From ​​ancient folklore to modern pop culture, demons capture our imaginations with their mysterious allure and edgy style.

Today, we’re diving into the historical origins of demons, along with some fun outfits to get in touch with your mysterious, sultry side. 

Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween, a themed party, or just want to add a touch of the supernatural to your wardrobe, we’ve got 15 tips and tricks to help you channel that dark, stylish aesthetic. 

Get ready to turn heads with these devilishly fantastic outfit ideas.

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The History of Demons

history of demons

Demons have been a commonly held belief for centuries. Researchers have even found depictions of demon-like entities in Ancient Egyptian scrolls from over 4,000 years ago, according to Live Science

The history of demons is so widespread that demonology, the study of evil spirits and demons within religious beliefs, myths, and popular culture, is popular among scholars. 

Although their roles vary across cultures, centuries, and religions, demons are generally spiritual beings who try to influence humans in one way or another. Within Western religions like ​​Christianity and Judaism, demons are perceived as evil spirits or fallen angels who try to tempt humans down a path of immorality. 

The demons that most of us are familiar with today stem from the Christian tradition. According to scholar and author Livia Gershon, “the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke begin to equate demons with evil spirits.” Many Western cultures view demons as fallen angels who were cast out of heaven for their rebellious nature. 

Demons in Popular Culture

demons in popular culture

Whether or not you believe in demons, there is no denying that they have captured our fascination. There are many depictions of demons in popular culture, from Lucifer to demonic possessions. 

More than a few scary movies come to mind when we think of demons in popular culture. Well-known references to demons include movies like The Exorcist, the Poltergeist trilogy, and The Witch. Horror fans can’t get enough of these terrifying spirits. 

These ambiguous spirits have popped up in more light-hearted media over recent years. How can we forget Jack Nicholson as the demon Darryl in The Witches of Eastwick, or Elizabeth Hurley as a sizzling devil in Bedazzled?

Overall, demons have become a way for popular culture to explore dark topics, social strife, and much more. They have become a vehicle for cultural analysis for many people and dangerous warnings for others. 

Angels vs. Demons

angels and demons differences

In Western culture, angels and demons are often presented as complete opposites. However, the ancient Greeks considered demons to be ambivalent spirits that could influence a person’s character in a good or bad way, according to Britannica

Over the centuries, Western religions have come to dominate the way we view angels and demons. Angels are often intermediaries between humans and the divine, while demons work as minions for Satan. 

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Why Do Demons Wear Clothes?

why do demons wear clothes?

If demons are not of this world, why do they have to wear clothes? It’s a valid question to ask! 

The most basic answer is that demons want to blend in with humans. Demons always dress according to the time period and their surroundings. It would look pretty odd if we saw someone walking around without clothes on! It is for this reason that demons in movies, TV shows, and books wear clothing. 

Why Do People Dress Like Demons?

why do people dress like demons

Many people love to incorporate elements of the demon aesthetic into their wardrobe. It is a personal style choice that appeals to people who love edgy, alternative fashion. 

People who love demoncore fashion tend to gravitate toward dark colors and a goth aesthetic. 

In addition, many people love to dress up for Halloween. A demon costume is a great way to lean into the spooky, fun spirit of the holiday. 

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A Tuxedo

what demons wear tuxedo

Let’s be honest. Demons tend to have excellent fashion sense. That’s why it’s not out of the ordinary to see a demon wearing a tuxedo in many films and TV shows. 

In popular culture, demons often wear tuxedos as a way to show that they’re sleek, charming, and not of this world. 

Tuxedo styles vary from classic black-and-white to velvet, brocade to slim-fit. 

A Dark Color Palette

what demons wear dark colors

It’s a given that demons prefer wearing dark color palettes. The classic look is an all-black ensemble. 

Other dark colors like emerald green, dark purple, and royal blue are popular choices. To channel this look, layer a black dress, fishnets, and a black cardigan. 

A Vintage Victorian Gown

what demons wear victorian gown

Many depictions of demons take place in the Victorian era or a fantastical, Victorian-inspired setting. A vintage Victorian gown is typical for demon characters in popular culture. 

Victorian gowns are full of drama and layers, much like a demon. There’s something about the fitted corset and sumptuous fabric that works so well with a demon’s dark side. 

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An All-(Faux) Leather Outfit

what demons wear faux leather

For some reason, demons love to wear leather. As long as the demon in question supports sustainability, we’re all for it. 

There are plenty of faux leather options that are cruelty-free and vegan. Modern-day demons might support this sustainable mentality to blend in with popular culture. 

They can wear vegan leather pants, coats, corset tops, and more to create an intimidating, edgy look. 


A Business Suit

what demons wear business suit

There are some demons from popular culture who hide in plain sight. Oftentimes, they will disguise themselves by wearing a dapper business suit. 

Most people don’t bat an eye at a guy wearing a suit. Why look twice when this outfit is a dime a dozen? Sometimes, the easiest way to hide in plain sight is to blend in. 

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A Black Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

what demons wear black dress

Bring demoncore fashion to the modern age with a black mini dress and a leather jacket. 

A vegan leather jacket adds a little edge to any look. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. 

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Stiletto Heels

what demons wear stilettos

Demons will often take on the form of a femme fatale. It’s no wonder stiletto heels are a popular choice. 

Wear blood red stilettos with a bodycon dress or short skirt for a sizzling evening look that is sure to look devilishly good. 

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Ominous Wings

what demons wear wings showing

Some demons in popular culture let their wings show as a point of pride. 

If demons don’t feel the need to hide their wings, they’re probably dangerous. It’s best to steer clear, no matter how curious you may feel. 

Heavy Eyeliner

what demons wear dark eyeliner

Heavy eyeliner is a must if you want to adopt a demon’s sense of style. There’s something about heavy eyeliner that creates an edgy, punk look that is both intimidating and sexy. 

Add glitter eyeshadow for extra glam, or finish off your look with dark red lipstick. 

Red Devil Horns

what demons wear devil horns

Some demons aren’t exactly subtle. If you see someone in a movie or TV show wearing red devil horns, it’s pretty obvious that they’re a “bad guy.” 

Red devil horns can be a humorous, playful way to dress up as a demon or devil. Everyone instantly knows what red horns mean, making them an essential demon accessory. 

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