A Disney cruise is the experience of a lifetime. 

Whether you board the Wish, Magic, or Treasure, a Disney cruise can take you all over the world.

What’s not to love about a tropical cruise filled with Disney-themed rooms, fine dining, and sunny locales? 

But what do you pack for such an epic adventure? 

From sunscreen to sundresses, here are the best tips and outfit ideas for your next Disney cruise. We take all the guesswork out of outfits and essentials to pack. 

We’re covering everything you need to pack for the best, most memorable Disney cruise experience. 

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A Lightweight Summer Dress

Disney cruise outfits sundress

A lightweight summer dress is a must, especially if you’re traveling during the spring or summer. 

Wear a breezy cotton maxi dress with a sunhat and sandals, or sport a chic linen wrap dress while relaxing on the ship’s deck.

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A Comfy T-Shirt & Denim Shorts

Disney cruise outfit denim shorts

Simple is best when planning for a Disney cruise. Wear a comfy T-shirt and denim shorts for a stylish cruise look. 

A T-shirt and shorts are perfect for most cruise activities. Whether exploring a new place on a port day or chasing the kids around, you can’t go wrong. 

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A Couple of Swimsuits

Disney cruise swimsuit outfits

There are multiple pools on every Disney cruise ship. Don’t forget to pack a few swimsuits!

Wear whatever style you like most, from a cute bikini to a retro-inspired one-piece. Accessorize with a floppy sunhat and a margarita. 

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A Comfy Boho Dress

Disney cruise outfit ideas boho dress

A boho dress is one of the best vacation looks. The relaxed silhouette and lightweight material make this outfit chic yet comfy. 

Wear a white tiered dress with chunky espadrille sandals, or relax poolside in a floral mini dress. 

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An Organic Cotton Shirt & Palazzo Pants

Disney cruise outfits palazzo pants

A simple cotton shirt paired with wide-leg palazzo pants makes an excellent casual outfit. 

Wear this look for casual days spent relaxing on the ship or afternoons walking around a new city. 

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A Skirt & Tank Top

Disney outfit skirt tank top

Wear a cute skirt and tank top if you want a more dressed-up look for photos. 

This look is feminine and perfect for warm summer days. Anything from a mini denim to a flowing maxi skirt looks fantastic with a tank top.

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A Disney Graphic Tee

Disney cruise outfits graphic tee

Don’t forget to pack a Disney graphic tee or two for your cruise. What better place to show off your love of Disney than on one of their cruises?

Create a relaxed look with an oversized Disney tee, bike shorts, and chunky sneakers. 

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A Cocktail Dress

Disney cruise outfits cocktail dress

There are plenty of fine dining options on Disney cruise ships. Pack a sleek cocktail dress for formal nights. 

You can get as formal as you’d like with this outfit, but there’s no pressure. Disney cruises don’t have strict dress codes, even for formal nights.

A classic little black dress will work just fine, but feel free to jazz things up with a sparkly mini-dress.

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A Button-Up & Dress Pants

Disney cruise outfits men's semi-formal

Impress your cruise partner by switching your shorts and T-shirt for a button-up and dress pants. 

This look is perfect for formal dining nights or dinner dates on the ship. 

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A Polo & Chinos

Disney cruise outfits men's chinos

The top priority of any cruise ship outfit is feeling comfortable. A polo shirt and chino pants or shorts make for an excellent Disney cruise outfit. 

This look is casual yet put-together. You can wear it just about anywhere during your cruise. 

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A Floor-Length Semi-Formal Dress

Disney cruise what to wear semi-formal

If you plan on enjoying one of the adult-exclusive restaurants, go all out with a floor-length semi-formal dress. 

Whether it’s dinner at Enchanté on the Disney Wish or a swanky date night at Disney Wonder’s French Quarter Lounge, you’ll want to dress to impress. 

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Disneybound Outfits

Disney cruise outfits Disneybounding

If you're a diehard Disney fan, you can pack a Disney-inspired outfit or two. Disneybounding is wearing an outfit inspired by a Disney character or movie. However, it’s not a costume. 

You can wear regular clothing like skirts, dresses, and tops that match a character’s color scheme or reference specific Disney movies. 

For example, you can wear a purple bikini top and a seafoam green maxi skirt to emulate Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Closed-Toe Sneakers

Disney cruise outfits sneakers

Sneakers are handy for port days when you disembark and explore a new destination. 

Pack sneakers or running shoes with plenty of arch support. Neutral colors like white, black, and gray match everything from summer dresses to khaki shorts. 

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Cute Sandals

Disney cruise outfits sandals

Sandals are easy to mix and match with many cruise outfits.

Wear sandal heels with your cocktail dress for dinner, or sport some simple flip-flops by the ship’s pool. 

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Sunglasses & Sunscreen

Disney cruise essentials sunglasses sunscreen

Sunglasses and sunscreen are a must for any Disney cruise. Even if you’re traveling in a cold climate, pack sunglasses and sunscreen to protect your skin and eyes from harsh UV rays. 

There’s no better way to accessorize your favorite sunglasses than with reef safe sunscreen. 

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Other Disney Cruise Essentials

Here are some other tips and tricks on what to pack for any Disney cruise. Trust us, these items will make your cruise experience even more amazing. 


Disney cruise essentials backpack

A backpack is a Disney cruise essential. Carry everything on and off-board in a vegan leather backpack that looks great with any outfit. 

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Seasickness is no joke. Pack some Dramamine just in case you feel the waves a little too much. 

If you forget to pack some tablets, ask Guest Services or room service staff. 


Disney cruise essentials sunhat

Protect your face and skin from the sun with a fashionable sunhat. 

Wear a floppy sunhat, baseball cap, or straw hat with any and all of your cruise outfits.

Aloe Vera Gel

Always think ahead when packing for a Disney cruise. 

Bring along some soothing aloe vera gel in case you get a sunburn. 

What Not to Pack

what not to pack Disney cruise

Try to keep things light when packing for a Disney cruise. 

You don’t have to bring many things along with you, such as blow dryers, towels, and robes. Cruise ships often offer these items to all passengers. 

In addition, there are some things you absolutely cannot pack for a Disney cruise. Items like hard alcohol, weapons, and household appliances like electric blankets are prohibited. 

Use common sense when packing for your Disney cruise, and you’ll be ready. 


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