From scooping up tasty treats to cooling off with a sugary cone, visiting Baskin-Robbins calls for a cool outfit. 

​​Get ready to discover the perfect blend of comfort and style that will make your Baskin-Robbins experience even sweeter. 

We’ve got the best outfit ideas for employees, job interviewees, and regular customers that are guaranteed to bring the fun. From stylish aprons to on-theme ensembles, we’ve got every possible Baskin-Robbins visitor covered with this handy guide. 

Here are 15+ fun and flavorful outfits to wear on your next trip to Baskin-Robbins. 

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What is Baskin-Robbins’ Dress Code?

baskin robbins dress code

The Baskin-Robbins dress code for employees is pretty straightforward. Baskin-Robbins provides all employees with a company-issued hat, apron, and shirt. 

The rest of the Baskin-Robbins uniform includes jeans with no holes or clean-cut khaki pants. If an employee’s hair is longer than their shoulders, it must be in a ponytail or bun. 

Baskin-Robbins customers can wear practically anything they want as long as they are fully clothed and not wearing anything offensive. 

A Baskin-Robbins Apron & Hat

baskin-robbins uniform

Every Baskin-Robbins employee must wear a company-issued apron, hat, and shirt. These items have the Baskin-Robbins logo, so customers know who to ask for help. 

The Baskin-Robbins uniform is casual and comfortable, making it a laid-back outfit that employees can easily move around in. 

A Button-Up Shirt & Dress Pants

baskin-robbins interview business casual

Are you going in for a Baskin-Robbins job interview? You can’t go wrong with a button-up shirt and dress pants. 

Business casual is the way to go when you have a job interview at everyone’s favorite ice cream shop. 

Check out more business casual outfit ideas for your next job interview. 

Pastel Maxi Dress

baskin-robbins outfit maxi dress

Embrace a fun ice cream palette with a flowy, pastel maxi dress paired with comfortable sandals or boots.

Wear a pastel floral dress with ankle boots or a pastel striped maxi with strappy sandals and a wicker handbag. 

Check out our favorite sustainable maxi dresses for more outfit ideas. 

A Cute Blouse & High-Waisted Shorts

baskin-robbins outfit blouse shorts

Reach for a cute blouse and high-waisted shorts the next time you crave an ice cream cone from Baskin-Robbins. 

This outfit is cute, casual, and looks great on everyone. You can wear anything from a tie-dye crop top to a boho-inspired milkmaid top. The key to this look is to make it fun and vibrant. 

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A Classic Boho Dress

baskin robbins outfit boho

A classic boho dress is the perfect summer outfit for a trip to Baskin-Robbins. 

Wear a white milkmaid dress with open-toe flats, or pair a flowy floral dress with ribbons in your hair. 

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Embrace Pastels

baskin-robbins outfit pastels

Embrace a pastel color palette if you want to be on theme for your next Baskin-Robbins visit. 

Ice cream is light, fluffy, and colorful. Your outfit should be, too! Wear a frothy tulle pastel dress or a light pink blouse in honor of rainbow sherbet or your favorite sorbet flavor. 

Check out these fun fairycore outfits for more pastel fashion inspiration. 

A Flowy Blouse & Lightweight Pants

baskin-robbins outfit flowy blouse

Embrace the Lagenlook with a flowy blouse and lightweight linen pants. 

This look is perfect for Baskin-Robbins because it’s light, airy, and comfortable. Paired with a scoop of ice-cold ice cream, you’re bound to cool off on a sizzling summer day.

Complete your look with comfortable sandals and a sunhat for a sleek, effortless vibe. 

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A Graphic Tee & Denim Shorts

baskin-robbins outfit shirt shorts

Wear a graphic tee and denim shorts for a casual day out. This look is perfect for a warm summer day spent with friends. 

Wear an ice cream-themed t-shirt with colorful denim shorts if you want to go all out. Complete your outfit with casual sneakers. 

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An Oversized, Flowy Dress

baskin-robbins outfit lagenlook dress

An oversized, flowy dress is perfect for grabbing ice cream. This look is comfortable and flattering on any body type. 

Wear a ruffled boho dress or an oversized t-shirt dress with statement shoes and a canvas tote bag. The possibilities are endless with this look because it fits so many different styles. 

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A Sporty Tennis Skirt & Windbreaker

baskin-robbins outfit tennis skirt

Ice cream can cool you off, so pack a sleek windbreaker just in case. 

Pair a sporty windbreaker with a cute tennis skirt for a fun and flirty look. This outfit is perfect for going out on a date or wanting to turn heads. 

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A Comfortable Jumpsuit

baskin-robbins outfit jumpsuit

A comfortable jumpsuit is a must-have staple for any woman’s wardrobe. Why not wear one to Baskin-Robbins? 

This look is effortless and will keep you cool throughout the summer. Plus, it’s easy to accessorize with a wicker bag, sandals, and cool sunglasses. 

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A Lightweight Trench Coat & High-Waisted Jeans

baskin-robbins outfit trench coat

Baskin-Robbins isn’t just a summertime treat. Layer up next time you’re craving a scoop of ice cream during fall or winter. 

Wear a lightweight trench coat, high-waisted jeans, and a tucked-in T-shirt for a classic, effortless look. Trust us. No one will judge you for eating ice cream on a cold day when you look so fabulous. 

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A Linen Button-Up & Bermuda Shorts

baskin-robbins mens outfit linen

A linen button-up with Bermuda shorts is a casual outfit that guys can wear to Baskin-Robbins. 

Linen very breathable, making it perfect for those hot summer days when you want an ice cream cone. 

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A Winter Coat & Cozy Scarf

baskin-robbins winter outfit

Who says ice cream is only allowed during warm weather? Sometimes, you need to satisfy your Baskin-Robbins craving in the dead of winter, and that’s okay. 

Bundle up with a heavy winter coat and cozy scarf during your next winter visit to everyone’s favorite ice cream shop. 

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A Comfy Floral Dress

baskin-robbins girl's outfit dress

Get your little one ready for a trip to Baskin-Robbins with a comfy floral dress. 

Go with a stretchy, breathable dress so your kid feels comfortable while digging into their ice cream. Cotton and other easy-to-clean fabrics are the best options.

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Kid’s Overalls & A T-Shirt

baskin-robbins outfits kids overalls

Keep your kids comfy and cool with denim overalls and a lightweight T-shirt. 

This outfit is versatile and comfortable, so your kids can wear it before, during, and after their sweet Baskin-Robbins treat. 

The best part is that overalls are easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about any permanent ice cream stains!

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