Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. It is a very big city that has a vibrant cultural and social life, with many festivals, theatres, museums, and parks.

Bogotá is also known for its many temperature changes, sometimes going through many seasons in a single day.

There is also a rainy season during which rains are extreme, and for this reason, you should carefully check the weather conditions around the time you are planning to visit.

This can make packing for Bogotá sound difficult, but we're here to help you create beautiful, fashionable outfits for your visit to the Colombian capital.

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Bogota outfits jeans

Jeans are well known for their versatility and durability, but also for the fact that they never go out of fashion.

The gorgeous outfit combinations that you can create with jeans are endless.

Even better, jeans are available in many colors, thicknesses of material, and cuts, so there is a lot to choose from!

A pair of jeans is one of the best clothing items that you can wear when traveling to Bogotá. The high altitude keeps the weather in Bogotá from being hot, which means that jeans are a better choice than shorts or skirts.

You can now buy sustainable jeans, made by eco-friendly brands.


Bogota outfits shirts

Fantastic when worn with jeans, but also with trousers, shirts are beautiful, practical, and easy to wear all year round.

Purchase a cute shirt from a sustainable brand. Here is a list of our recommendations for you.


Bogota outfits leggings

Leggings are awesome for traveling in general and that's because they provide great comfort.

They're also very attractive and easy to match with your favorite tops and blouses.

Choose a sustainable pair of leggings if you want a modern, relaxed outfit.


Bogota outfits jacket

Due to the temperature fluctuations that happen daily in Bogotá, we recommend packing a jacket that can protect you from cold, as well as rain, whenever needed.

Check out our article about the best affordable and sustainable waterproof jackets.


Bogota outfits T-shirts

T-shirts can be fitted or loose, simple or very colorful, printed or not. No matter what you choose, T-shirts can always come in handy, especially when you are traveling and need comfortable and versatile outfits. They look gorgeous with trousers, jeans, sweatpants and shorts.

Great news! You can now purchase sustainable T-shirts that are eco-friendly and made from locally sourced, organic materials.


Bogota outfits jumpers

Jumpers are very important cold-season clothing items that should exist in everyone's wardrobe.

They will keep your upper body warm, and they can also be worn in many combinations.

Discover jumpers made by ethical brands.


Bogota outfits cardigans

Cardigans are a fantastic alternative to jumpers. Because of their open front, they can be easily removed and put back on, when needed.

They also come in a variety of colors and textures. Our recommendation is to wear a dark cardigan over a colorful top, or a colorful cardigan over a neutral-colored top - this way, your outfit will be very stylish.

Want to buy ethically made cardigans? Read our article here.


Bogota outfits trousers

If you want to put together an outfit that is a little bit more sophisticated, then choose a beautiful pair of trousers.

Add a tank top, a cardigan, and a pair of comfortable shoes to complete your stylish look.

Purchase amazing and sustainable trousers from eco-friendly brands that work under very high-quality standards.

Rain boots

Bogota outfits boots

The wettest months in Bogotá are March, April, October, and November. If you happen to visit Bogotá during these months, it would be very wise to bring a pair of rain boots.

Sustainable rain boots are now available for women, men and children, and they are both waterproof and comfy.


Bogota outfits hoodies

If you love the sporty fashion style, then you probably own more than one hoodie. That is great because hoodies can be fantastic when traveling.

Hoodies are universally known as comfortable clothes, and they can be easily matched with jeans and sweatpants.

Check out the best sustainable hoodies.

Long-sleeved tops

Bogota outfits long-sleeved tops

Short sleeves are great, but long-sleeved tops can protect your upper body better when it's chilly.

We recommend purchasing basic, sustainable tops, that can easily become part of your favorite outfit. Wear them with leggings or jeans.


Bogota outfits shoes

When traveling, your shoes should always be comfortable because chances are that you're going to walk a lot, explore the city you are visiting, and maybe go to a museum or a national park.

Let comfort be the number one quality when you are looking to buy new shoes. Luckily, you can now find shoes that are cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable, comfortable, and also beautiful.

Summer outfits

Bogota outfits summer clothes

Although the weather in Bogotá is rarely hot, depending on the time of the year when you're visiting, you might still need to be prepared for a hot day. If you want to explore other cities as well, that may be situated at lower altitudes, then a summer outfit can be very useful.

Bogota outfits summer clothes

There is no need to pack too many things - women can wear a dress, while men can bring a simple outfit, such as a T-shirt and some shorts.

Don't forget that you can now buy any clothes you need from ethical brands. Here is our article about the best 200 European sustainable brands in 2023.


Bogota outfits sunglasses

Sunglasses can be worn all year round to protect you from the sun's rays. Purchase beautiful sunglasses from sustainable brands.

DOs and DON'Ts

Bogota outfits dos and donts

Keep in mind that when traveling comfort is essential. We recommend basic clothes because they can be worn in many combinations and they allow you to create more outfits with fewer items. Versatile clothes can be easily matched with each other and are fantastic if you want to pack lightly.

Before starting to choose your clothes, check out the weather conditions for the days when you're going to be in Bogotá, and keep your search results in mind to make the best choices.

Bogota outfits avoid this

Unless you're going to attend a special event, we recommend staying away from formal and party attire, such as suits, gowns, sequins, or glitter dresses. You will most likely not need such clothes.

Think about the essentials and try to stick to them.

Travel tips

Bogota outfits travel tips

We recommend doing some research before traveling so that you can plan everything in the best way possible.

Visiting a capital city means that you're going to be exposed to very big crowds, and this is one thing you should consider.

We recommend collecting as many details as possible about the tourist attractions that you want to visit, such as the opening hours, how to get there, how to purchase tickets, as well as any terms and conditions that might apply.

In 2023 you will most likely want to check your emails or post something on social media while on holiday, which means you should also do some research regarding to best way to obtain Internet access without breaking the bank.

As for your outfits, in Colombia, there is no specific dress code to adhere to. However, you should do some online research to get to know the regional cultural differences.

In general, you can assume that an informal style will work great for you as a tourist, and whenever in doubt, you should choose basic clothes that are easy to wear.

Save this article and read it again before packing.

Try your clothes on if you haven't worn them in a while, to make sure that they fit as desired, and always wear clothes in the right size for your body so that your attire can be aesthetically pleasing.
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