing a sustainable blouse with tailored trousers or a pencil skirt.

Wrap Dresses

what wear engagement party wrap dress

If you’re looking for the perfect engagement party look that will keep you looking and feeling fabulous, look no further than a wrap dress. This classic wardrobe staple is an excellent option for casual and formal engagement parties alike. 

A chic wrap dress is comfortable, stylish, and looks flattering on every body type. You can’t go wrong with a flirty floral mini-dress or a sweeping floor-length silhouette.

Here are some of our favorite places to rent engagement party dresses

Crop Tops & Skirts

what wear engagement party crop top

More casual engagement parties allow for a more laid-back look. For example, pairing a crop top with a cute skirt works great for an outdoor spring or summer engagement party. 

A crop top and skirt allow you to play with volume, pattern, and color. Pair a solid color crop with a bold geometric midi skirt, or choose a flowy maxi skirt for more coverage. You can also go for an edgier monochromatic look in a soft pastel or bold jewel tone.

Explore our favorite sustainable midi skirts for outfit ideas. 

Stylish Heels

what wear engagement party heels

Choose the best pair of comfortable heels for your engagement party outfit based on the weather and venue. 

For example, strappy heels are an excellent option if your look is more formal and sophisticated. Strappy stilettos or sandals in a neutral color are the most versatile option. If the engagement party is outside on uneven ground like grass, some thick espadrille wedges, platform sandals, or chunky heels work best. 

Explore our favorite affordable, sustainable heels.  

Cute Ballet Flats

what wear engagement party flats

Heels aren’t your thing? Not a problem. Ballet flats or dressy sandals are also excellent options for an engagement party. 

Slingback or classic flats are perfect for more formal engagement parties. However, strappy sandals or flat espadrilles are your best friends if the party happens on a warm afternoon outside. 

Explore our selection of the best affordable ballet flats.  

Button Up Shirts & Slacks

what wear engagement party button up

A button-up shirt and a nice pair of slacks is a classic engagement party look for guys. It’s an excellent choice because it strikes the perfect balance of casual and formal. 

Whether it’s a white long-sleeve or a short-sleeve with a graphic print, you can’t go wrong. So, skip the jeans and pair your button-up shirt with some slacks to look more sophisticated. 

Check out some tips on how to dress well and make this classic party outfit your own.

Sport Coats

what wear engagement party jacket

If the engagement party has a more formal vibe, top off your look with a sport coat. This piece of men’s outerwear is an easy way to dress up any outfit. 

Sport coats are a versatile engagement party outfit idea because you don’t need to match the print or fabric of your coat with the rest of your outfit. Instead, pair it with a button-up and slacks, or look more relaxed in a black tee and dark-wash jeans.  

Peruse some of our favorite sustainable sport coats and suits for outfit ideas.  

Engagement Party Do’s

what wear engagement party friends

So now that the creative juices are flowing for your engagement party outfit, it’s time to plan. Consider these three important factors when planning your engagement party guest outfit.

  • Dress code: Nowadays, engagement parties can range from super formal affairs to casual backyard shindigs. If you have any doubts about the dress code, check with the couple or party host. 
  • Venue: The venue can give you insight into the event's overall vibe. A quick Google search of the venue can help determine whether the party is at a restaurant, outdoor winery, or someone’s backyard. Then, you can plan accordingly. 
  • Time of day: The time of the party makes a big difference when choosing the perfect outfit. If it’s a daytime event, choose something more relaxed but chic. On the other hand, an evening party calls for something more formal and sophisticated. 

  • Engagement Party Don’ts

    Although engagement parties don’t follow the same strict rules and etiquette as a wedding, there are still some faux pas to avoid. 

    • Don’t wear white. It’s a general rule never to wear white to a wedding-related function. Out of respect for the bride, choose a different color. 
    • Skip the jeans. Engagement parties are special events, and your outfit should reflect that. So dress up a little! Avoid wearing your favorite light-wash jeans unless it's a casual backyard party.  
    • Don’t outshine the bride. Even if you don’t wear white, avoid planning an over-the-top outfit. Turning heads with an elaborate outfit risks overshadowing the bride. This event is all about the happy couple, so make sure your look doesn’t draw attention away from them. 

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