Is there anything better than 45-degree weather? When temperatures drop, fall and winter are the perfect seasons to bust out your favorite cozy outfits. 

Putting on a favorite sweater or coat is like reuniting with an old friend. But what if you want a wardrobe refresh?

Whether it's the beauty of autumn or the freshness of spring, we've curated stylish ensembles to keep you cozy and comfortable in 45-degree weather.  

From clever layering to trendy combinations, these outfit ideas are practical and chic. 

So, let's dive in and discover the art of dressing for that sweet spot between chilly and mild. Here are 15 cozy outfits to wear when it’s 45 degrees outside.

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A Sweater Dress

45 degrees sweater dress

45 degree weather sweater dress

A sweater dress is one of the best outfits to wear when it’s 45 degrees because it’s chic, cozy, and classic. 

A sweater dress keeps you warm while looking put-together and professional. Wear a ribbed turtleneck dress with leggings or a long-sleeve knit dress with knee-high boots. 

Any sweater dress style is fantastic for work, holiday get-togethers, or an evening out in the cold. 

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Turtleneck Sweaters

45 degrees turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweaters are an easy way to elevate any cold-weather outfit. Turtlenecks add a touch of elegance with their high neckline and chunky knit silhouette. 

Pair your turtleneck sweater with high-waisted jeans, fleece-lined leggings, or overalls for a cute fall or winter look. 

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An Oversized Cardigan and Leggings

oversized cardigan 45 degrees

Oversized cardigans are great for 45-degree weather because they’re incredibly comfortable and warm. Plus, they look extra chic when worn with black leggings. 

Wear your favorite chunky knit sweater and stretchy leggings with knee-high boots, a button-up men’s shirt, and a cute hat for the ultimate outfit that looks dressed up while remaining 100% comfortable. 

Shop sustainable chunky knit cardigans to recreate this look in your own wardrobe. 

A Long Winter Coat and Beanie

45 degrees coat and beanie

A long winter coat is a must-have when it’s 45 degrees. A versatile, timeless coat will keep you feeling warm and confident no matter the weather. 

A high-quality, sustainably-made coat with a beanie makes one of the best outerwear looks for 45-degree weather. Wear a sweater and jeans underneath, and you’re ready to take on the blustery weather outside. 

Check out these sustainable winter coats that don’t use wool or other animal byproducts. 

A Hoodie and Denim Jacket

45 degrees hoodie denim jacket

Pairing a hoodie and denim jacket is a stylish way to add extra warmth to any cold-weather outfit. 

Wear your favorite hoodie underneath a distressed denim jacket for an edgy, skater-inspired look. We recommend sizing up the denim jacket to ensure your outfit feels comfortable and roomy. 

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Puffer Jackets and Jeans

45 degrees puffer jacket

A puffer jacket with jeans is an excellent go-to outfit for 45-degree weather. Puffer jackets are easy to wear and look great with anything. 

Wear an oversized puffer jacket with some upcycled vintage jeans for a high-fashion look, or go with a simple, sleek black puffer and your favorite denim to make a perfect casual outfit. 

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A Dress and Tights

45 degrees dress tights

Dressing up and keeping warm when it is 45 degrees can be challenging. Wearing tights underneath a warm dress is a great option. 

Find a pair of thick tights in any color that suits your fancy. Throw on your favorite sweater dress, ankle boots, and a coat to create the ultimate cold-weather look. 

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A Trench Coat and Boots

45 degrees trench coat boots

A trench coat with boots is a classic, elegant outfit to wear when it’s 45 degrees. 

A camel-colored trench coat adds some Parisian flair when worn with straight-leg jeans, a dress, and everything in between. 

Ankle boots look best with a trench coat, but knee-highs, platforms, and chunky work boots look amazing, too. 

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Cozy Knits 

45 degrees knitwear

There’s nothing like putting on your favorite cozy knitwear when it’s 45 degrees outside. 

Knitwear like pullovers, cardigans, and extra-large shawls are always a timeless, classic choice when temperatures start to drop. 

The best part is that they are easy to accessorize. Wear them with your favorite maxi skirt, leggings, or jeans. 

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Fleece-Lined Leggings

45 degrees fleece leggings

Sometimes, regular leggings just won’t cut it in 45-degree weather. This is especially true if you’re sensitive to the cold. 

That’s where fleece-lined leggings come in. Fleece-lined leggings add an extra layer of warmth to your look, making it easy to layer and accessorize without feeling weighed down by heavy material. 

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A Flannel Shirt and Jeans

45 degrees flannel women

45 degrees men flannel

Try a classic flannel shirt and jeans for a casual fall or winter look. This look is effortlessly elegant with a rustic edge. 

Create a cute layered look with a long-sleeve shirt underneath and a denim jacket over the whole ensemble. Don’t be afraid to explore different colors of denim, like black or beige. 

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A Waterproof Parka and Rainboots

45 degrees parka rain boots

When it’s 45 degrees, there’s a good chance that the forecast will call for rain. Keep dry with a waterproof parka and sturdy rainboots. 

This outfit is cute, practical, and easy to wear. Plenty of parkas come in modern cuts and colors, making it easy to find a stylish option. 

We recommend investing in a high-quality parka and a pair of boots that you can reuse for many winters to come. 

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An Insulated Vest

45 degrees insulated vest

If you love cold weather and don’t need to layer up to stay warm, wear an insulated vest over your outfit. 

Insulated vests keep your core warm while providing flexibility and range of motion. 

Go with a classic puffer vest in a neutral color, or build a whole outfit around a brightly-colored insulated vest to stand out from the crowd. 

Layer with a Thermal Top

45 degrees thermal top

Long-sleeve thermal tops are excellent foundation pieces to have in your wardrobe. Keeping warm without overheating is essential when it’s 45 degrees, and thermal tops do the trick. 

Build a collection of high-quality long-sleeve shirts that use naturally insulating materials like cotton and Tencel. Wear a thermal top under a flannel, fleece pullover, or coat to stay warm without feeling bulky.  

Our favorite Australian t-shirt brands make long-sleeve options that work well for 45-degree weather. 

A Cozy Fleece

45 degree weather fleece

Fleece is an excellent fabric for 45-degree weather because it’s 100% vegan. Most fleece is made of synthetic nylon or acrylic blended with cotton. It’s a naturally warm and cozy fabric that everyone should have in their winter wardrobe. 

Wear a cozy fleece pullover for a classic yet casual look that will keep you warm regardless of the weather conditions. Layer your fleece with a long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, or winter coat for extra warmth. 

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